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Sales Hurdles-Adwords Solutions

Search Marketing Benefits for Realtors.

Search Marketing through Google Adwords Solutions and Pay Per Click Advertisements are the most efficient way of marketing your real estate business. This is because, your potential customers are investing a lot of money in purchasing property and for this they are specifically searching the search engine for relevant results matching their needs. In this case any other advertisements in the form of Display Ads or Facebook Ads will not be beneficial as they will not reach your target audience. When your target searches “2 BHK Flats in Hinjewadi”, your website should show up first so that the user clicks on it , you generate a lead and inturn sales and more business.

How Google Adwords Solutions work in Real Estate industry:

Before designing your search AdWords campaigns, first start with knowing your market. Decide your target areas, target customer type and types of houses that you want to sell. This information will be the starting point for your keyword research strategy. If you are targeting a large market, you can focus on a major metropolitan area and create separate search campaigns for remaining suburban areas.

Your PPC Search marketing campaigns will be effective only if you make use of the right keywords matching your purpose. Eg: If a user is looking for “2 bhk flats in hinjewadi”, it means he wants to buy or take on rent a 2 bhk apartment in hinjewadi area. For this purpose, you need to be careful while adding keywords in your google adwords search campaign. You cannot make use of short tail keywords like “2bhk flats in pune” , “2bhk flats for sale” or “2bhk flats”. This is because they are very general. They might be searched by people who are casually browsing and do not have an intention of making any purchase. Use of such keywords will not be helpful in achieving our marketing goals and cost per click will be very high. You need to be specific and use effective keywords like “2bhk flat for sale in Hinjewadi” , “2bhk rental flat in hinjewadi” in order to directly reach your target audience. We have mentioned the property name/type, nature of transaction and location of the property. You can take such related attributes of your product/service to for long-tail keywords for your search marketing campaigns.

Now that you have your keywords in place, you need to create the look of your advertisement to make it appear appealing in the google search results. This is done by creating ad copies having a proper headline, ad description, display URL and landing page URL. You should make use of your main keywords like 2bhk flats, rent, sale, hinjewadi, pune in your ad copies efficiently and create a strong relationship between them.

Make sure that you direct the user to the right landing page giving him exactly what he is looking for. If this is not done, the user is likely to bounce back from your website and you will waste the money for click without getting anything in return.

Through PPC Google Adwords Solutions, you aim at providing your users with exactly what they are looking for in the fastest manner possible. Adwords is very alluring for a realtor and can gain him with first ranking in google inorganic search results, instant website traffic, quick deals and profits. However, this is possible only if you know how to make adwords work effectively for your business. Else, you will end up spending far too much and gain nothing. Following above strategies can be fruitful for you in creating your search network campaigns.

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