Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Top Digital Marketing trends 2020:

Have you watched the movie Hunger Games? There are a bunch of kids who are constantly fighting for their lives, in order to thrive in a challenging environment. You either adapt to the environment or you die.

The current trends in Advertising and marketing are nothing lesser than Hunger Games. The fact is the industry is evolving like crazy, companies providing innovations are at a faster pace than ever.

For example, the popularity of smart phones and digital assistants like Siri has made voice search SEO the most crucial of digital strategies. Visual search which also is in similar lines. But not quite famous is still a worthy contender especially for fashion brands which need to be highly visual.

There are still a few more months until the end of 2019. Use this time to examine, rethink and plan your digital strategies for the next year ahead. Let’s check some of the top digital marketing trends of 2018 and compare the trends with the Digital Marketing trends. That are making its way to 2020.

AI and Small Business Trends

The year 2017 was marked with the debate of whether offline marketing was dead or not. 2018 brought the answers that both offline and online strategies were essential for smaller businesses to compete with bigger businesses that dominate the world.

Soon into the digital world, many of these smaller businesses started dipping their toes into the wave of artificial intelligence. Attaching chatbot to their business and allowing them to serve customers 24/7 is the newest trend with many of these small businesses.

Design Trends

Year 2019 favoured geometric pattern that lends technological and futuristic blend of simple shapes and elegant designs. Many minimalistic and monochromatic colour schemes were dropped in 2019 and vibrant palettes that were bolder and bigger taken up.

Social Media Marketing Trends

With the growing social media world, visuals marked an astounding growth by jumping to bigger platforms. Such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Almost 80% of feeds are shared to videos.

2017 marked the growth of videos, 2018 saw it to completely dominate other forms of content. 10 million videos are being watched on Snapchat daily. Facebook is, maximum of all videos. Instagram stories garner 250 million views on their videos daily.

Branding Trends

With the social media’s soaring popularity in 2019, social media marketing saw an immense growth. Brands realised social media and the tailored content has the power of reaching the bigger audience which were previously unknown.

With the ongoing trends of 2019, let’s have a look at all the fresh upcoming trends for 2020.

  • Rise of Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are the newest trend in the market. Well, what actually are smart speakers? Smart speakers are invading homes one after another. Whether you choose small brands like Sonos and HEOS or bigger brands like Google and Amazon, smart speakers are smartly everywhere.

Smart speakers are becoming a staple of modern homes. With the ability to not only play what you want through commands, to smartly control various other smart appliances in your house. They even dig the internet to find answers to your queries.

Amazons Echo Show and Google’s upcoming smart displays have models with screens for improved visual features and other technical features.

  • Voice – Ultimate Search Tool

Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant allows us to talk to Digital assistants. Smart phones with Siri and Bigsby are doing the exact same things. As more and more devices are bundled with these assistants, you are able to do more and more with your voice commands.

Along with the comfort of sitting at home and asking these devices about the weather and play music.  Voice search is actually very helpful when you are on the go. Searching for a nearby restaurant while driving or a motel for a night stay, all it takes is simply a voice command. For example, ‘’Hey Siri Where is the nearest Seafood Restaurant?’’ and you get your answer through your phone without unlocking it or opening the app.

  • Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbots residing inside a website or an app at all hours of the day is the conversational commerce. That is always ready to help customers and seekers. Perhaps, acting as a customer representative, who is working 24/7 is becoming the new norm in the market.

Artificial Intelligence was reserved by bigger brands who could actually afford its programming. But now, AI is practically making its way to all the businesses be it bigger or smaller.

  • Ecommerce Integration to Social Media

Social Media for dCommerce

As social media adoption has increased around the world. Brands have realised its potential to reach out to people who were earlier unknown as a potential customer.

Integration of eCommerce into social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, brands are able to sell their products directly by creating a stop shop for browsing, discovering and purchasing.

Also, brands are able to extend their support and customer service to customers through Twitter. Where users can vent out or praise the products accordingly. The Brands through Twitter seem to reach out and help them out on their queries.

  • Growth in Live Videos Streaming

In 2016, according to Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook VP of European, Middle Eastern, African operations said ‘’Facebook will be all video probably in 5 years.’’ This seems to coming to reality where Facebook today is 80% to 90% of video sharing and live video streaming.

With smart phones everywhere paired with channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube it takes seconds to go online and start live streaming of videos. From any part of the world. This is one of the inevitable digital trends 2019 will bring.

Live videos allow brands to conduct live interviews, demonstrations, and display of their products answering questions and answers. It resulting in more customer engagement.

  • Interacting with Multiple realities gets really REAL

As Virtual Reality allows us to enter the virtual world, augmented reality combines the real and the imaginary. The mix of both real and imaginary does a little something of both.

Putting it together, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, the reality of the real situation interacts with various realities. With devices like Oculus Rift, Snapchat and Pokémon Go. This feature is making its way to the market through brands by advertising all the ways to the new and many improved ways.


And there you have it. All the Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate in the year 2019. Future proof yourself and your company for the ‘’Hunger Games’’ of the ever-changing Digital Marketing scenario.

Leaving you with the recent trending news from the tech world-

  • Uber wants to resume self driving car tests on public roads.
  • Increase in Premium range of TV’s by Micromax.
  • One Plus, Apple launch new devices.
  • PUBG v0.9.0 update improvements marked.

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