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Google ranking factors are not the same for all types of queries

Recent news dated September 18, 2017 indicate that Google ranking factors do not just depend upon links and keywords when it comes to showing the top results, ultimately Google’s aim is to show the most ‘relevant’ content matching the intent of long-tail user queries.

digital marketing news

Digital Marketing can be pursued as the Next Big Career Opportunity

Findings state that almost all brands leverage digital and businesses are embracing digital technology for reaching out to their customers which creates great career opportunities in every industry for digital marketers all over the world.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is more helpful than you think!

The Google’s Assistant app now gives a new Visual overview of the day including proactive suggestions and Personalized information.

This Assistant for Android Devices is available in the Google store and in Apple store as well for iOS devices.

Linking Partner

When choosing link should make 15 checks

You can’t evaluate a site, thinking whether it’s a good linking partner or not. Contributor Julie drafts 15 things that you should check containing site hacks, traffic, Poor quality content and more.

Digital Marketing

To know what happens on calls to optimize ROI... Digital marketers should use 7 ways

When consumers engage with digital ads and visit a business’s website on their smart phones they might usually transform in the most suitable way by calling.

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