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High lead generation at low costs through our Digital Marketing Services can help your business achieve maximum ROI. We consolidate pull and push marketing strategies and help your business become visible in the digital space. Digital marketing solutions at Ad2Brand are result-oriented and these strategies are targeted towards establishing your brand’s digital presence and making it more visible by understanding various online channel dynamics.

As a Digital Marketing Agency we adopt the best and latest practices

One might think that customers make major purchases through brick-and-mortar stores, however, according to a Forbes report, it is clearly estimated that “Customers do their homework for major purchases, and that’s easiest online” . It is estimated that about 82% of customers conduct their research online, which makes it important to have a strong online presence. A smart retailer would look towards creating an Omni channel shopping experience for his customer. See Forbes for more..

Studies say that not only is it important for you to hit the first position in search engines, but also appear in the first 3 results to be seen in above-the-fold content , reason being that the CTR for results on the 5-8th position are only in the range of 5-3% , which goes on decreasing with a fall in rankings.. Source: Searchenginejournal .

Major factors in combination result in coming in the good books of Google and we as a Digital Marketing Agency incorporate the best practices in all areas of the study to give you the best results..

We adopt the best practices of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid campaign to make your business a roaring success! Digital marketing is about establishing your brand’s digital presence and Ad2Brand is the digital marketing agency that makes it possible for you. We are aware of the fact that high lead generation at low costs can help your business achieve maximum ROI, therefore we consolidate pull and push marketing strategies and help your business become visibly strong in the digital space. We adopt the best and latest practices of search engine optimization and social media marketing.

In this digital world of around 2.9 billion internet users, 75% of marketers are already using Social Media in their marketing, which is indeed helping them to grow exponentially. Considering this fact, you must have your strong digital presence to flourish your business. If you are a business setup, small or big, we ensure that our Digital Marketing services will bring a significant change in your online dynamics. We offer a complete package of Digital Marketing and other services as a one-stop solution for all your business growth needs. View Digital Marketing Services Package Details.

Have a glimpse of processes we follow at Ad2Brand that makes us the most-favoured Internet and Online Marketing Company in Pune:

Keeping your customers and your business objectives in mind, we devise clear actionable plans customized to meet your business needs. We think socially and make strategies to engage your audience for better results and ROI. Through proper aligning of your audience, objectives, and tactics across diverse channels, your business can achieve significant results in the expected timeframe.

Content Creation and Optimization:

Content is the King in any kind of human interaction, online or offline. It should be rich and unique, full of informative text, videos, photography and custom images, to be able to engage and attract a high number of audience. Our team of expert content writers and designers work together to execute social content that bonds well with people.

Social Strategy:

Every business has different characteristics and an in-depth understanding is very important to know how well it will benefit across which social channel. Our digital marketing firm devises appropriate social strategy suiting your business needs, to make the right message reach the right people at the right time that in turn leads to high conversions. We are a Social Media Agency working across all social media channels including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Review and Optimization:

We measure all our efforts and results against our goals and strategies, then make necessary improvements to help grow your brand’s presence grow in the digital world.

Benefits of opting Digital Marketing Services at Ad2Brand Digital marketing agency

What makes us the best online marketing company in Pune is highlighted in below points...

  • We increase the visibility of your business and brand popularity
  • Best Digital Marketing services and interesting rich content help in attracting optimum number of customer traffic and engagement
  • Increased trust from your customers helps in converting leads into sales
  • Help from a digital marketing agency can redirect your business to glory.
  • Understand what are the Top Digital Marketing Agencies and SEO Companies in Pune.

    Which Digital Marketing Agency is a "True Legend"?

    SEO has obtained an immense traction in 2017 of being a lot of smoke & mirrors and popularly priced, and may be so in everyone's thinking.

    Sadly, there are a many Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune that have mushroomed over the last few years who will Confidently Guarantee the World, Take Your Hard Earned Money, and then Not Even Deliver An Ounce.

    Can one spot these Cheap Digital Marketing Agencies?

    1. You can smell SALES SALES SALES?

    A tele-marketing executive with a well-written FAQ Document and all the objection handlers on a click.
    Many of these Online Marketing Agencies are highly Sales Focused, and offer SEO at a exceptionally low price. When engaging with an external Digital marketing Consultant / Agency, we advise that you should meet the people who will be executing your project face-to-face. You can understand from his approach whether he is an SEO experts or just another Sweat Shop of India. Ad2brand SEO experts are there right from the day you decide to place an enquiry. Ad2brand is 100% Integrated In House One Stop Shop for all your needs on WWW (World Wide Web) Online Marketing requirements. We assign a Key Account Manager for every project.

