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Effective Content Strategy

Content is the King

As they say, your content does most of the work for you in SEO and Digital Marketing. If your content appeals to your target audience, half of the work is done. You have already grabbed their attention and made your good perception in their minds. Nothing is possible without engaging content which needs incorporation of an effective content strategy. Content is everywhere. Swarms of content are being created, however, statistics say that only about 10% of all content is effective drawing around 80% of user engagement. Writing your content consciously keeping in mind few content strategies can double your number of 10% to 20 or 30 !

Use effective content strategy to ensure that you are on the right track

Chalk out your business goals and objectives. Ensure that your key goals are inline with your business objectives. Then think ways to make your content marketing program and social media achieve these objectives.

Establish your Social Presence. Make your business accounts on all available social media platforms. Check where your business currently stands on social media by conducting a competitor analysis and audit. This creates a baseline for future reference.

Define your target audience. Create buyer personas and identify the key traits of your potential customers to know who will be your audience. These will be all the people whom you will target with your effective content.
Address your audience demands. Find out what they are looking for, what benefits them, what are their problems and concerns, what strikes their interest and appeals them. Write on what they care about. Always keep your customers perception in mind and answer their questions through your content.

Decide the content format. Do some research on what is the desirable format that your audience like to recieve content in. Find out which type of content is sparking user interest and generating most responses within your niche market? It may be in the form of text, images, videos, infographics, live streams and much more.

Decide your social media platform. Find out on which social media platform do your potential customers thrive the most and which is the most effective to reach out to them. You should not be wasting your efforts and resources on Twitter if all your customers are inclined towards facebook. To know where to share is as important as to know what to share.
Allocate resources to carry out your plan. Now that you have an idea on what is to be done, do you have the resources to implement your action plan? If not, where will you get them? Is your action plan feasible?

Put your tracking criteria in place. Content marketing on social media involves creation of campaigns for different purposes, each having different measurements. Eg: sales would be measured through click rates and conversions. Awareness will be measured in audience reach and engagement. Put your trackable data criteria in place to measure the key metrics of your campaign. This is the only way to know if you are realizing your strategic business goals.

Write your content. You can begin writing your content once you are done with your research on what content your audience seeks and where to distribute it. Make a content calendar and keep regular note of progress.

You should always keep in mind that your plan may not be perfect even after giving a 100% and might need to be re-written if it does not match the KPI’s. There is no perfect effective content strategy or roadmap for strategic plan, it needs to be revised based on market trends and audience demands.

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