Every website needs google analytics
Every website needs google analytics
Every website needs google analytics

Every Website Needs Google Analytics

Needless to say, you are spending loads of time and money on your website. Now , would you not want to know what is the rate of return on your investments?

Adding Google Analytics to your website is the best way to manage your website’s progress. This data analysis is installed on more than 10 million websites all over the world.

Google says, “Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence whether is large or small.” Google Analytics is described as a system that “makes a management of the site easy and trackable to analyze the data.

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that can answer your all kind of question for a wide range of users.

Here’s the reason why you should use Google Analytics:

Analytics tracks people who visit your website :

Analytics tells you about the visitors where are they coming from a Google search, a paid ad, Facebook or a link from a blog post and it also tells us which pages they are landing on. This information helps you to take advantage of this traffic source and to optimize the page visitors are landing on. You can measure easily the effectiveness of social media campaigns to drive people visit your website.

Analytics tells us where our website need improvement :

Each and every page on your website contributes to the ultimate goals like creating more and more customers. Analytics helps you to know how well each and every page contributes to your lead acquisition and which one of you page need optimization.

If you have an important or business page that describes your services or products. Analytics can shed lights on their performance of the page.

  • Analytics tells us about the time the visitors spend on our website:

If they are visiting your website and spending only few seconds, then you need to work on your website’s content, page custom design for higher impact.

  • Analytics tells us about how much traffic a single page receives:

If your main page or important page is getting less traffic, you can improve it and you can drive more traffic by placing graphical to action in your sidebar or header that links to that page.

  • Analytics keeps you updated with Google’s search engine changes:

Google as an organization has changed a lot since its formation. Recently its has updated its search algorithm. Their goal is to provide each n every users, is to give the best search result.

Algorithms by Google are named after animals like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. This updates penalizes those websites who try to rank highly using cheap tricks instead of offering useful information to website.

  • Analytics tells us about how many of our visitors uses mobile:

Most of the users increasingly choose to view sites through mobiles. According to study, mobile traffic is increased by 81% since 2013. This explosion in mobile traffic means that you must feed to the mobile users by analytics. By using analytics with the clients, we share our status and statistics on how much traffic exactly they receive from mobile. Our client received nearly one third of the traffic from mobile devices. We advise them to update the website with a responsive design.

  • Analytics is free of cost ! :

Google do not charge for this tool, it’s free of cost. If you can’t install it by yourself, just get your webmaster to install it. Google Analytics is the standard industry for web analytics and is necessary for the optimization and management of our website. Merging this system will help you to gain even more from your website.



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