Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - The Future of Technology

People’s interaction with the digital world has been totally transformed by Augmented Reality. Providing your customers with a memorable and great experience is the key to increasing your sales and establishing a strong brand presence. This is possible through Augmented Reality Services - a Data Analytics Technology.

Augmented reality enhances the experience of what we see, hear and feel by bringing the elements of the virtual world into the real world. It can be called as a mixed reality spectrum between the real and virtual world.

Let’s take an example, if you have a furniture retail store, then your business app using AR will enable your customers to visualize how a piece of furniture will look in their living room in real-time and help them in making a better purchase decision, increasing brand engagement and customer satisfaction.

This is possible because, through Augmented Reality, a live video is combined with computer-generated images, graphics, sounds and videos, thus blending digital content with the real world to give a virtual real time user experience.

Let us educate you on Augmented Reality before you proceed to buy this service from us

  • Augmented Reality technology is of immense use across a large number of industries for engaging their customers in an interactive and cost-effective way through AR designed Mobile Apps.
  • The AR technology is beneficial in a way that it opens new horizons for businessmen and brings to the forefront great marketing opportunities. An AR App adds data to the real world and merges them both, increasing the ‘fun’ element, sparking user interest and encouraging user downloads.
  • By using Augmented Reality services, you have an opportunity to send marketing messages through each of your retail product, send real estate property information to nearby mobile devices, overlay 3d building plans over an actual construction site to see how it will look upon completion and many more such uses across various business verticals and industries.
  • AR can be displayed on a number of devices like monitor screens, handheld devices & Google glasses. Thus, Augmented Reality fits into every business need improving sales, customer satisfaction & convenience, marketing techniques, designs, digital retail and much more.
  • Which Industries or buinesses will find Augmented Reality Services helpful?

  • AR is widely used in the gaming, education, marketing, entertainment, government and other industries. With all the buzz and advertisements in the digital world, it is difficult for your brand to grab user attention and stand out from the competition. Augmented Reality Services and AR apps make this possible for you.
  • Augmented Reality is being used already by brands like Acer, Volkswagen, Starbucks, Dominos Pizza, Ray Ban for their marketing efforts, customer interactions as well as to give them a virtual presentation of the product.
  • The game PokemonGo using AR was an immense success among people and it proved that AR technology can be great in engaging user interests. Being a cutting-edge technology, Apple is planning to invest big-time in Augmented Reality Services for it’s iOS mobile Apps because they believe AR is going to emerge as a huge computing platform. To implement the AR technology is a must now to be able to adapt to changing market environment, deliver your information in new innovative ways and best serve your customer needs.
  • How AR works:

    When you have a particular AR app in your mobile phone and your phone’s camera is pointed to a specific marker location determined by the application, the AR technology layers computer effects over what is being seen in the real world. That means, our perception of reality is affected by the imposition of computer generated graphics, sounds augmenting the physical real world environment.
    AR can be used for numerous purposes, simple as well as complicated, to highlight features, give a better understanding and provide timely accessible information eg: Augmented Reality Services are used in healthcare to demonstrate complex surgical procedures, factories to demonstrate processes to workers, create augmented print designs etc.

    Business Benefits from AR:

  • Take your digital and advertising experience to a new level by using AR apps designed through our Augmented Reality Services
  • Engage audience and build brands
  • Make interactive and compelling user apps
  • Amazing customer experience
  • Present your information in an interactive way and help customers to make the right purchase decisions
  • Enhance your marketing efforts and promotional giveaways increasing Brand awareness
  • Develop attractive AR visualizations for your audience
  • Why Ad2brand AR Services:

  • At Ad2Brand, we Understand and develop effective and clever AR marketing campaigns
  • Get the best of Augmented Reality apps and installations for iOS, Android and Windows
  • We deliver innovative and creative augmented reality services with high quality AR solutions
  • We also deliver other services related to the digital world , in top-notch quality..



    Augmented Reality – FAQ’s

    AR technology is an innovative trend among industrialists nowadays as an interesting and creative way of engaging with their customers. It is developed in applications which run on mobile phones and has great potential to be used in all kinds of industries like gaming, medical, military, marketing, education and many more.
    The possibilities of using Augmented Reality are endless. It can be used as a way to engage with your customers as well as employees. You can even make use of AR services to improvise your internal business processes, workflows, data visualization, real time decision making, employee training and much more.
    Virtual reality means creating of an artificial environment which looks like real world but actually is not. Users interact with this environment using VR goggles, helmets etc. Augmented Reality is the opposite, it means enhancing the real world environment by adding digital elements to it. It is a mix if digital and real , making the real world more meaningul by overlaying digital information on it to help users understand how a certain scenario may look like after purchase. Thus it helps in purchase decision making.

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