Website Re-Design (Makeover)

Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning is all about creating a long lasting impression of your business on your users through your website and it is rightly said that - "First Impression is the Last Impression". So it is not at all wise to take your website makeover casually. Our Website Redesign company has the specialized skill-set for web page redesign and website modifications and it is meant for all the businesses which have an existing website but a dull and boring one that has failed to connect with the customers around.

Website Redesigning" doesn't mean that you need to change every single element on your websites like branding and design elements. Website Makeover consists of making functional modifications that improve your website, making it more user-friendly and that helps you attain your business objectives.

Below are some important reasons why your website may need Redesigning:

You are not satisfied with the results

If your website is just functional without bringing profitable customers and without letting you achieve your business goals, then it is practically of no use. Your website should be designed in such a way that gives you higher conversion results. Remember every website can be redesigned to make it more interactive and user-friendly. If you think, your collection of data suggests that your website has lower conversion rate, now is the time to REDESIGN.

Your Website hangs every now and then

Does your website hang every other day? Your site might not be functioning properly as it should. The truth behind this could be simple but not easy to handle. There could be some sections on your website that aren't active, or some wrong code, or there could be some optimization issues that make your website less responsive and efficient. Website Redesigning services can help tackle them all.

You change your goals very often

You need website redesigning if you are a company whose marketing plans are dynamic and keep on changing with the passage of time. Your marketing plans change but you don’t want to redesign your website each time you change your marketing goals. In such a scenario, it is good to be sure that your website updates automatically, showcasing your newest marketing plans.
If this is the case, ask these questions to yourself:

  • How often you change your marketing strategy?
  • Do these changes affect your conversion rate?

    The point of concern is that if you do not keep your website updated as per your current marketing plans, you may lose a large number of customers. Modernize your website by changing its layout to get ahead with your goals by using Ad2Brand web design and development professional services.

    You want a better content strategy

    Your website content is a pathway to higher SEO rankings and with continuous modification in the Google's algorithms of the search engine, it is becoming highly important to implement a solid content strategy that brings visibility. Your content is useless if your visitors are not able to find it. Therefore, if you are planning for modifications in your content strategy, such as developing blog content, then your website needs redesigning. Redesigning will help your users to have an easy access to your blogs, posts and ebooks.

    Your competitors’ website is better than yours

    It is not mandatory to change your website every time your competitors change theirs. But…if those changes affect your SEO ranking then it is time to make changes in your website. It is a matter of concern if your competitors’ website is meeting all the website related requirements and you are still not even aware of the reasons why your website performs poorly. Get your website analyzed today before it gets too late. Plan to make things better for yourself through website redesigning, and get ranked on Google’s organic search results.

    Your website is not responsive

    More than 18% of the users access the web through mobile devices. If your website is not responsive you increase chances of losing your customers. Generally, users surfing from mobile devices want to have an excellent user experience on their mobiles. Therefore, your first priority should be to make your website responsive enough to provide an amazing user experience, so that you retain and win your customers.

    You are using outdated tools

    If you are still using the redundant third party tools which have repeatedly failed to meet your modern business requirements, you need to make a move. Such outdated practices will only take your customer away. Instead, use modern day the web redesigning technologies to attract and engage your customers and to gain a good conversion rate in a short span of time.

    Don't have a professional business website or need a brand new one? You need not worry! Learn more about all our services related to website and mobile application development.

    Process of Website Redesigning

    Review current website

    Have a look at your website and make a list of all the things you love about your website! A good thing about website redesigning is that you don't need to change everything. If you love certain features of your website, we insist you keep those intact. Once you know the features that you love on your website, you can now focus on things that are not accurate on your website. Make a note and discuss with the designer on how to redesign the weaker sections of your website to make it better and interactive.

    Analyze your competition

    It is worthless to see your competitors’ website design without understanding the deeper strategies that they have implemented to make it the way it is. You need to have an in-depth competitor analysis of all your competitors, whether big or small.

    There are few ways to gather data about your competitors’ online marketing efforts. Following are some tools that you can use for competitors analysis:

    Alexa: It provides website ranking information and data like the source of traffic which can help you compare your website to that of your competitors.

    Topsy:It is a social media monitoring tool that helps you to search everything on Twitter. You can use this tool to know how competitors are considering "Influencers" online and why.

