AI Technologies Gearing up to dominate 2020

These AI technologies and machine learning and automation these buzzwords are not only poised to dominate the High- tech world but the modern world with improving health care and changing the role of designers. ‘’The future is here’’ and I believe AI is going to nail it.

AI seems to be an untapped resource, just waiting to be found with endless possibilities ahead. All thanks to machine learning.

Trends in Artificial Intelligence and the uses of Machine Learning

These technologies go hand in hand, just like the two best friends. It feels everyone around is talking about them, some are doing it and a smaller portion of them are actually creating products that deal with critical customer problems. The hype just doesn’t seem to tone down.

Technically, Machine Learning uses statistical techniques to give systems the ability to not just learn without being programmed, but also to improve with use, rightly calling it an untapped resource. Let’s look at some of the AI predictions for the year 2019.

1. Chatbox

The Chatbots are like people who live inside a website or apps at all hours of the day, providing 24/7 assistance and support to a brands user.

They are programmed to respond to the received messages. These messages could be verbal, chat windows, social messaging services like Facebook, twitter etc.

In reality, Chatbots are AI-based programmes that are designed to speak with the users and help or guide them through the customer journey. They also use machine learning to improve their interactions with time.

For example, when you visit a certain website and a chat bubble appears with a chatbot like an appearance or avatar asking – ‘’How they can help?’’

Don’t get surprised if 2019 emerges as a champion of conversational commerce. The days are not behind when online chatting will lead your way to online shopping. We could perhaps see the below chats as a means of shopping.

  • Chatbot: Hello there! Is there anything I can help you with today?
  • User: I am looking for a pair of Shoes.
  • Chatbot: We have a wide selection of Shoes. Is there any specific you are looking out for?
  • User: A Nike sports shoes
  • Chatbot: There are a range of Nike sports shoes. Do you have a price range?
  • User: Rs2000 to Rs4000 range
  • Chatbot: Okay. Here are your options.

2. A world of Internet of Things

In which is Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, home appliances, vehicles, and other electronic, software, sensors, connectivity, and actuators embedded items. It allows connecting, collecting and exchanging of data.

In simpler words it is machine to machine interaction or communication leading to smart homes.

For example, imagine the following scenario in which a variety of smart appliances are all synced up with each other, controlled by AI enabled digital assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

  • In a cold winter night, you are about to arrive home. You take out your phone and tell your digital assistant to activate ‘’home warming’’.
  • You arrive home and see the lights are already switched on.
  • You find the heater already turned on to warm up the rooms.
  • The electric kettle in the kitchen is filled with warm water, ready to be infused with delicious ginger and cardamom tea.

In above scenario, AI and IoT has come together to create a smart home with automation and technology creating a centralized ecosystem where multiple gadgets, home devices work in sync as per your preference.

3. Smart Device

Where  Smart Phones to smart devices, they have become a very essential part of our living. From living room to kitchen, from bed rooms to pool areas, they are almost everywhere. Thanks to AI technology and machine learning that is allowing these devices to communicate and sync with one another so you can get most out of them.

Below are some of the smart devices that we are aware of, and yet they just keep on improving with latest innovations in technology.

  • Smart phones like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S
  • Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google home.
  • Smart light bulbs like the Philips hue.
  • Smart Thermostats like Nest Thermostat
  • Smart hubs like Wink hub 2

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

A technology that superimposes digital objects over the real world is known as the Augmented Reality (AR). Popular applications like Snapchat and Pokémon Go have made this technology a part of our lives.

  • IKEA Place, Urban ladder are some of the applications that allows you to virtually place the products in your home, enabling you to have a better and finest product visualization.
  • Glasses by Lenskart, Warby Parker is an application that measures your facial features through your picture to find the best suited frames for your face.

5. Self Driving Cars

Ever heard or even thought about it? This probably is the most famous and most popular use of computer vision and machine learning. Self driving cars from the brand Tesla is the next big thing inspiring all the competing brands. Driverless cars are already in the testing phases; one can imagine how the world would look like with driverless cars dominating the roads.

Self driving car needs to able to respond to situations in real time basis, in a matter of second or even less than that. This means the car sensors, visual analysis should be perfect. AI with a variety of sensors to see what’s around them, able to navigate and control highways, streets, flyover, over bridge without a driver sounds quite interesting and exciting.


So how do you feel about such technology advancements and growths? Well, I believe that 2019 would include crucial milestones in the release of many AI and machine learning products and gadgets resulting in digital transformation of the modern world.

Regardless of how you feel about these innovations, I feel one must be excited and positive about the new advancements and Infrastructure that awaits us in the near future.

Leaving you with the recent trending news from the tech world-

  • Report suggests iPhone sales start to fall for the first time in four years- India
  • New rules to make hiring tougher under H-1B visa
  • Airtel retains top spot in the mobile subscriber list.
  • 5G smartphones to hit India by Next year.
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