Why Websites will be must for local businesses in 2020?

Why Websites will be must for local businesses in 2019?

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65% local business marketers agree that Google is becoming the new “homepage” for local businesses.

Websites are more mobile responsive and affordable in 2019 than ever. However, small businesses still face difficulties that restrict their online presence. Websites help small businesses in attracting new customers, building a brand presence and managing the reputation of their brand.

Why it is important to have a Website as a Business?

Here’s the required information you’ll need to make a decision on whether investing in a website for your business would be good or not:

1.     You’re Already Late!

  • Almost 64 percent of small businesses have their websites in early 2019.
  • Websites help small business for attracting new customers and engaging their existing customers.
  • Websites also give information about a business being genuine by listing out its address, mission, and contact information to the public.

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2.     Zero-Click Attention

  • These days it is common to search a query on Google and find the answer straight away.
  • There is no need to click on anything else as you will find the information right in the search results. Due to this, there has been a substantial rise in zero-click search query results. You do not have to click on another link because Google interface shows that you do not have to dig further.
  • The users of mobile have experienced a 20% increase in delivery of search engine results that don’t require them to go any deeper than Google’s own interface.

 3.    Google is being called the new “homepage” for local businesses

  • Any person who is looking for services opts for the Google Search which gathers the business information like get directions, making a phone call, take a tour, book tickets, read reviews, check busy times etc. Without clicking through to a brand’s domain, the user may be fully fulfilled. Almost 64 percent of the marketers shall agree that Google is the new homepage for a local and small business.

4.     Google becoming a lead gen agency

  • Google Local ads are becoming more prevalent. They stay at the top of a local search engine result within specific industries.
  • Whenever a user searches for something on Google, it displays a list. User can click on anyone and then call him. The User does not have to visit the website of a service provider.

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5.     Even your branded SERPs don’t belong to you

  • When a user particularly searches for the Query or Google Knowledge Panel you can deal with the issue What users are actually searching for.

6.     The encroachment of paid ads into local packs

  • While using a local search you will find the list of the local businesses. Local Pack is a search result that displays the list of three local businesses. Ads appear in the search results of Local Pack.

7.     Voice Search is Dominating Day by Day

  • Users can search for the query without touching a keyboard. Now, almost 50 percent of the query searches are done by voice. People are using voice-enabled assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, for 30 percent of the voice searches

8.     Enhances Brand Image

  • Ratings and reviews are important factors for the building trust among the potential and existing customers. However, one negative review on Google My Business listing can stop a customer to do business with you. With the help of websites, we can resolve the complaints of customers in an effective and quick way.


A local business without a website does not have a base. Business platform and brand-controlled publishing that can influence the organic rankings very strongly. In the lack of a website, the possibilities of ranking in the competitive market will be very less. Why has website as a business? Because a small or local business can grow substantially if it invests decent money on its website.

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