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Smart Keyword Research
Tips For Smart Keyword Research

Smart Keyword Research Techniques to Boost your SEO!

Incorporating a smart way of keyword research is necessary to find out the right keywords that can target interest and intent of the audience. A good keyword list can be used for SEO, PPC and even Content Marketing to develop effective and engaging content. Your curiosity for smart keyword research shows that you are already aware of the importance of it and are eager to learn better ways for performing it.

The general process of keyword research goes as follows:

Create your seed list - This is a list of your initial set of keywords. First chalk down few main keywords focusing on your products , services and brand. Then brainstorm search combinations of these keywords that your audience can use for searching your products/services. Think from a layman’s perspective. Few of the tools you can use for this are Google Analytics, Google Webmasters (to look for search terms), Tools like Soovie, KWFinder which give you combinations of different keywords. The next step would be to check your competitors keywords. You can use tools like SEM Rush & Spyfu for this purpose.

Build your keyword list - Does this make you think ‘What is the best tool for your keyword research?’. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to get a variety of combinations, bids and search volume. You can also refer KWFinder, SEM Rush tools. List down the details for each keyword. You can also target specific locations by using the location filter.

Refine your keyword list - Now that you have a complete list with keywords and their related information, sort out the best ones based on ‘Search Volume’ , ‘Suggested Bid’ and their relevance with your product/service and customer.

Few Tips for Effective Keyword Research:

  • Do not overly rely on Short Tail Keywords. These keywords generally attract traffic who are ordinarily searching for something but do not have any intention of buying your product/service. These keywords also have a very high competition and low rate of conversion.
  • Long tail keywords are good to use because they target your potential customers who have your specific product in their mind and are at the stage of finalizing the product. Because of different phrase combinations, competition is less and conversion rate is higher.
  • Focus on long keywords while keeping in mind the short ones for smart keyword research. While forming long tail ones smartly cover all possible short tail keywords.
  • Use your keywords in your website Title, Header Tags, Meta Description, URL, Atl and Anchor texts and also in first 200 lines of your content.
  • You can use variations and synonyms on the same keyword to form useful combinations.
  • Do not manipulate the search engine by keyword stuffing, cloaks and hidden links or spamming.
  • With search engine algorithms constantly updating, it is of utmost importance to research, review and revise your keyword list. This can be done by tracking your site analytics using Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools. Check the keywords that bring you more traffic and conversions and keep them. Remove weaker keywords and form better combinations. This is a continuous activity to keep up with ever changing market trends.

Hope this helped add up to your knowledge on keyword research.

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