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Sounds Great?

Well, Pay per Click (PPC), Cost per Impression (CPI/CPM) is the most popular ways of generating revenue from a website by the existing traffic. Now earning is just a click away. When your website does not garner much audience or traffic, by not enough clicks through organic search PPC comes to rescue.

How does PPC Work?

Let us look at this way, if you want to put an ad on a billboard you need to pay for the spot.

Similarly, if you want to run a TV commercial during a popular programme, you will have to pay for it.

The Internet works in the same way, popular search engines like Google, Bing allows individual or business parties to use pay per click method to pull traffic towards a website, which is otherwise difficult for a plain website without strategy.

Pay per Click (PPC), Cost per Impression (CPI/CPM)

Why PPC?

A. PPC boosts traffic to your website

Once a website is created, you need to attract visitors and increase its traffic. Having your ad appearing on the first page of search engine increases the chance of being seen.

Website traffic

B. PPC increases Brand recognition with Re-Marketing

A customer or a shopper has to see a product multiple times, before making a purchase. Even if he doesn’t make a purchase, Remarketing is a tool which shows the site visitor relevant ads on other web pages. In turn, increasing the Brand recognition.

Brand Recognition

C. PPC boosts Sales

PPC ads are focussed on a targeted audience. Online shoppers research a lot before buying a product. These pay per click hence, results in boosting the sales.

PPC boosts Sales

D. PPC helps in controlling Advertising costs

PPC advertising let’s you pay as you go. You can stop, tweak or make changes to your ad, if you feel your ads are under performing. You can run your ad for a week, a month, or a year there is no long- term obligation.

PPC Advertising Cost Reduces

E. PPC Ads easy to produce

Just hire a Professional to create your brand ad as per your requirement, budget and need.  With a genuine professional help you are good to go. Ads are produced, up and running in no time.

Easy to Produce PPC Ads

PPC Risks

Not all ads can earn you profit. Without proper strategy or choosing wrong Marketing firm can hamper your brand image and can make you spend huge money on it. Therefore, selecting the right firm is of utmost importance. ‘’A marketing firm, who not just talks the talk but walks the walk.’’ One who values your money, effort and the worth.

Most Popular PPC’s

  • Google Adwords – It’s the Pay per Click option which allows running ads on the search results, on the private websites or both. Effective ads or multiple ads increase the chances of appearing first on the search page for a variety of Keywords. Google Adwords help to show those ads on the Google’s first page of search. When a user clicks on those ads a particular amount will get deduced from your Adword account. These ads can be customised as per the budget, location, relevancy covering a large number of Google, Google partners and various other search engines.
  • Bing Ads – Gives the option of putting up ads on Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft
  • Social Media Advertising – Increase in Brand recognition over various social media pages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube videos. Social remarketing plays a key role in social media advertising.
  • Display Advertising – Running Graphic ads on PPC platforms.
  • Native Ads – Ads that look like they are a part of the media format but are actually advertisements. The sponsored material on any media formats are the native ads.

 PPC for Builders

As a Builder your top priority is satisfying your customers by fulfilling their needs and specifications. Along with your hard work, you need proper marketing channel. Reaching potential new customers can be a bigger challenge than building homes or buildings. Proper strategies need to be implemented with an effective plan that allows you to reach your target audience. This is where we come into picture.

Since, Advertising has been touted as the best medium to garner visibility and publicity online. It is the best channel to showcase your Products and Services.

  • Targeted exposure in search results – The first few pages in Google is always taken up by PPC advertisers. Around 71 percent of these pages get a click increasing your brand recognition.
  • Instant Results – With PPC advertising even the newest Builders starts drawing traffic increasing their brand worth.
  • Geo targeted Ads – Great for home builders focussing the lined up audience in a particular locality or area.

Scheduled ad timings – This allows in restricting the ads to a particular time of the day. In case you mentioned your audience to contact your team during day time. Ads are set to specifically to appear on the search list during day time.

PPC for Training Institutes

Training Institutes are the mediums who provide specialised trainings to the pupils in respective fields. Any Training Institute when new needs proper marketing channels to garner enough publicity to attract more students and pupils. Students search for training programmes, courses and educational organizations online.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Searching for Google Adwords key search can prove beneficial. It suggests what words or keywords students or their parents are using to do their online search. So if you are a Training Organization these adwords is perfect to attract students.
  • Social Media Marketing – As per students search on various study materials, courses, organizations online. Remarketing tool shows relevant ads to the visitor on other web pages.
  • Targeted exposure in search results.

PPC for Hotels and Manufacturers

The success of a hotel’s pay per click advertising strategy depends upon its ability to reach its potential customers with enticing offers. This helps in competing with the competitors. PPC affords your hotel the opportunity for potential bookings and customers where many audience is conducting online search on their next accommodation.

  • Web based programmes like Google Adwords, Bing Ads through pay per click.
  • Geo targeted Ads for finding potential customers.
  • Social Media Marketing - – As per travelers search on various hotels, offers and discounts on hotels online. Re-marketing tool shows relevant ads to the visitor on other web pages.
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