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DevOps is a combination of “Development” & “Operations” thus making a software engineering practice aiming at unifying software development and software operations to create a mindset among IT professionals for encouraging more and more communication, collaboration, automation and integration to ultimately improve the speed and quality of software delivery. Software construction comprises of a number of phases like – developing, integrating, testing, infrastructure, release, deployment etc. Through the entire cycle, DevOps strongly advocates automation (computerization) for better team and process co-ordination and quality results. This reduces the time frame of the development cycle and more reliable results thus giving scope to best achieve an organizations business objectives. Thus we see that, DevOps helps in reducing problem complexity and creates a stable operating environment for faster results. Ad2Brand conducts detailed DevOps training to make an individual strong in all DevOps concepts, covering a detailed course structure right from the basics to advanced. We incorporate more of interactive and practical training to give you real-time scenarios and emerge as a confident ‘DevOps Engineer’. Ad2Brand is the best DevOps Training Institute in Pune having experienced professionals.

Job Opportunities in DevOps

Now that you know how useful DevOps is in the entire development and operation process, it is slowly becoming the heart of any organization and almost every organization is adopting this practice for smooth , reliable operations and continuous delivery to end users. DevOps aims at reducing manual work and improving efficiency throughout the SDLC thus reducing downtime and improving scalability of applications. Gartner says that DevOps adoption is hitting its stride both in SME’s as well as large enterprises. This shows that there are huge career opportunities in this field once you complete the course and become an expert. Our devops classes will prepare you for this fast-growing career with high-paid job opportunities.

What will you gain out of our Devops course classes?

Upon completion, you will gain quality knowledge on DevOps Practices like :

  • DevOps Culture understanding
  • All about DevOps, it’s need and various problems solved with it
  • Knowledge on Infrastructure Servers, Availability, Scalability
  • Automation and it’s implementation
  • Deployments using various tools like Chef, Puppet , Git, Docker, Jenkins and more
  • Code Control
  • Knowledge on Infrastructure Security
  • Virtualization Concepts
  • Monitoring, Loggin
  • DevOps Cloud in Amazon AWS
  • Modern DevOps toolsets
  • Detailed knowledge on principles of development, deployment, configuration, automation, inter-team co-ordination, service agility
  • In-depth detail on all DevOps concepts along with real time industry scenarios / projects

    Who should opt for the DevOps Training Course:

  • Software developers
  • Architects
  • IT managers
  • Technical Project managers
  • Operations support
  • Deployment engineers
  • Dev managers

    Pre-requisite or required skill-set for Devops Training Classes:

  • Software development knowledge Is important
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    DevOps Syllabus

  • Basics of DevOps
  • Relation between Devops and agile
  • Challenges in DevOps
  • Requirement Vs. architecture
  • Understanding of Security issues
  • Concept of source control system
  • Understanding the concept of automation process of assembling software components
  • Learning CVS, GIF and SVN tools
  • What is Eclipse editor and its use?
  • Basic of test driven development
  • Principe and benefits of test driven development
  • What is integrated development environment?
  • How to check code quality?
  • Concept of container
  • Basic of Docker and its use
  • Create and manage remote docker
  • Concepts of docker networking, volumes and files
  • Continuous integration with Teamcity and Jenkins
  • Eclipse integration with teamcity
  • Introduction to salt, puppet, ansible and chef
  • Architecture of puppet
  • Concept of puppet
  • Understanding puppet environment, classes and template
  • Monitoring production system
  • Code optimization
  • Scheduling production tasks

    DevOps Course Price: 17999* INR


    DevOps Training – FAQ’s

    We have best trainers who are highly qualified and certified and have relevant industry exposure in their fields of expertise, capable of solving all your practical queries.
    We give you access to video lectures and recorded sessions with all the course content, you can cover up referring to these.
    We help you to install all required software licensed versions for practicals on your machine and give you credentials to use them during your practice sessions.
    You can attend a demo session to understand the subject, see the quality of training and interact with the trainer regarding queries to decide your career path. We at Ad2Brand ensure to give you the best training experience with top content and trainers, we also prepare you for interviews and resume preparation and equip you with the best skills in the subject of learning. However, getting the job will depend upon your presentation of skills at the time of interview.
    Doubt clearance and resolution of queries is given utmost importance at Ad2Brand. You can raise n number of queries until you get a clear answers for your questions. Our trainers make sure to give individual attention to all students and one-on-one sessions can be arranged with trainers during as well as after completion of the training to get help on the needed topic. Also we make sure to maintain a limited number of students per class to maintain the quality of training and knowledge imparted.
    As a DevOps Engineer, you will master good communication and people skills as well as lots of practical knowledge to fulfil the responsibilities of a DavOps Engineer, upon successful course completion.

    Why Ad2Brand is the best Devops training institute in Pune?


    Certified Trainers

    We at Ad2Brand have expert faculty having industry exposure imparting the best practical knowledge.

    Dedicated Training Cell

    We have a dedicated training cell with all facilities to deliver successful training programs

    Job Oriented Training

    Our training is focused on practical hands-on knowledge , real time live projects for the students.

    Certification Preparation

    Our training courses cover all areas to make you clear globally recognized certifications.

    6000+ Placements

    We provide full placement support right from interview preparation to sending your cv to the best companies as a kickstart to your career.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures & content.


    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.


    Become successful professionals skilled enough to get high paid jobs in DevOps and we also conduct regular doubt clearing sessions.

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