As a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on all things digital. Trends are returning and going like a revolving door. Whether or not it’s an advancement that’s turning the marketing world on its head or a changing search formula that’s messing up several marketers’ well-planned ways.

Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to create everything much easier. Reconsider facts and stats, therefore, we can grasp what’s to come back. In alternative words, rather than counting on estimation to plan our ways, we must always be looking at concrete facts and data-backed predictions that create everything much clearer. For today, we’re reaching to be observing digital marketing statistics and trends of 2019. We can confirm that 2020 marketing trends and knowledge we must always focus on.


Like we simply line, our goal for nowadays is to hide marketing statistics from 2019. We all know what trends 2020 has a future for North American countries. We’re reaching to focus on significantly pressing ones like advertising, social media, eCommerce, AI, and marketing automation.

Mobile Advertising Is Growing and Growing

1. Total international marketing pay is about to succeed in $1.3 trillion by 2020. This includes everything from public relations and knowledge investment management, to support and marketing.

2. Narrowing on a selected aspect of marketing that’s especially pertinent today. Mobile advertising it’s predicted that it will account for 30.5% of worldwide ad pay in 2020, up from 19.2% in 2017.4

3. Additional specifically, expenditure on mobile advertising is forecasted to succeed in $187 billion in 2020. This is more than twice than desktop pay ($88 billion) and about $5 billion behind TV ($192 billion)! It’s clear that as additional users choose their phones than desktops. Advertising budgets are reaching to create the switch and reflect this changing trend.

Video Consumption Is at associate degree All-Time High

1. Does one know what else is impressive? The fact that digital media consumers are spending longer watching videos online than ahead of a TV which by 2020. The typical online viewing time within the world can reach 84 minutes. In alternative words, expect mobile to overtake TV ad spend soon.

2. Here’s the kicker: It’s expected that users can watch 200th fewer minutes of video advertising per day than they are doing nowadays by 2023. However can brands answer this, you ask? By creating use of short-form videos that are engaging and might keep their viewer’s attention.

Social Media Penetration Shows No Signs of slowing Down

1. Speaking of online things, browsing social media is one in every of the most in style activities people do whereas on the net. However popular? Such a lot so worldwide social media users are projected to succeed in 3.1 billion in 2021, up from 2.65 billion in 2018.

2. If we’re being specific, worldwide social media penetration is often on the increase and stood on 45th in Jan of 2019. As lesser developed nations progress, it’s expected that this variety can increase even additional. This is often very true as low cost smart phones become offered, that has traditionally spurred social media use.

3. For example, Jap Asia, proverbial to be significantly mobile-first, was on the highest of the worldwide ranking of mobile social networking penetration (70%). They’re followed by established digital powerhouses just like the Americas and northern Europe.

4. Therefore you’re within the know, North American’s social media penetration stands at 61. You’re even additional within the know, international social media penetration is at a lower forty second.

E-Commerce Traffic Comes from many Places

1. Combining our talk of social media with people do online—shop—referral traffic to eCommerce sites contains a huge social element. As you'll have guessed, Facebook takes the cake, with 80.4% of social media referral traffic generating from it.

2. Like we tend to touched on earlier, mobile and social are tied at the waist. Once it comes to referral traffic, this means you’ll likely see a large portion of referral traffic generated there. Because it happens to be, 70.5% of U.S. Social referral traffic was generated from smart phones throughout the primary quarter of 2019!

3. Though referral traffic is definitely important, social media is truly not that good of associate degree influence on purchasing choices. does one grasp what is?  For example, half of one mile of respondent’s survey admitted that product reviews were an cogent issue once shopping for home electronics.

4. If you have a physical store paired together with your online one, this suggests focusing on what people are language regarding your products. After all, 80th of shoppers search data, reviews and costs on their smart phones whereas looking in a very brick and mortar location.

Privacy laws are changing the marketing Game

1. Let’s take another turn and target other things. This time, it’s the privacy laws we’ve been seeing within the news recently (e.g. GDPR). By 2023, it’s expected that e-privacy laws can increase online prices by reducing the use of cookies. In effect, this can likely cripple the online ad market.

2. With consent becoming even additional vital, users are going to be able to have additional management of the information. For the brands that provide users additional of this management, it’s expected that they will scale back client churn by 400th and increase period worth by 25%! This is sensible after you consider the loyalty element that turns a one-time shopper into a repeat shopper.

The Future of marketing Is in AI and Automation

1. Now we’re going to shut this post by talking about AI and marketing automation, that are definitely going to be a big a part of the content promoting trends. As a matter of truth, content creators can turn out over half-hour of their digital content with the assistance of AI.

2. Knowing however powerful AI is, a quarter mile of executives believes its most important profit is “automated communications that provide knowledge which will be wont to create choices.”

3. Adding more to the current, autonomous marketing systems can issue 55th of multi channel marketing messages based actionable real-time client behavior by 2023, leading to a 25th spike in response rates.

4. One thing else AI will do is power chatbots, which can act as 24/7 client service representatives. Well, it’s believed that 85th of online client interactions are going to be managed without somebody's by 2020.

5. Last but not least, let’s rewind a small amount and produce mobile back to the fray: 400th of mobile interactions are going to be taken care of by good agents by 2020.


It can be use to predict that 2020 marketing trends and data to pay special attention to like. We tend to touched on within the beginning, the topics we tend to focused on nowadays are particularly important in today’s’ digital marketing scheme, however they are definitely not the only ones to focus on. As you prepare your ways for the upcoming year, make sure to require a look at each stat, trend. You can be able to get your hands on. You've got a well-rounded understanding of what’s to come back.

For example, if you’re currently devoting most of your ad budget on desktops, you can move to divert additional to mobile platforms. If you have already got some video ads out there, consider creating them shorter and additional engaging. If you can not paying the maximum amount attention to your social channels, you higher get started or risk your audience connecting together with your competition instead. If you can not taking note to wherever your eCommerce traffic is returning from, turn over into your analytics and too much you’re not putting an excessive amount of religion in a very traffic supply which can not be what it looks.

If you aren’t following GDPR laws, modification your ways now. Otherwise you’ll risk losing your users’ religion and acquiring a hefty fine if you get caught. If you’re not the various the many capabilities AI entails, you’re painfully missing out and can move to adopt it into your organization.

With that in mind, what we tend to covered nowadays is very pertinent for 2020 ways. That is, if you wish to know method to start the year the correct way, you’ll to devote a lot of your coming up with on the areas we covered today:

  • Mobile advertising
  • Video marketing
  • Social media promoting
  • eCommerce Traffic
  • Privacy rules
  • AI and its several capabilities
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