    Hubspot's Marketing Garder: It allows you to know how your competitors are ranking in terms of SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation and even on different platforms such as desktop and mobile.

    Define your audience in detail

    Keeping in mind about who is your audience, what are their characteristics, likes, and dislikes enable you to design your website according to their taste, which will benefit you in future. When you have a clear picture about your audience, you will understand their pain points and you will have a clear picture of what information they would like to see.

    Explore new functionality

    Make a list of all the ways to improve your website in terms of functionality. Add fresh elements to your website to engage your customers. These elements might include a page where you can update information about upcoming events or your home page or a blog where you keep on adding customer-oriented content, implying that your website remains updated. It simultaneously provides easy access to the customers with valuable information about you and your business.

    It is very easy to focus on design alone and not on functionality. With a beautiful design, you can only woo a first time visitor but user-friendly functionality can attract visitors to revisit your website.

  • Make efforts to make your website easy to navigate
  • Use your website to generate leads
  • Let your audience find daily updates on your website
  • Establish your brand with an unforgettable impression through your homepage
  • Let your potential clients know who you are and what you do within a minute…

    Review Analytics Data

    Do you have a Google Analytics account? If not, you should make a note of what is working and what is not working for you or your website. Use Google webmaster tool to find out the website errors and broken links. Google Analytics is a modern day data tool which can be used by the developer/designer in order to improve your website.

    Google Analytics gives information on the following factors, which can be used to derive smart insights related to website redesigning:

  • Number of visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time Spent on Website
  • Domain Authority
  • Number of Leads

    Outline missing content

    It is rightly said that "Content is a King". It is important that your website should have valuable and original content to attract new and recurring visitors. So, now is the time when you should think about how you can reframe your content using efficient content marketing strategies.

    Ideally, you need to have a consultant who can guide you on creative ideas about improving your website performance. You can do so by implementing original content on it that includes not only the blogs but also video content, social media and all the how-to documents.

    SEO Strategy Analysis

    SEO strategy analysis is crucial. Just think that you went for website redesigning and in the process of redesigning, you lose all your first page rankings. Threatening!
    You cannot afford to lose your ranking since it directly affects your conversion rate.
    The solution demands that you need to make trial pages, without changing their URLs and that you need to go step by step, which can save you from all the chaos.

    Define timeline

    You too can make this extensive process of redesigning a lot easier if you come up with a detailed plan. Develop a strategy with deadlines for planning and execution, along with a tentative launch date. The process of developing a website is a long process and there are multiple factors that can cause delay. It may take time but having a deadline will help you keep things on track. Always keep three things in mind while deciding about the deadline- Quality, Speed, Cost.

    Make future website goals

    Try to establish future goals for your website and stick to them. If you move away from your goals you will not be satisfied with the final website.

  • Think about some Qualitative and Quantitative goals as they both are equally important.
  • What is the impact of your website you would like to make on your audience?
  • Think about the look and feel you want your visitor to experience.
  • Do you want your customers to be happy with the website design?
  • Do you want to provide a valuable user experience to your customers?
  • Think about the number of visitors you wanted to increase on your website? Still, hasn’t touched the number?
  • Think about the number of leads you want your website to generate. Still not been able to achieve…
  • View the Web/App Development Package for details on price and features included in our package. Want to grow online? Have a look at Ad2brand's other services that might be useful for you.



    Website Redesign – FAQ’s

    You need to put in regular efforts to keep a website up to date and user friendly to make it deliver the results that you want. Few of the reasons why you might need a website redesign are that your website is not mobile friendly, user friendly or increasing bounce rate due to bad architecture, not generating leads for you or you want to give it a fresh look as per new trends to compete in the market. Website Redesign once in a while can get rid of loopholes and give your users a better experience , drive more traffic and benefit your business.
    Website redesigning does not have a fixed duration. It totally depends upon the nature and objectives of your business. We will guide you on it upon understanding your business. Generally, a static corporate website does not need redesign frequently, on the other hand, if you have an interactive website or a website which needs to be regularly updated as per latest technology trends, it might need a redesign atleast once a year and so on.. Simple is that you can analyze if your website is fulfilling your business goals, if it is not working for you, a few changes here and there might work wonders.
    There will be a little change in your rankings for a short period of time but we make sure to mitigate any major losses and risks during the process.

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