    2. Beware the Agency who Confidently Guarantee the World!

    If someone offers “Guaranteed Number 1 of Google” or anything similar, the alarm bells surely will ring in your mind. No SEO agency can guarantee to achieve any specific position or ranking on Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, or any other Search Engine. Not only does Search Engines keep its Search Engine Ranking Algorithms highly secret, but simply they do not want the Agencies to know how they rate web pages, especially because they don’t want people artificially taking advantage of their scoring system. Recently many search engines have also undervalued their OFF PAGE SEO techniques. At Ad2brand, a transparent communication is maintained to do the Best possible for your website, using our tried and tested White Hat SEO methods that will get you sustaining positions.

    3. Check the package in detailed and specifically what they’re going to offer for you.

    If the agency cannot or do not want to tell you openly about the offer deliverables, simply say BYE BYE. The Online Marketing Agency that is transparent will be happy to tell you in detailed about your website’s search presence, and will be happy to openly discuss with you. The first step that Ad2brand takes is to carry-out a thorough SEO audit of your website. We will then discuss and explain our findings with our clients and explain exactly what actions we recommend taking and why.

    4. Surely you will hear “SEO is all very complicated and technical, and you cannot understand it” syndrome.

    Is SEO a magic? Is SEO something mysterious? And can it happen overnight? SEO is a logical subject, which requires strategy, dedication and patience. SEO project starts with the education of Search Engines working and what you should expect to see. Ad2brand also highlights the opportunities that can be taken outside the website to give your site the probability of success in the search engine rankings.

    Search Engine Optimization SEO

    We provide SEO Consulting Services in India & overseas. It includes On Page Optimization, Off Page SEO(LIn / FB / TW / PI / JD / DB / FK / etc, Data Analytics....

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Majority of the customers today will first search for your company online and check it’s social status and online reputation before making a purchase. We specialize in Building Social..

    Online Reputation Management

    Does you or your brand have negative mentions online? Customers today will first search for your Company Online and check it’s Social Status & Online Reputation before...

    Paid Media Adwords

    Paid media is all the sponsored advertisement done on Google / LIn / FB etc which can be seen in the form of inorganic results at the top of search engine result pages.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Convert your website visitors into Valuable Leads. Data Science & Google Analytics is performed for optimising Conversion Rate - Programmatic Digital Marketing.

    Email Marketing & Automation

    Use an optimized email marketing strategy to make the most of your subscribers. Our creative team designs & structures your Emails & attractive newslatter...

    Content Marketing

    One cannot survive in the market without creating your digital presence on the Internet.The business world today is totally digitalized. Our Content Marketing Service is ...

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Basically it is empowering a website so that it can be marketed online on social media channels.SMO helps to pull the TG with an “Optimized” website & influencing them to spread your Brand Name without your efforts.

    Blog Creation

    Blogging has become crucial in today’s Business World. To depict your knowledge, expertise, current developments & know-how in your industry, tips & best practices...


    User comes to the web with a query(viz. Keyword). For each typed keyword, the user is given certain results by Google & to come on top position....

    Next-Gen Digital Sales and Banking

    Digitalize your banking operations by leveraging benefits our of digital marketing technologies for SEO, Content, Campaigns, Sales and more...

    Content SEO

    User comes to the web with a query(viz. Keyword). For each typed keyword, the user is given certain results by Google & to come on top position....

    What our customers ask us – FAQs about Digital Marketing

    Having a website does not ensure that you will get any activity, or potential clients to see it. You have to build an online presence for your business if you want to be known and renowned. It is presently assessed that roughly 80%-90% of clients will check your websites and online reviews before making a buy. That is why SEO is important. Search Engine Optimization gives your organization a superior possibility of being seen by potential clients. As indicated by Forbes, nearly 60% of private ventures are presently putting resources into some type of web-based advertising. So the chances are that your rivals are too utilizing SEO.

    There are a couple of components which decide how quickly or gradually results will appear. Such components include: How much content do you create? How is the quality of the content? How the content resounds with your audience? Whether you are a small or big site? Whether you have strong or weak domain authority. Large size websites can see results comparatively faster than smaller sites because the search engine crawls their site regularly whereas small sites take comparatively longer time because they do not receive the Google Bot frequently. We are straightforward and realistic about the time it takes to be effective and you can hope to see positive outcomes after roughly 3 months, depending upon the type of business.

    Organic results are the results that appear on Google search pages depending on various Google ranking factors. Paid results are the results that you see on Google search pages with the [Ad] sign, and these ads are triggered through PPC Advertising. These results are called Paid results which are in contrast to the organic results that are free of cost and are achieved through effective SEO strategies. For Paid results try our PPC Advertising techniques.

    PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a model of Digital Marketing where the advertiser pays an amount of money each time the user clicks on their advertisements. PPC is an effective approach to attracting traffic to your site and can be extremely profitable if managed effectively. PPC is essential for your business if you want to target the right customers in little time. This also gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.

    Google Adwords is the most prominent PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) framework. Adwords enables organizations to make promotions that appear on Google's search pages. Google Adwords is a PPC model where clients offer a bid and pay each time a client clicks on their promotion.

    We discuss with you to discover what content suits your business, organization, clients or brand. We then endeavor to produce the desired content and brand messages that connect with your clients and lure them to discover more about you. Monitoring trending topics and well-known news in your field are our responsibility and we are glad that we excel in it.

    Basically having Social Media accounts does not ensure your potential clients are connecting with you. Our team works hard to guarantee that the right tweets and statuses go out to your audience, developing the numbers continuously in the correct markets, coordinating activity back to your site, and drawing in with your audience to grow genuine connections, engagements, and leads.

    The first thing a common man does today to get any kind of information unknown to him is surfing the web. So, it has become important for any kind of business to get an online presence. However, Digital Marketing is a big term having lots of services under it's umbrella and the types of services beneficial to you could differ according to the nature of your organization. Think about this - If you are a cafeteria, you might as well benefit from improving the visibility of your Local Google Listing and Social Media Services for spreading awareness. If you are a full-fledged online business, you might benefit from effective SEO Campaigns and so on.

    Content marketing has been around for years, but content has been more recently used in the digital marketing world to mean creating content for either on-site or off-site use in order to gain traffic, social shares and links.

    Yes! A blog is one of those non-negotiables. It helps you to increase your credibility as an industry expert, and providing fresh keyword-rich content on a regular basis to please the search engines, a blog is an essential component for social media marketing.

    Yes! It is, whether it’ll appear on your site or someone else’s site. Guest blogging is an essential part of outpace or digital Page Rank, but the rules of content marketing still apply – you must create valuable information which will help consumers.

    Programmatic advertising refers to automated buying and selling of digital media by using technology platforms. Programmatic advertising typically uses software and computer algorithms to sell and purchase digital media.

    We transform each contract depending on your needs and we also will work within your budget.

    SMO or Social media optimization is something that comes after search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO involves using certain different techniques in order to market your website while SMO helps to improve your brand image among all social media platforms that handles a lot of traffic.

    Everything about you and how your business shows up online which includes websites, social media, images and blog posts is "Online Reputation Management". But practically, it’s anything about you or your business that appears in search results of Google. It is important to push them off the first page if any negative links show up. A good reputation shows that you are an expert in your field. And you are getting more business–result, more sales and more site traffic. A bad link will lead you to the loss of clients and prospects.

    Conversion optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO can be defined as the system which we use for increasing the percentage of visitors to our website, which then converts into customers or take any appropriate action on a webpage.

    Yes we do, we believe in fresh content and know the importance of fresh content in attracting search engines robots and customers. We also offer content updating.

    For our Digital Marketing Package


    Best Online Internet Marketing Agency in Pune,India

    Almost all online experiences begin with the search engine and social media which clearly highlights the necessity to be seen as an appealing business entity over these online platforms. The need of the hour is to make this possible and that can only be done through Digital Marketing Strategies & Techniques devised by a good Digital Marketing Company.. Digital Marketing is gaining more and more popularity among both corporates as well as small businesses as more and more transactions are going online.. Why would you choose Digital Marketing Services may be the question for which you should know that creative marketing strategies are needed by all online businesses if they want to differentiate themselves and capture the audience.

    Also, people spend most of their time online nowadays instead of on television or other traditional media. Surveys show that while 2015 to 2018 is estimated as the golden period to invest and plan powerful digital strategies , by the year 2020 you will be all set to reap the immense benefits of your online marketing investments.. Looking at all these factors, it doesn’t look like Digital Marketing is any more a luxury to any online business, it has become a key factor to globally reach the potential audience without any boundaries and make the most out of the internet market. We at Ad2Brand make sure to provide the best quality internet marketing services.

    As your all time Digital Partner, our Internet Marketing Agency in Pune and Dubai ensures that you market to the right audience and get the expected results within stipulated time period. All activities which make a website appealing to google bots as well as users are related to Content, Blogging, Website SEO, Social Media etc. which are all different areas of Digital Marketing. We provide all these services as a complete suite of solutions for your online business needs. When your website is your primary source of business, do not doubt it’s potential to give you huge business gains through online lead generation. We devise comprehensive strategies for visibility and customer engagement for maximum ROI. We follow a user-focused approach and guide you in every step of the way to achieve all your commercial objectives as well as gain goodwill in the online marketplace. Benefit from the internet marketing services of one of the best digital marketing companies in pune.

