Voice Search- SEO Future
Voice Search – Android Based SEO
Voice Search – Android Based SEO

Voice search - the future of SEO

When the movie Star Trek aired in 1987, the concept of casually conversing with the computer seemed like a far fetched idea. However, today voice search is the fastest growing method of over the internet and with the speed with which it is evolving, we will not have to wait much to bring the idea in the movie to reality. Innovation is going on at lightening speed and we need to be prepared to move ahead with the competition. Voice search will be changing digital marketing and SEO strategies to a great extent and it is better to plan your activities beforehand to avoid major losses.

SEO strategies for Voice Search

You definitely need to look after both categories of audience - the typers and the talkers while making your SEO strategy. Few of the strategies which you can implement on your websites for better rankings in voice search results on SERP’s are discussed below:

Content: Notice, do you type the same way as you speak a sentence? I think No. your website content should be written in a conversational tone covering majority of the phrases that people will use in normal conversation to search for the related topic.

Long Tail Keywords : Short tail keywords are not very useful when we consider the phrases/questions that people use in their day-to-day conversations for searching the net. Though short tail keywords will not disappear, we need to try to incorporate them into our long tail keywords as much as possible.

Schema Markup : Schema markup helps google know what your website content is about. It helps search engines to understand the context of your content which makes you more relevant for voice search queries.

Website Microdata: Make sure that you have clearly specified detailed information about your website’s microdata like location of your business, XML sitemap. These will be looked after by the users using voice search.

Answer audience questions : Voice search will be extensively used by people to suffice an immediate or urgent need for which they will use ‘WH’ questions like who, why, where, what, how, ‘when’. It is important that you address all these questions through your website’s FAQ’s page and give appealing answers to these questions in a conversational tone.

Now it’s time that we stop thinking linearly focusing only on text-based queries because the rise of voice search is inevitable and speedy. People of today’s generation feel no surprise or hesitation when technology talks back even though it is not human. The future is definitely conversational, so start optimizing for voice searches !

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