Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing:

At Ad2Brand the Mobile App Marketing Company, we use unique approaches for marketing a mobile app, different from that of marketing a website. Once your app is developed, we implement app marketing campaigns to create awareness among users and beat the competition. At our App Marketing Agency, we also make necessary improvements in your mobile application based on the reviews and feedback given by the users.

Why Ad2Brand Mobile App Marketing Company?

  • Our mobile app marketing company focuses on KPIs central to the app’s market such as performance, evaluation, optimization, success, measurement, strategy, and analytics
  • We develop a working strategy before we venture out to marketing an app
  • We dedicate resources your app deserves
  • We couple your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert so that your customers enjoy a full-fledged comfortable user-experience
  • Our App marketing and other Web/App Development services incorporate pull and push marketing strategies to make your mobile apps a huge success! We are one of the best app marketing companies for your iOS and android app marketing. View the Web/App Development Package for more details on package features. Digital Marketing and other services that we offer can also be of immense use for you when coupled with Web/App Development Services.

  • Mobile App Marketing – FAQ’s

    The fact that most people are spending majority of free time using tablets and mobiles makes app stores a very common place to visit. Mobile Apps is a huge market for any business. It covers not only games but also everything right from entertainment, utility, travel, commerce and more. Many shopping companies like Flipkart are shifting only to using mobile apps for purchase is an example of this great shift. A mobile app for your online business would thus be a good idea to increase client base and our marketing strategies will certainly help.
    Yes, we also provide the best pre-launch marketing services to build your audience interest in your app and make them aware of it's launch through ASO, Social Media Sharing, Landing page optimization, submissions, advertising and many such strategies.
    Almost every business is nowadays keen to have an attractive mobile application. Millions of apps are getting developed by mobile application development companies and many of these will be competitors for your app. At such times, a strong mobile app marketing strategy and promotional activities become a must to create your visibility in Play stores & App stores. It is important to invest in mobile app marketing if you want to popularize your app among the right audience, reach large number of users and build your brand. We develop app marketing strategies custom to your unique business.
    Features what one should look at while selecting one among the Best Mobile Marketing Companies are Bidding Solution, Real time insights, security & anti-theft tools, Dynamic pricing solution, Low Immediate Churn, 4G + WIFI Monetisation, Complete Transparency, etc.

    Mobile App Marketing Strategy

    A. Smart Invites

    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing

    Increase Target User Installs through Referral Strategy

    Many App Users referred to an App via word-of-mouth have 67% higher Brand retention and monetize 15% higher thereby increasing trust and credibility. Devising a strategy that customizes and automates the In-App Referral mechanism to boost the app installs is an integral part of App Marketing.

    a. Custom deep links (also known as Mobile App Internal Screen Links) in deferred and Contextual manner to push the backend Metadata through the Google App Stores right into the app to provide personalized landing.

    b.App related information sharing and Mobile App Install Invites using popular apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Kakao (S.Korean), Twitter, FB Messanger etc.

    c. Referral Tracking and Reward (Points) strategies to increase App Downloads.

    B. Smart Links

    Sensible Smart Links for the Marketing Campaigns

    a. Share: Campaigns links for all users for different platform and channel, with built-in context based & deferred deep linking is essential.

    b. Links that survive app installation: Smart Links work seamlessly across both the App Store and the Google Play Store. This doesn’t just make the installation process smooth but also ensure the recipient receives the content shared with him (whether or not they have your app installed).

    c. Capitalize mobile Web traffic to meaningful App Users: Easy transition of the existing users of mobile and desktop websites to the same related content within your app.

    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing

    C. Deep Links

    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing
    Mobile App Marketing

    Contextual App Experience of the User and Increase App Conversions.

    Similar to World Wide Web, Deep Linking where is the use of a Hyperlink that links to a Specific Page/Web Content on a website (""), rather than the website's home page (""), Mobile App Deep links improve user experience by directing the app user to contextual content within the app. Smart Deep Links Push metadata through the app stores, can be used right into the app for a personalized experience of the individual app user.

    Deep Linking Strategy -

    a. Deep links enable the user to be directed to app content in the following digital interaction:

    • Mobile Website to App
    • App to App
    • Social Media Pages to App
    • Google Search Results to App (using app indexing)
    • Adwords Universal App Download Campaigns to App
    • E-mail Marketing Campaigns to App
    • Mobile SMS to App

    b. Boosts in-app conversions

    c. Increases user engagement rates dramatically

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    Why is Ad2Brand the best app advertising agency in pune ?

    Fully Optimized Code for Apps

    WC3 standards compliant code base makes your website highly functional by drastically reducing the page load time.

    Highly Converting Websites/Apps

    Light, fast & smooth running mobile apps integrated to your social channels, increasing your conversions manifold.

    Unique Strategies & User Engagement

    Customized marketing strategies matching your business needs & ASO to deliver high app downloads & user engagement.

    Dedicated team of expert professionals

    We have a dedicated team of expert professionals because we believe in keeping specialized resources to finish things on time.

    SEO-friendly App Designs

    Optimized Content, Keyword-Centric Approach and Digital Solutions for App's Higher Rankings on Play Store / I-Tunes.

    Fast & Scalable Websites/Apps

    Feature-rich, reliable and secure websites and apps having scope for further optimization along with maintenance support.

    100% Responsive App Designs

    Our Beautiful and Unique Apps with an excellent UI & UX are compatible with all devices and platforms (android / IOS / Blackberry).

    Unique Looking Apps

    Innovative solutions that give you a qualitative, attractive, user-friendly App delivering excellent customer experience.