    Keypoints -

  • The world has gone Digital and it is necessary for any business to create an online presence
  • An umbrella of Digital Marketing Services are needed to be seen as an appealing entity in the web space for strong online presence
  • Digital Marketing is becoming a fast-growing trend being adopted by majority of companies as a revenue generation model
  • Ad2Brand Media is a leading Digital Marketing Consultancy offering quality services needed to flourish your business online.

  • Across the Board of Link Building- A Noob Guide

    There is a lot of information out there on Link Building. Some are good, some are bad, some not worthy enough.

    Links have always been one of the major criteria used by Google and other major search engines to rank different websites and their pages. If you want people to find those posts and pages and to rank in search, you are going to have build links.

    So in order to help you build links, we have put together a guide or link building strategies you can use to help boost your blogs authority.

    The topics we will be covering-

  • link building theory
  • vital tactics and skills
  • top link building tools
  • links to few of the link building tutorials and case studies
  • Let’s start with the basics First

    What is Link Building?

    In simple language, Link Building is the process of obtaining new inbound links or back links to a website from external sites.

    Most link building campaigns have the aim, to increase future search traffic from Google. According to our research, it has been observed that the link popularity which is the number of inbound links to a website or a page have a high correlation with Google Rankings.

    According to a study from a popular website, which is taken from a study of over 2 million keywords, shows link signals have a much higher correlation score than individual on page links.

    Lesson 1: What Links move the Needle?

    Every link to a website is considered as a vote. The more the vote, the more chances of it to show up for a particular search query. But it doesn’t work like this way always.

    There are a number of reasons and factors Google will assign weight to a particular link and how it affects the overall rankings of the websites. Check these below.

    1.1 Authority of a site or page

    When a site accumulates links its authority increases, it is then able to pass out more authority which is votes when it links out.

    For example BBC website, a link from higher authority site is more powerful than link from a lower authority sites, like any new website or pages with no inbound links of its own.

    There are two metrics which can determine the authority of a concerned page or site.

  • Domain Rating (DR) – This is the overall authority or strength of a website. This is measured in 0-100, with 0 being the lowest authority having no strength, to 100 being the highest authority. New websites with no inbound links have lowest authority.
  • URL Rating (URL) – This is the authority or strength of an individual page. This is also measure in 0- 100.
  • Check out an example, where it shows DR and UR of a concerned website and page.

    The above data represents, 66 domains linking to this page. These are the links which have contributed to the UR score.

    1.2 NoFollow Links

    1 <a href="" rel="nofollow">This is a nofollow link</a>

    Certain links on the page may have the rel=’’nofollow’’ attribute. For example, links from the comments on the blog.

    The no follow trait instructs the search engines not to follow the link and the links with this attribute, should not contribute to rankings.

    Many Wikipedia links are no follow links. Many leading search engines, consider Wikipedia links extremely beneficial due to the websites high trust value.

    According to Link building expert Eric Ward whether nofollow links contribute to rankings? He says

    ‘’ I believe that any search engine with the goal of returning accurate results must maintain ultimate control over what it does and does not give credit to, and selectively choose the signals it values. And this includes rel=nofollow. I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that any search engine can give credit to any link it wants to give credit to, if it feels there are enough signals to indicate it’s a credible link. And that means even if the link is no followed.

    In my entire career I have never made a decision about whether or not I would pursue a link based upon whether or not that link would be followed or no followed.

    I pursue links if I feel they will help my client reach a certain goal or objective’’. – Eric Ward

    Note: While there is no ‘dofollow’ attributes, this is the term most SEO’s use to refer to the links which are without nofollow attributes.

    While dofollow links are preferred, a high quality nofollow link contributes to rankings of a website or page. Also, a profile with dofollow and nofollow links will result in a more natural backlink profile.

    1.3 Placement of Link

    Search Engines credit more weightage to certain type of links.

    A text link which is taken within content will possess more authority than a link from a footer or a sidebar. Perhaps, this is because an in- content link is more likely to be:

  • Surrounded by relevant text
  • Editorial
  • Is actually clicked
  • Google’s ‘Reasonable Surfer’ patent, which was filed in the year 2004 and approved in 2010 suggests that- Google will try to determine, how likely a link is to be clicked and consider this to decide how much weightage a link shall possess.

    Also, Google gives considerable value to links from footers and sidebars, when the linking site is considered an authority. A recent study by Viperchill states, how major websites are using links in the footer to influence and dominate the search results.

    1.4 Anchor Text


    Search engines have long used anchor text, which are the words used to link- as a ranking factor.

