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Pay Per Click Advertising is another name for search engine advertising that is implemented to generate clicks for your website and Ad2Brand serves as the best PPC Marketing Agency in Pune.

When your website does not get enough clicks through organic search you need to get those clicks through pay per click scheme. We as a PPC Marketing Agency, help you achieve tangible results with PPC advertising.

Pay per click advertising is good for getting visitors to your site when you want traffic and want it instantly.

Almost every search engine such as Google and Bing allows individuals and businesses to use pay per click model to pull a number of customers, which is otherwise difficult to do with a simple website and no serious strategy. Therefore, you need to spend a few bucks to get a large number of customers to your website in one shot. Pay per click marketing service by a good pay per click ads company in one such successful strategy that increases your customers and also increases the possibility of customer conversion.

But it is risky too…

With a poor PPC strategy and vague assumptions, there is a risk of you spending a huge amount of money on it with no tangible results. That is the main reason why you need a full proof PPC strategy, which helps you in achieving your business goals. And we, at Ad2Brand, A PPC Marketing Agency having a team of PPC specialists and experts, create a profitable PPC strategy on your behalf. We also offer other Digital Marketing Services and Business Solutions that can be beneficial for you.

PPC services by a professional PPC Marketing Agency are good for everyone

Good for advertisers:Visitors show their intent with their search query, and following this, advertisers can put their relevant message in front of their audience who are actively searching their product. If your website appears when a customer searches for your product, it is likely that the customer will click on your website to buy the product. With this form of advertising, it is possible to increase your visibility and availability to the needy customer. Another advantage of taking PPC Marketing Agency services is that through PPC advertising you are able to measure the quality of traffic that results from search engine clicks.

Good in providing a stream of customers:

PPC enables the search engines to cater to the advertisers and the customers simultaneously. On the one hand, where the search engines provide a huge user base to the advertisers, there, on the other hand, it also helps customers in reaching the appropriate site to where he can find the related products or services. Either way, PPC is beneficial for the advertisers because it brings your customers to your websites in no time, and because you pay to the search engines for PPC, search engines are bound to provide a stream of customers to you.

Good for searchers too:

Research proves that searchers click more on the first few results on the search page. They do not really bother if the results on the page are because of SEO or PPC. What concerns them is to find the relevant link and the relevant website that promises to fulfill their need. In this scenario, PPC does well because it always brings your website link on the top of the first page, making it highly possible for the customers to click on your website link only. Further, because customers use search engines to find a product or service, the results from paid ads are more relevant to what they look for. Ad2Brand is one of the best ppc companies in pune offering ppc management services.

PPC Includes-

Google Adwords

Pay Per Click advertising through Google Adwords refers to the ads that you can see on the top and sides of the Google Search pages. You will have to pay only when a visitor clicks on that ad.

Adwords Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising through Google Adwords refers to the ads that you can see on the top and sides of the Google Search pages, wherein you have to pay only when a visitor clicks on that ad. To carry out effective advertising you have to create multiple ads which increase your chances to appear on the first page for a variety of keywords. In Adwords terminology, you have to create various PPC campaigns, depending on the products and the locations of the business. Google Adwords helps you create and show those ads on Google's first page.

The ads that you see on Google above organic search results with yellow ad label are paid ads and a particular amount will be deducted from your Adwords account when a user clicks on your ad. The benefits of PPC includes: You can customize these ads on the basis of location, relevancy, and budget and secondly, these ads can be seen on Google, Google Partners and many other websites, covering a large number of search engines and websites. Our PPC Marketing Agency works in line with your business goals to leverage the best of benefits for you.

Things to keep in mind before you start PPC Advertising

As it is a money game, you have to be careful or you will lose your entire budget if a single keyword goes wrong. It needs expertise and in that case, our team manages the entire process for our clients with our tried and tested strategies. Our experts sit and discuss with you about your target audience and some base keywords and search some additional keywords based on your target group's choices and preferences. We have continuously accredited the best PPC Marketing Agency in Pune, carrying out Pay Per Click advertising exceptionally well along with effective search engine optimization.

Adwords Campaigns include:

  • Creating Ads
  • Using Appropriate Keywords for PPC campaign
  • Controlling bids and optimizing campaigns
  • Classified Postings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Generating Traffic Analysis report
  • Facebook Paid Ads

    Facebook PayPer Click advertising works same as Google Adwords advertising. You create campaigns for ads and pay when a visitor clicks on your ads.

