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IoT is short for the ‘Internet of Things’ and is the latest innovative technology still in its infancy which is said to affect every industry big time in the near future, changing our personal, professional lives as well as the way we do business. A collection of physical devices, electronic items, vehicles, home appliances, software, sensors and more connected to a network form IoT. All these are interconnected with each other enabling data exchange amongst them with the help of internet infrastructure and connectivity. They can also be individually identified due to unique computing systems. So we see that IoT is a combination of hardware, software, data, and service together set out to transform the world by ushering a new era in science and technology. IoT is in very much demand because it can be used in various industrial sectors like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Medicine, Energy Management, Environmental Monitoring, Transportation, Automation and more. It extends technology from the bounds of mobiles and desktops to various day-to-day electronic devices using embedded technology to do everyday things with ease using the internet. Our IoT course is designed to make your future ready and become one of the early adopters of this technology. Ad2Brand’s IoT Course is conducted by expert professionals with industry exposure and covers both basic as well as advanced IoT concepts. We cover the theory of gateways, cloud platforms, sensors as well as hands-on practice for integrating IoT with the cloud in our iot internet of things courses. Our course is sure to give you the expertise and in-depth knowledge of all IoT concepts as well as practical knowledge on building complete end-to-end solutions. It will also enable you to derive data insights for business, making your business model ready for adopting IoT.

Job Scenarios in IoT

IoT is growing at fast pace and is estimated to have about 25-30 billion objects under it’s umbrella by 2020. This will result in vast digital data generation estimated around 5 trillion in coming future. Studies also say that due to all this, jobs in the IT industry are expected to grow by 50% till 2020. The fact that IoT can be used in almost every field is the reason why The Internet of Things is being fast adopted by a lot of enterprises. McKinsey Global Reports say that IoT will impact the economy by $11 Trillion by 2025. It has the power to transform the world into a fully digitized economy by producing results like Virtual Power Plants, Intelligent Transport, Smart City, Smart Homes, built-in sensors in automobiles, Heart Monitoring Implants, DNA Analysis Devices, Firefighting devices, Intelligent shopping systems and more... Taking up the IoT Training will make you proficient in IoT Development, deployment, security and management and open up many new high paid job roles and career opportunities for you.

What will you learn out of IoT Course?

Our IoT course curriculum is designed to give you complete knowledge on the subject including –

  • Electronics basics like sensors, microcontrollers, circuits etc.
  • IoT Architecture and components
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • Understanding of IoT Systems, communication technologies, legacy & physical layer protocols
  • Design methodologies to develop IoT applications
  • IoT & Cloud
  • IoT Communication and security
  • Analyzing data generated from IoT devices and draw meaningful insights
  • Python and its packages for IoT development, other latest programming languages like Java, C++ and more
  • Introduction of Raspberry Pi & Arduino interface for IoT
  • Every IoT concept from basics to advance.
  • Ad2Brand conducts quality training in many areas. Learn IoT from the best IoT Training Institute in Pune and become an IoT expert.

    Who should opt for the Internet of things - IoT Training Course:

  • CSE
  • IT Engg.
  • ECE
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • IT Professional
  • Data analysts
  • Pre-requisite or required skill-set for IoT Training:

  • Basic programming knowledge


    Internet of Things (IoT) Syllabus

  • Future of IoT
  • Concepts of IoT
  • Difference between M2M and IoT
  • Concepts of M2M
  • Components of IoT devices
  • IoT : Embedded Systems, Big Data, Cloud, Analytics
  • Basic of IoT
  • Value chains of M2M and IoT
  • Industrial structure of IoT
  • Architecture building: components and layers
  • IoT stack architecture
  • Design principles and capabilities
  • IoT architecture overview
  • Standard consideration of IoT
  • IoT and Data processing platforms and connecting device, aPaaS
  • Introduction to Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Learning devices and gateways
  • What is local and wide area networking?
  • Concept of data management
  • IoT business processes
  • Concept of knowledge management
  • Concept of Arduino Platform
  • Understanding Arduino Open Source IoT Platform
  • Physical Board and Libraries of Arduino
  • Learning features of Arduino
  • Programming concepts of Arduino
  • Operations and Integrated Development Environment
  • External Devices on the Arduino Board
  • Overview of arduino interface
  • Inputs and Outputs for Arduino interface
  • Understanding Sensors, Sensing
  • Different Types of Sensors Deployed
  • Concept of Conversion: Analog and Digital Signals
  • Information Exchange
  • Understanding Signal Conversion and Programming
  • Learning Arduino Shields and Software Libraries
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Features of Raspberry Pi
  • Concept of Operating System and the Single-board Computer
  • Understanding the Raspberry Pi User Interface
  • Networking and Deploying Compute-intensive IoT
  • Environment Set up
  • Python Coding and Python-based Integrated Development Environment for Raspberry Pi
  • Understanding Tracing and Debugging Python Code
  • Protocol study
  • What are Physical Devices and Control?
  • Learning Controlling Devices: Motors, Sensors, Thermostats, Switches
  • Overview of sensors and communication
  • What are Sensors and IoT Systems?
  • Sensors judging Proximity and temperature
  • Electric Sensors and Mechanical Sensors
  • What is Acoustics and Acceleration?
  • Smart Sensors and Analytics and Connectivity
  • Introduction to reference architecture
  • Difference between functional and information view
  • Concept of deployment and operational view
  • Different types of architectural views
  • Information Exchange Methodology
  • Bluetooth and WiFi and Near Field Communication in IoT
  • Learning Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cellular, Thread
  • Communication Protocols and Interoperability between Devices
  • Concepts of IoT System and Coding
  • What is Micro-controller-based Embedded System?
  • Understanding System Design and Microcontrollers
  • Learn Future of IoT with Programming
  • Introduction to design constraints
  • Learning technical design constraints
  • Concept of data representation and visualization
  • What are interaction and remote control?
  • What is service-oriented architecture?
  • Concept of SOCRADES and IMC-AESOP
  • Learning web of things and cloud of things
  • Commercial building automation today and future
  • Introduction to IoT Design for end-to-end Security
  • Hack-proof Methods for IoT
  • Concepts of Information Exchange, Networking, and Security
  • Security and Software Updates, Error Reporting
  • Competitive Infrastructure and Security and User Updates
  • Resistors types, Use cases of Resistors
  • Resistors Rating, Resistor Installation and Handling
  • Capacitors types, Use cases of Capacitors
  • Capacitor Ratings, Capacitor Installation and Handling
  • Types of Diodes, Diode Rating and Handling and Installation
  • Switches, Plug, Sockets, Panel Control components
  • Transistor Packaging and Handling and Installation, Use Cases
  • Introduction to IC’s, Pin Identification, Numbering Convention
  • IC handling and installation, Electrostatic Discharge Protection
  • Breadboard connections
  • Concepts of Electricity, Electric Current, Electric Potential
  • DC Power supply, Voltage Transfer and ohm’s law
  • Signals and sensors: Analog and Digital sensors
  • Introduction of chip ADC’s, Calculation and conversion of AC
  • Serial Communication
  • Understanding UART Protocol
  • Overview of Python
  • What is use of Python?
  • IDLE, PIP Packages, Interpreter installation
  • Variables, Data types, String functions, Lists
  • Tuples, Dictionary, Operators and usage, Control structures, Functions
  • OOPS Concepts, Python I/O, Glob, Python Exception Handling
  • Python CGI Programming
  • Why and Where to use Common Gateway interface basics
  • Setting up Python HTTP server
  • CGI Header, Environment variables, GET and POST methods, Status code
  • Python Networking
  • Sockets, Client Server Applications
  • TCP & UDP Communication
  • Understanding Ipython, Micropython
  • How to Build and Run Micropython on ESP8266
  • Introduction to LAMP
  • Concepts of SSH, Apache Installation
  • Learning Rasberry Pi configuration Window
  • Installation of FTP and MySql
  • How to set up PubNub Python library?
  • Introduction to Message Queue Telemetry Transport
  • Concepts of MQTT Publish/Subscribe
  • Terminologies, Security of MQTT
  • Learn MQTT & TLS, Session Resumption and MQTT Message Format
  • Install and Test Mosquitto MQTT broker on PC
  • Installing RabbitMQ and Pika
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised learning and Unsupervised Learning
  • Concepts of Over fitting, under fitting and biased variance trade-off
  • Benefits and Installation of Scikit Learn
  • Overview of Iris Data set
  • Understanding KNN classification, Step Modelling Pattern
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Library Highlights and Data Structures
  • Concepts of Reading Assignment, Membership, Mathematical Operators, Data Frames
  • Text, CSV, HDF5 IO Tools
  • Internet Of Things(IoT) Course Price: 26999* INR


    IOT Training – FAQ’s

    We have best trainers who are highly qualified and certified and have relevant industry exposure in their fields of expertise, capable of solving all your practical queries during the IoT Training.
    We give you access to video lectures and recorded sessions with all the course content, you can cover up referring to these.
    We help you to install all required software licensed versions for practicals on your machine and give you credentials to use them during your practice sessions.
    You can attend a demo session to understand the subject, see the quality of training and interact with the trainer regarding queries to decide your career path. We at Ad2Brand ensure to give you the best training experience with top content and trainers, we also prepare you for interviews and resume preparation and equip you with the best skills in the subject of learning. However, getting the job will depend upon your presentation of skills at the time of interview.
    Doubt clearance and resolution of queries is given utmost importance at Ad2Brand. You can raise n number of queries until you get a clear answers for your questions. Our trainers make sure to give individual attention to all students and one-on-one sessions can be arranged with trainers during as well as after completion of the training to get help on the needed topic. Also we make sure to maintain a limited number of students per class to maintain the quality of IoT training and knowledge imparted.

    Why is Ad2Brand the best Internet of Things Training institute in Pune?

    Certified Trainers

    We at Ad2Brand have expert faculty having industry exposure imparting the best practical knowledge.

    Dedicated Training Cell

    We have a dedicated training cell with all facilities to deliver successful training programs

    Job Oriented Training

    Our training is focused on practical hands-on knowledge , real time live projects for the students.

    Certification Preparation

    Our training courses cover all areas to make you clear globally recognized certifications.

    6000+ Placements

    We provide full placement support right from interview preparation to sending your cv to the best companies as a kickstart to your career.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures & content.


    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.


    Become successful professionals skilled enough to the get good jobs in IOT internet of things and we conduct regular doubt clearing sessions.

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