    Taking for example, a target keyword ‘’Fishing rods’’ in a webpage. It is likely to gain benefit from a percentage of its inbound links, with that phrase in either partial or exact match form. Like,

  • Exact match- fishing rods
  • Partial match- this page about fishing rods
  • As per a study conducted by Ahrefs of 16000 keywords, they confirm that there is a strong correlation between rankings and keyword anchors. Let’s check out the below data for that-

    From the above chart data, we can clearly see that the pages at position 1 had an average of:

  • 13% exact match links
  • 24% partial match links
  • It is evidently clear from the data above that the keywords used in anchor text has a positive impact on the rankings, but again, the overuse of keywords can have opposite impact.

    Here is what Eric Ward states about Anchor text,

    ‘’I’m not saying that anchor text as a signal is no longer useful. What I believe is Google can make a distinction between what it considers to be a normal distribution of anchor text vs. manipulated distribution of anchor text. This doesn’t mean I try to stay within some sort of anchor text percentage or range. I have said many times that over the two decades I have been building links I’ve never once asked for specific anchor text. Not once.’’

    1.5 Link Relevancy

    There are a number of factors that affect in causing a link relevant, and the weightage Google passes on to it.

  • The Anchor text
  • The other outbound links on the page
  • The text surrounding the link is an important ranking factor, which is logical to understand.

    ‘’Ranking based on reference contexts’’ by Google for which it holds patent filed in 2004, which could be interpret as a blueprint for inferring context from surrounding text.

    Check the picture below wherein, Ahrefs indexes both the anchor text and the surrounding text.

    1.6 Unnatural Links

    Certain links either algorithmically or through manual review which Google flags as Unnatural links do not contribute towards rankings. If multiple unnatural links found, this may also lead to penalty like decrease in traffic or rankings.

    There seems to be a little blurred line between what constitutes as unnatural links?  Any links which are intended to manipulate search results are termed unnatural.

    However, this is an overly literal interpretation of Google’s guidelines. I would rather explain this as any link in which there has been an editorial choice, like for example- the site has chosen to link to you, could be taken as a white hat and ‘’Google safe’’. This applies if the linking site found your content organically all by themselves or rather your pointed them to it may be through outreach or promotion

    Links which are built manually for gaining traffic, like guest blogging, content repurposing, and content syndication should also be Google safe and taken as a white hat.

    Lesson 2: Crucial Link Building Skills

    A modern link builder needs a number of skills, which are considered crucial and effective-

  • A logical and analytical thought process, which is for competitor analysis and strategy.
  • A creative mind for content ideas and link bait.
  • An excellent communication skill for networking and outreach.
  • Effective link building also needs an element of psychology, which is to working out how to get someone to link to you. Let’s discuss two of the main skills in link building, in details- competitor research and outreach

    2.1 Competitor Research

    A key starting point for most link building campaigns is – always to analyse the backlink profiles of the competing sites. Below shown is the data taken by Ahrefs in the same way as Google. It collects the backlink data which are the linking sites and pages for every site they discover.

    Site Explorer > Enter domain or URL > Explore > Backlink profile > Referring domains

    Analysing the back link profiles of all the competitors will-

  • Give an understanding into their link building plans and strategies.
  • Also to provide an opportunity to clone or replicate their links.
  • The motto behind this is, to find out how or why your competitors received a certain link and to determine whether you can replicate it.

    Some below examples of easier links to replicate:

  • User generated links — Social profiles, blog comments, video sites etc.
  • Guest post links — reach out to the linking site and ask if you can contribute your own guest post.
  • Link from a resource page — Reach out and ask if the site will add your resource.
  • Genuine editorial links are always harder to replicate.

    You can use the ‘Best by Links’ report in Ahrefs Site Explorer to quickly find the most linked to content on a domain.

    Site Explorer > Enter domain > Explore > Pages > Best by links

    To ‘one up’ on your competitors link by trying to replicate it, and then conduct a promotion or an outreach, might sound a lot of hard work. But the harder a link is to acquire, more positively it will affect your rankings.

    2.2 Outreach

    One of the most important skills in a link builder’s toolset- Outreach

    It is also, one of the hardest to master.

    Despite the rise of social media in daily life, the most effective medium for outreach still continues to be email. While outreach is a topic deserving of its own article, here is a tip that can strikingly improve your success rate-


    Right timing, with outreach can increase your success.

    Reacting promptly to the link opportunities, in a real close time is a great way to increase your outreach percentage.

    Which would you be more likely to add a link to?

    A) An old article which was published last year, that probably everyone must have forgotten about and moved on from Or
    B) An article you recently published and are still actively promoting it?

    Well, the answer is B.