    Paid and Free Marketing on Facebook

    Let’s see how…

    Suppose, you are a startup salon and you want people to know about it. In such a case, Facebook is a valuable platform for you. Facebook has gained momentum because it is always difficult to reach your customers with mere door to door marketing and with Facebook you can target a specific audience by making a page, updating it regularly with services you have, running offers, promotions etc.

    You can further boost your posts to engage thousands of customers in one go with the help of paid marketing and Facebook campaigns. With such a hype created by social media marketing, people have started consulting SMO and PPC companies and you can certainly rely on Ad2Brand for social media marketing and Pay Per Click – we being the best PPC company, driving home exclusive business benefits through SMM and PPC.

    Linkedin Paid Ads

    Linkedin is a networking building website for professionals. You can create a Linkedin page to promote your business activities and we can help you market your services with the help of our PPC strategy.

    Being a professional site, you will be able to find people from the business and corporate world very easily, wherein you can grow your professional network and at the same increase your brand awareness and chances to reach your clients. You will need the following for creating a Linkedin Campaign:


  • Linkedin Account
  • Detailed understanding of your audience
  • Impressive Ad copy
  • Video(not necessary)
  • The Process

    We will help you make a campaign, select target audience, budget, and impressive ad copy and submit your ad. Ad2Brand is a renowned PPC Marketing Agency and we provide the best Pay Per Click strategies for your LinkedIn account.

    Remarketing Campaigns

    Remarketing allows you to show ads to those visitors who have visited your website already but have not bought anyone of your products. Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back the confused customer with banner ads, text ads or may be some offer related to the page they visited so that he buys your products or services. With remarketing, you can attract your potential customers and make them fulfill your website goal, be it filling a form or making a purchase.

    Let us see how remarketing works…

    Suppose a visitor visits your site and because of one or the other reason bounces onto some other website, there is a possibility that you lose your customer. However, it is here that Ad2Brand comes in. In such a scenario, we drop cookies from your website on the visitors’ browsers and this helps us following those visitors through remarketing campaigns. Such ads then follow these customers where ever they go on the web and this help in bringing the potential customers back.

    Remarketing services include:

  • Website Remarketing to stay consistently in the mind of your customers once they bounce back.
  • Social Media Remarketing to target potential customers on social networking sites like Facebook.
  • Search Remarketing for visitors who have searched a particular keyword or phrase, which is suitable according to your business.
  • Email Remarketing for customers who are highly engaged with you through emails.
  • We have accredited the best remarketing company in Pune because we help you design remarketing campaigns which are beneficial for your business.

    Twitter Advertising

    PPC advertising is a way to attract traffic, especially when you want it instantly and in this light, Twitter is such an online social networking site on which you can post and bring in lots of traffic. Twitter is becoming popular these days and you generally find a serious and determined set of the audience on this platform, therefore you can carry out paid advertising on Twitter using some of its features such as identifying and using Twitter handles of your selected customers so that you target your customers in a sure-shot way.

    Twitter has now introduced a keyword targeting service too for Twitter Ads.It includes promoting tweets based on the keyword which the user used to search on Twitter. And these placements of keywords will affect the placement either in a search result or in the Twitter stream. You can promote your tweets in many ways like making your campaign on Twitter, using some negative keywords options, targeting strategies and bids and budget adjustments. As the best Twitter Advertising Company in Pune, Ad2Brand provides efficient PPC services to your business using Twitter Campaigns.

    Gmail Campaigns

    Email is the most effective way to communicate with your audience and that is the reason why bloggers and companies struggle to collect a database of the email address of their website visitors and customers. But with Adwords, there is nothing to worry. Even if you do not have any email database of your target audience you can still get an entry in their inboxes, using AdWords native Gmail ads option.

    AdWords native Gmail ads work the same way as the AdWords campaign does. You have to decide your target audience, target keywords, and match types for keywords and some negative keywords. You have to follow all such processes but it is certainly an easy task to perform. You need to create a detailed strategy and define your target audience before you proceed to expect results. We at Ad2Brand manage all such processes for you using our tried and tested strategies. We bring out the best workable strategy for you, which at times could be PPC on social media platforms or Gmail ads, depending on your business requirements. Ad2brand is the best email marketing company that helps you send bulk emails to a group of people, helping you achieve your business goal profitably.

    YouTube Video Campaign

    YouTube is of second importance after Google and it is a content site par excellence because it has a huge number of videos on every subject.YouTube has established itself as the most popular platform and you have a large set of audience to target there. When you search on YouTube using a keyword, a list of videos appears and when a user clicks on that video the owner gets paid by Google because it contains Google ads. Such ads are made using AdWords video campaign and to create these ads you have to select your target audience and the channel on which you want your ad to be shown based on the relevancy to your business.


