Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence also called as Machine Intelligence is the ability of computer systems to perform the tasks that generally require a human brain’s intelligence and logic (Natural Intelligence) like speech recognition, face recognition, visual perception, language translation, decision making, self-correction and more. It is all about designing machines that can ‘think’ because, with artificial intelligence, machines display performance of “cognitive” functions like problem-solving and learning which are normally performed by human beings. Its use is increasing day by day in the daily life and so it is being used by a lot of industries like business, gaming, media, finance, medicine, robotics, law, manufacturing, education and more. The ATM Machine is also an example of AI. AI field is constantly growing and evolving expanding human capabilities beyond our imagination. In this course, you will learn all the basic and advanced concepts of modern AI and also it’s applications.

Career Prospects

AI is a technology breakthrough making it easy to perform tasks difficult for human beings to achieve. Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology and is being adopted by every company for delivering better products and services with more accuracy and efficiency. Machine learning professionals are increasingly needed by organizations because this industry is expected to grow from $ 1 billion to $ 9 billion by 2022. We help you in targeting the best jobs in this industry by giving you hands-on and detailed AI & Machine Learning knowledge with the best qualified and experienced trainers.

What will you learn out of this course?

  • Artificial intelligence basics
  • AI applications like machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, probabilistic reasoning, computer vision
  • AI basic and advanced concepts like Deep networks, neural networks, Boltzmann Machines, Structured Knowledge, Self-Organizing Maps, Model Selection, boosting and much more.
  • AI optimization for real-world situations
  • Building intelligent agents
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Real world AI problem-solving through python programming


    Artificial Intelligence Course Details

    Artificial Intelligence Syllabus

  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Future of Machine Learning
  • Missing Data and Categorical Data
  • Splitting the Dataset into the Training set and Test set
  • Feature Scaling
  • How to set up Your GitHub Account?
  • Git Repository configuration
  • How to make Your First Git Commit and push Your First Commit to GitHub?
  • Step-by-Step Git and GitHub Workflow
  • Intuition and Dataset + Business Problem Description
  • Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Intuition and Python Regression Template
  • Polynomial Regression and Decision Tree Regression
  • Intuition
  • Decision Tree Regression and Random Forest Regression
  • R-Squared Intuition and Adjusted R-Squared Intuition
  • How to Evaluate Regression Models Performance?
  • Concepts of Interpreting Linear Regression Coefficient
  • Intuition
  • Logistic Regression and Python Classification Template
  • Intuition
  • Decision Tree Classification and Random Forest Classification
  • Learning of False Positives & False Negatives
  • Concepts of Confusion Matrix and Accuracy Paradox
  • CAP Curve and CAP Curve Analysis
  • Intro to K-Means Clustering
  • Basic of Intuition and Random Initialization Trap
  • Selecting the Number Of Clusters
  • Intro to K-Means Clustering
  • Intuition and Hierarchical Clustering How Dendrograms Work
  • Study of Hierarchical Clustering Using Dendrograms and HC
  • Evaluating the ANN and Improving the ANN
  • Concept of Tuning the ANN
  • Basic of TF
  • Computation Graph and Tensors
  • Understanding Image Processing and Images As Tensors
  • Intro to MNIST
  • Individual Neuron and Learning Regression
  • Concepts of Learning XOR and XOR Trained
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analysts
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Python for Data Science
  • College Graduates
  • Good understanding of Python Programming and package like Numpy, Sklearn, Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Artificial Intelligence Course Price: 18999* INR

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