    Ahrefs has got a tool which is called ‘Alerts’. It actively monitors the web and can be set to send you an email when someone tries to-

  • Links to a specific competitor content-
  • Mentions a keyword you are tracking or your brand name-
  • TIP:

    If someone tries to link to your contender’s content, reach out to them quickly and ask if they would consider linking to your similar resource.

    If someone writes a new article about your target keyword, reach out quickly and point them to your own resource.

    Lesson 3: Industry Survey Results 2016

    We conducted an industry wide survey 2016 to look for the below matter-

  • Which link building tactics are the most popular in 2016?
  • How effective each link building tactic is considered in 2016?
  • 29 link building tactics were included in our survey.

    And the results are below,

    3.1 The Most Popular Tactic

    We asked the question “Please select all link building methods you use in your current campaigns”.

    We received 628 respondents to this question. Below is a link showing the percentage of individual respondents.

    It is in percentage of all respondents; however, you can also view responses from individual SEO consultants, bloggers etc. Click the link below for the survey result-

    Going through the link you will find out, white hat strategies like infographics, guest blogging and link bait were the most popular link building strategies of 2016.

    3.2 The Most Effective

    We asked the question “How effective do you believe each of the following tactics will be in 2016”.

    We received 428 respondents to this question. The link mentioned below shows a score, out of 10 for each tactic.

    The most popular link building strategy in 2016 in ’Link Bait’ it scored 7.54 out of 10.

    OFF-Page SEO:

    Lesson 4: Strategies on Link Building

    Let’s take a look at some of the individual strategies in the survey. For each tactic below we will check the following points:

  • The difficulty (low/medium/high)
  • The cost (low/medium/high)
  • The link value (low/medium/high)
  • The penalty risk (low/medium/high)
  • The recommended value (yes/no)
  • Let’s start with the most popular and effective one-

  • Link Bait
  • In the words of Eric Ward- ‘’what many people call linkbait or Link Bait, I call content. Call me old fashioned, but if you try to create a buzz (and links) by creating contrived content, the buzz you hear will be flies.’’

    In simple words- Link bait refers to creating content, which attracts links due to unique proposition or high value. These links are earned rather than built. But again, link bait links do need promotions again.

    Their value comes from:

  • Unique data
  • In depth research
  • Survey
  • Attractive and distinctive graphics
  • Free tool
  • As we understand, link bait requires a high quality resource which works as ‘bait’. A piece of content that will engage its users and visitors, is likely to be widely shared, and ultimately deserves to rank in search.

    Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Link bait is white hat link in its purest form. Google predicts such links as the best content and votes them at the top.

    The other link building tactic which is free tools will also fall under link bait.

    A good example is Coschedule’s headline analyser, which has collected links from over 1,600 domains.

  • Ego Bait
  • In the words of Jesse Stoler from

    ‘’ In my mind, Ego Bait is really just about attempting to engage influencers to further amplify your work and build links. It’s a very basic marketing/psychology principle — the element of reciprocity. If you positively feature another person, they’re more likely to return the favour.’’

    Few effective ego‐bait tactics include:

    • Interviewing an influencer on your website.
    • Quoting an influencer in your content, or linking to their site.
    • Including an influencer in an expert roundup.
    • Including an influencer in a top 10 list.

    Many influencers will feel happy to share content that shows them in a positive light, leading a mark up for your website.

  • Broken Link Building
  • Jon Cooper with states that

    ‘’Broken link building is starting to get a bad rep. People think it’s a narrow, straightforward strategy, when in reality it’s not. You can get more creative with this strategy than any other link building technique out there’’.

    As time and Internet ages, many useful resources from the Internet start to disappear. The reasons could be anything may be the company is no more or the site is not properly updated and maintained. Whatsoever, be the reason the useful resources are being getting depleted.

    This acts as an opportunity for the Link Builders.

    Creating similar resource on your own website and then reaching out to the sites with broken links and offering your content as an alternative can result in a high success rate. Most webmasters will be keen to fix errors on their site.

    A data below for the same:

  • Link Reclamation
  • Kristi Hines with states that-

    ‘’ Link building isn’t always about discovering new opportunities. Sometimes it can simply involve taking advantage of opportunities that already exist but haven’t been tapped into yet’’.

    Link Reclamation has further sub- categories:

  • Fixing broken links which is pointing your website.
  • Finding and actively monitoring any unlinked brand mentions.
  • Recognising any uncredited use of copyrighted material like proprietary images or video.
  • Looking at some examples below,

  • Fixing broken links pointing your website
  • If there is any on your website pointing to 404 error message, you are losing the valuable traffic. Ahrefs free wordpress plug- in called Redirection shows you how it is fixed.

