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Amazon Web Services - AWS for Digital Marketing

Rocket up your speed - innovation and agility with the anchorage and efficiency of AWS.

Amazon AWS

Technology is a vast and deep rooted course of knowledge. Every other day, comes up with Innovations, technological metamorphosis, techniques and opportunities for the anticipated and rapidly growing industrial markets. Few years ago, the discussions which sounded and reverberated absurd are very much an actuality today.

One such field is Web Application Solutions, which can foster a more profitable online marketing capability to your website. Before the AWS cloud platform’s introduction, launching a micro website for over a short period of time involved great efforts and expenditure. Many media companies were forced to seek cheap and untrustworthy hosting operators, resulting in spoiled relationship among them.

The Amazon Web Services or AWS for Digital Marketing in this field is gaining reputation in the industry today. It is a reliable and a versatile cloud platform, to enable small and medium sized enterprises as well as large amalgamation which are coming together of many in the media sector, to procure amazing power to process data.

Are you an ad agency managing campaigns? Or a monetization platform, helping the publishers and the advertising companies with the revenue generation. Amazon Web Services (AWS) at your doorstep enables the speed and efficiency for your Digital Marketing business.

Over the past decade, digital marketing has brought a patterned shift to the way media agencies operate. This has also widely raised expectations of customers, in terms of a wide spectrum of deliverables outcome such as faster turnaround time backed by enhanced reliability of services.

Amazon Web Services for Digital Marketing aims at delivering highly targeted, relevant and personalized solutions in the moments that matter the most, by using real – time analytics that builds customer engagement and loyalty.

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Whats New about Amazon Web Services - AWS for Digital Marketing

Majority of HubSpot’s IT infrastructure shifted to Amazon Cloud –

HubSpot the Marketing Software Firm has chosen AWS as its preferred public cloud platform.

re:Invent 2018 the biggest re:Invent ever –

From Novemebr 26 to November 30 2018, over 50,000 attendees were outspread on seven venues in Las Vegas making it the biggest re:Invent event ever.

Quantcast reduced its operational cost – Cost Reduction

Quantcast reduced its operational cost, along with saving upto 60 percent for its QCLearn machine learning system, by using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for its critical business systems. It also reduced by spending 25 percent less on Amazon EC2 spot instances than it would have on Amazon EC2 for its real time bidding solutions.

There is almost twenty percent cost reduction for applications that are new and need to be operated for a short span of time.

Marketing Analytics Platform for GroupM –

The World’s largest media investment group – GroupM discusses their unique challenges and how a fast and reliable data analytics platform was created using Amazon Redshift, Tableau and Matillion.

Solutions of Amazon Web Services for Digital Marketing

Cost Effective RTB –

Create a high performance oriented and cost-effective Real Time Bidding infrastructure on AWS and deploy it around the world with just a few clicks.

Content Delivery


Accelerating Content i.e. content acceleration is a comprehensive solution to a large array of issues such as visitor bounce rates, diminishing traffic, latency, and so on. AWS offers ease of integrating its impressive suite of solutions with CloudFront.

We believe in improving customer's experience by providing pertinent and customized results. We work on minimizing latency for ad content delivery.


With Auto scaling, build a scalable analytics pipeline on AWS to consistently track data and make data informed decisions to optimize the performance of your products.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services for Digital Marketing


No long term commitment or upfront commitment is expected, pay only for what you use. Propel and run operational efficiency with AWS economies of scale.


With calculative and measured move grow your business seamlessly as demand grows.


AWS and its Digital marketing in global availability zones & regions and edge locations options, helps you to move and progress in every major market swiftly. You can even reach out to remotest customers without any latency. Quickly works on minimizing latency and maximizing your opportunity to realize revenue.


With Innovation, let AWS and Digital Marketing take care of undefined and undifferentiated burden. With reduced time and capital spent on infrastructure, invest more on building differentiated products.

Build up a Loyal Customer Base

Customer expectation is forcing media agencies to acquire cloud hosting services. It would benefit if you are in tune with your customer by adopting AWS applications.

Case Studies of Amazon Web Services in the domain of Digital Marketing.

Let’s explore how many leading companies in the worldwide globally in the Digital Marketing world, are innovating and scaling with AWS.

Amazon Web Services

Quantcast –

Quantcast reduced its operational cost, along with saving upto 60 percent for its QCLearn machine learning system, by using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for its critical business systems. It also reduced by spending 25 percent less on Amazon EC2 spot instances than it would have on Amazon EC2 for its real time bidding solutions.

CleverTap –

CleverTap is a mobile application analytics and user engagement platform, it offers its clients advanced segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns. The company has been able to scale expeditiously using memory-intensive Amazon EC2.

VidRoll –

The company VidRoll can grow revenue ten times over with AWS without needing to hire additional technical resources. Let’s see how-

VidRoll being a video technology and monetization platform for the content publishers uses AWS Lambda to power the business logic for real-time ad bidding. Using Lambda, VidRoll developers can focus on product innovations, resulting in revenue growth.

Adobe Systems –

Software programs such as Adobe Connect conferencing software, Adobe LiveCycle Forms and Adobe CQ5 are the services managed by Adobe Systems. These are delivered to Fortune 100 companies, large multi-national corporations, and government agencies. Adobe uses AWS to provide multi-terabyte operating environments to its customers. By integrating its systems with the AWS Cloud, Adobe can focus on deploying and operating its own software instead of infrastructure.

91App –

The company is using Amazon CloudFront to distribute content to users in a wide range of markets and Amazon ElastiCache to improve the speed of their application performance.

AdRoll –

An online advertising platform, successfully serves over 50 billion impressions a day worldwide, with its global retargeting platforms. AdRoll has been able to grow by more than 15,000% over the last year by leveraging on the scalability and flexibility offered by AWS Cloud.

Cadreon –

Cadreon runs an audience-insights analytical platform on AWS. The company provides programmatic advertising solutions to branding companies across the globe.

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