Mobile App Designs – Series of Disaster

App Designs: A series of Disaster.

Creatively, an App Creator makes an app and users install it because of the unique features it gives to the user.

We all want our apps to be a hit in the mobile app market viz. Google Play Store & IOS.

But what are App Design Disasters?

1. Inconvenient Design for Fingers

“Fat Fingers” in your mobile app

  • While creating your app, make your targets large so that customers can smoothly use it.
  • These days many apps have small targets, while they are harder to hit large targets.
  • Little targets need more speed and smoothly use make customers put a big effort into just hitting a target.
  • A customer usually uses the pads of their fingers and not their fingertips, app creators should not be applying small affect targets to make the app more user-friendly.

2. Poor User Experience (UX) in your mobile app

Think and dream like a user to make User-Friendly App.

  • Usually, almost all apps which have been instantly rejected by customers have a difficult design which takes customers away.
  • Only those apps which are not complicated to understand and work are user-friendly.
  • You must consider user-experience while executing every step of your app design.
Mobile App Design Disaster

3. Inappropriate Color Choices in your App

Selecting the right colors for your app is very difficult.

  • There are too many factors that need to be considered in order to give your app design the right and unique color to attract customers.
  • Configuring the perfect amount of difference is also a very significant consideration because the sum of contrast differs from screen to screen.
  • Choosing the right color which relates well to the app’s objective can help an app succeed.
Mobile App Design Disaster

4. Not Using a Prototype for your mobile app

  • Various app creators launch their apps without undertaking a prototype or a beta version of their app which further will be tested by others.
  • Introducing a prototype or beta version helps you to give you feedback from customers.
  • Many defects of the app can be found in the prototype stage and edited before release.
Mobile App Design Disaster

5. Treating Mobile Apps Like their Desktop Versions.

  • All Smartphone apps are just little versions of their website aspect on a desktop, thereby offering approximately the equal experience, just on a small display.
  • But using a Smartphone app is a whole diverse experience and it provides new opportunities for users.
  • The amount of data given on the desktop is normally detailed, while, data provided on smartphones are brief and offers only the important points.
Mobile App Design Disaster

6. Introducing Your App in the Market Without Marketing Plan

  • Currently, many skilled app creators have a trend to announce their apps on the market as soon as possible.
  • Because of this, most of them do not have a marketing plan, so they fail to create revenue from their apps.
  • Before introducing your app in the market, analyze where you can promote your app to get it accepted by your target audience.

Conclusion :

Above are few of the very immature and general mistakes found while mobile app design. However, these mistakes can have solemn issues consequential to jeopardize your mobile app design and strategy by means of bad user experience, conversion rate, click through rate and may even lead to an un-subscription by the valuable user.

So, just watch closely on these factors to ensure you advertise your app appropriately.

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