    Step 1: In Ahrefs Site Explorer, run the ‘broken backlink’ report, to get a list of all broken backlinks

    Step 2: Create a 301 redirect for each broken link using the “Redirection” plug- in

    2. Any Unlinked Brand Mentions

    If someone mentions your brand on the web, they have already actively engaged with your business. But there are cases when the writer didn’t include a link back to your website.

    In such cases, reach out to the site thank them for the mention, and ask if they would consider adding a link.

    3. Uncredited Use of any Copyrighted Material

    When someone uses your copyrighted material like for example a photo or a video on their website, without giving mention to the original source, then you could ask them to remove it.

    However, this is a link building opportunity and a polite email informing them of the infringement and asking for due credit, is all that is required to pick up a link.

    ‘’Google’s Reverse image search site’’ helps in finding sites which are using your copyrighted images.

  • Newsjacking
  • ‘’Reporters are always looking for the second paragraph of the story. The first paragraph introduces readers to the story in question. The second paragraph, however, is where the most notable quotes and reactions to the news/event will be found. That’s where you want to find yourself. Those brands moving quickly to produce content around the news that adds a unique perspective or thought leadership to the discussion have the best chance of being featured in this all important paragraph’’.

  • David Meerman Scottcom
  • In simple words, Newsjacking is stepping into the flow of trending news and current updates and then injecting your own ideas, views and brand into the story.

    Picking up links from high publications and working on it can prove to be very effective.

    Timing is the most important factor in Newsjacking. As soon as a story breaks the eager journalists will cover the topic from every angle and gather quotes from experts who may add insights to the story.

    6. Guest Blogging

    ‘’With data from 3 sites it’s pretty safe to say that building links through guest posting remains an effective way to increase your site’s organic traffic’’.

    David McSweeney

    Guest blogging is an effective way to get your writing and your website, in front of new audiences to form authoritative bonding.

    While, high quality guest blogging remains a preferred method of gaining white hats, many low quality guest blogging has been squeezed by Google.

    7. Interviews

    ‘’In this golden age of thought leadership, interview opportunities provide your clients with increased brand authority, professional credibility, and even domain authority. Getting interviewed on podcasts, news sites, blogs, and in other publications is also a straightforward way to build natural backlinks.—And yet it’s one of the most overlooked and underused natural link building strategies’’.

    Myles Vives

    Modern link building techniques come with PR building links, which is through Interviews.

    Interviews can be in any form:

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Blog Interviews
  • Participating in panel discussion
  • The goal is to grow your profile in your nook and pick up some quality links along the way. These are also the kind of links that drive traffic, so are very much on the white hat side of the link building spectrum.

  • Infographics
  • ‘’As someone that’s sent thousands of link request emails, I can tell you that there’s a simple link building formula that works every time: Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links’’

    Brian Dean

    Infographics have always been around for link building tactics. They went through a dull period in recent times.

    The reason they remain effective is, it is the way to maximise return for your outreach efforts.

    Outreach is always more effective when there is a value proposition for the host site. There is an offering to provide high quality infographics, with a customised introduction, as value exchange. The host site gets some great content and you end up getting a backlink.

  • Content Syndication
  • ‘’Done correctly, syndication can be a very effective way to help develop your reputation and visibility online. To many, this is a controversial topic, but it really shouldn’t be. You just need to know why it can help you, when to do it and how to do it the right way’’.

    Eric Enge

    Syndicating your content to quality websites can result in, increase in traffic and boosting your rankings.

  • Content Repurposing
  • ‘’Some users prefer visual infographics over text statistics. Some choose podcasts over ebooks. Reformatting your content for different mediums means appealing to more audiences and extending your reach’’.

    Megan Mars

    Repurposing content can result in-

  • Acquiring high quality links
  • Taking out more value out of your content
  • You can repurpose a blog post into-

  • An Infographic
  • A video
  • An eBook
  • Slide share presentation
  • Each of these contents can be shared on their relevant channels with an opportunity to offer backlink. Repurposing is a white hat method of building links, because each content has a definite potential audience which can be classed as amplification.

    11. Link Building with Images

    ‘’As far as linkable content goes, images are up there with the best. For blog owners in particular, images can be an SEO goldmine with most of the hard work being done for you already’’.

    Matthew Barby

    There are several ways to gain backlinks to your site using images. For example:

  • Designing charts to visualise data.
  • Making images with quotes from famous bloggers in your nook or celebrities.
  • Creating images that can be pinned for your blog posts.
  • Providing stock images for use with attribution.
  • Creating memes specific to your niche.
  • Swipeable images are very effective in creating impressions. Such images on blog posts charts and graphs are encouraging readers to download and share them on their own sites, and in turn is a great way to pick up links.