    You are a company of cookwares and want to do ads on YouTube, so logically you will prefer recipe channels for posting your ads.Right? This way, by choosing the right channels and viewers, our team will help you make effective YouTube campaigns to fulfill your business goals. Ad2Brand- A PPC Marketing Company offers the best YouTube Adwords PPC services for your business. We are on of the best PPC Service provider in Pune. View our Pay Per Click Package for more details on services and features offered by us.



    PPC Services – FAQ’s

    Yes, our PPC marketing agency always strives to give the best results to our clients. We use many strategies like targeted keyword research, bid management, landing page optimization for campaign management and make it run smoothly reaching the right audience. We work on a daily basis for continuous results so that your website and ads appear in top 10 google results.
    If you have an online business and website, SEO is a must. You need an SEO optimized website even before PPC. While both will require investment, PPC can be said as an instant investment showing your paid ad in google 1st page , SEO is long term investment through which your website will slowly appear in top results within 3-4 months. PPC is complementary to SEO. Both these should be done in parallel depending upon the product and service you are selling. Our PPC Marketing Agency has expert consultants who can help and guide you with the same on understanding your business and it's current stage.
    Through quality PPC services by a professional PPC Marketing Agency, you get direct targeted traffic to your website. This includes potential customers who intend to buy your product thus leading to a call of action - purchase of a product or service.
    No Doubt PPC is an excellent strategy to market your online business because it gives instant results, visitor and ROI. However, it can be expensive if you are a startup or in the initial stage of your journey. In that case, you can make use of our SEO services for long term organic results. SEO is cheaper than PPC and provides long lasting results over a long term.


    A pay per click advertising agency that can unlock your paid search potential…

    As we all know by now, paid search marketing is a quick way to get your web store out in front of your audience looking for your products and services. Moreover, it is also measurable and controllable thus leaving scope for customer analysis and improvement.

    Our PPC Marketing Agency team has the right skills and expertise to increase ROI for your company using a data-led approach for campaigns. They are experience enough to uniquely optimize your PPC accounts to match business requirements and keep testing meticulously for improvements. We can deliver strong results by making your Adwords structure perfect. Not only do we focus on Adwords, we also cover all other networks like – paid search as well as paid social. Our ppc services include everything – search advertising, display advertising, social media advertising, shopping ads, remarketing, mobile advertising and more.

    Facts also say that about 50% of people who click on your PPC ad are expected to take an action of directly calling you. We make sure to optimize your CPC to the cheapest click price by making your ads better and score as qualitative to Search Engines. We also make sure to optimize your campaigns for mobile phones considering the trends saying that mobile devices now account for approx. 50% of paid search clicks, where customers directly call the business from ad results.

    If you are not working with a reliable PPC Services Company, you are in for lots of financial losses because every click on your ad costs. We make sure to design efficient PPC campaigns so that you only get targeted traffic that actually converts into leads and gives you business. Our PPC experts conduct detailed research , analysis and offer professional pay per click advertising yielding a high ROI. This is done through proper keyword research, landing page optimization, ad copy creation, target customer behavior analysis, bidding, conversion tracking, monitoring and improvising to deliver the best results. We understand your business and goals well and design pay per click strategies customized to meet your needs. We offer affordable and competitive prices depending upon the nature of business, volume of advertisement, services, website size and other factors.

    Do you want a certain boost in your business because your current PPC campaigns are not performing well ? Ad2Brand is a leading Pay per click marketing Company operating in Pune and Dubai. Contact Us Now and get unparalleled results out of targeted campaigns. Our aim is to derive measurable benefits for your business.

    Why Ad2Brand is a top online advertising company in Pune ?

    High Search Engine Ranking

    SEO Friendly websites that we create help you achieve top rankings on search engines & enjoy high web traffic.

    Tried & Tested SEO/SEO websites

    Our Ethical White Hat SEO methods make use of the right keywords to popularize your website.

    Creative Content Creation

    We create Blog, website, Email Content to attract audience by effective content marketing strategies.

    100% Brand Value & Brand Indentity

    Viral publicity through social media outlets & customer-centric campaigns give you exposure for branding.

    100% Rate of Conversion

    Efficient Digital Marketing Services help you to reach out to a wider audience and generate the Highest ROI

    Social Media Integration

    Our services include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin using Targeted Campaigns.

    Optimized Landing Pages

    We research and optimize landing pages and ads to reach target audience at the right time using effective PPC strategies.

    Online Support, Timely Delivery

    We ensure to deliver expected results in time and are always there for your support whenever needed at critical times.

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