    12. Directory Submissions

    ‘’Submitting your site to directories can be both GOOD and BAD. It depends on which directories you submit to, how you go about submitting, your intent, and the approach you take’’.

    John Romaine

    Directory Submissions should be a small part of your overall link building strategy.

    13. Press Release Distribution

    ‘’Press releases are still beneficial for SEO, but their power and their nature are in the middle of a transformative shift. If you’re going to include them in your optimization strategy, you need to understand the current scope of press release tactics, and find ways to mitigate their potential drawbacks’’.

    Jayson DeMers

    Press release distribution is a link building tactic. It is again a PR activity to attract genuine press.

    If you have something newsworthy, a site launch worthy choose a channel to distribute your press release and make sure it is:

  • High quality
  • Written in the third party
  • 14. Local Citations

    ‘’Remember, your business listing is essentially your business identity, it reflects your company and for some potential customers it will be the first interaction they have with your business. Make sure you spend the time creating a listing that best reflects your company and what you do/offer’’.

    Darren Shaw

    Building citations remains an effective tactic for boosting local SEO.

    15. Blog Commenting

    ‘’Regardless of your ultimate opinion on the SEO benefit of blog commenting, you cannot dispute the branding and awareness benefits of a solid blog commenting strategy’’.

    Ryan Malone

    Google regards active participation in nook and commenting on blogs, which is a good way to show you are an engaged member of a community.

    Comments and suggestions which add insights and shows expertise can drive traffic back to your own site and help in growing your audience. This could be classified as an indirect ranking factor.

    18. Answering Questions on Quora, Yahoo etc

    ‘’Quora links are marked as “nofollow” which means they don’t pass any “link juice” to your site. However, adding links to answers on Quora is a great overall inbound strategy because you’ll increase your authority, drive traffic to your site and raise brand awareness. Plus nofollow links can help build a wellrounded backlink portfolio’’.

    Rebecca Babicz

    Notice if any question pops up in Quora up again and again, this means such questions have no answers in Google and people are looking for satisfactory answers. Create content on your website that fills the information gap on those topics, this will help in bringing close the audience, future link building and your website.

    19. Sponsorships like charity, events etc

    ‘’Whether you’re a worldrenowned philanthropist — or a pennypinching miser — you’ll be donating like mad when you realize that your donation dollars can land you topquality backlinks from authority sites’’.

    Brian Dean

    There is a tactic which is to offer services in exchange for a write up on the charity’s site. For example, if you are a photographer you can offer to photograph an event or function for free, with an exchange that the charity includes your images on their website with your link attribution, an effective way of sponsorship.

    20. Sponsored Content

    Receiving reviews and comments from bloggers and online content creators can make a huge difference and successful impact on the audience about the new product or company is.

    Many bloggers will be happy to write about your product or service in exchange for a monetary benefit or in the form of free samples, a license for your software etc.

    To adhere with Google’s webmaster guidelines, any such blogs or write ups should be clearly marked as sponsored and links should have the nofollow attribute applied.

    Lesson 5- Best Tools for Link Building

    Technically speaking anyone can build links; it just needs an email id and brain power. There are a number of tools that can help you to acquire links much more easily. This acts as a great tool for link building purposes. Let us check them below:

  • Ahref Site Explorer

  • Moz Open Site Explorer
  • Majestic
  • Buzzsumo
  • Yesware
  • OutreachPlus
  • Chapter 6: The Future of Link Building

    Finally coming to the last part, let us take a look at the future of Link Building. The future of link building can be divided into 3 parts or rather questions, which are-

  • Will link building continue to be a primary rank factor?
  • In a 2014 webmaster video, Matt Cutts intimated that there was an experiment made by Google in 2014, which internally turned off the links as the ranking factor, but the results were very poor.

    He further stated-

    ‘’ We don’t have a version like that, that is exposed to the public, but we have run experiments like that internally, and the quality looks much much worse. It turns out that backlinks, even though there’s some noise and certainly a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really really big win in terms of quality of search results. So we’ve played around with the idea of turning off backlink relevance and at least for now backlink relevance still really helps in terms of making sure that we return the best, most relevant, most topical search results’’.

    So link building will continue to rule as of yet.

  • Link Building that is Future Proof?
  • White hat should be safe and future proof.

  • Link Building that is not Future Proof?
  • Spammed or Manipulative links will not be future proof hopefully. We hope Google gets better at identifying such links, particularly as they develop and work on their Artificial Intelligence and machine learning segment.

    So, in future we can expect Google, their artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect what is real and what is fake.

    That was a detailed noob guide for all the beginners and learners in link building.

    Do share your thoughts with us on this topic and your idea about the Future in the comment section below. Till then, Happy Link Building!

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