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Webcasting is a video meeting tool that allows customers to stream high-quality video and audio additionally as share interactive content with thousands of participants. The assembly price is on top of with normal webinars. And this can be employed by organizations of all sizes around the world. From little businesses to major companies, webcasts are the best method for CEOs.


Much like a webinar being a “web primarily based seminar,” an internet cast is a web primarily based broadcast, or a broadcast that takes place online. A large audience can read the webcast online from any device, However, they can’t act with their presenter.


Webcasts build it potential for companies to guide live, high-resolution conferences, events or conferences over the web conveniently and instantly. Attendees can ask queries and it’s somewhat interactive.

From conducting product demonstrations to looking last quarter’s figures, webcasts build connecting with employees around the globe a lot easier. Hr professionals, communications personnel, CEOs, trainers, and board members use it for the following:

1. Town hall conferences

2. All company conferences

3. Board conferences

4. Training

5. Product demos


It’s coy to mention, however it depends on whom you ask. Webinars tend to own a transparent host who is the presenter or helps the presenter. Size is typically a big factor; webcasts are for larger audiences. Webinars, though can be interactive, are additional about chats and polls. They can include video, however don’t need to be lived. Webinars are great for marketers and sales personnel.

Webcasts might have a number who never presents — just like the Internal Communications department. Webcasts are typically large presentations to huge audiences with some Q&A — chat — built in. though they don’t need to be lived, sometimes there’s a group that watches live. Again and again with a webcast, there’s some of the people watching to live in a similar room. They can be replayed. Video conferences and chats may be webcasts, though there has to be a playback mechanism,and again, size is an issue. When people indicate they’re going to a webcast, the meeting is planned and a lot of formal. Video chats are a lot of informal.


If you are wondering about however webcasts can empower your business, here are many key thoughts:

Save Money:  If you have got multiple company conferences every year, the prices considerably add up with regard in dealing with space, flying in important employees and different travel expenses. Whereas you may not need to cut out these events altogether with webcasting, you can still connect together with your staff whereas, saving money.

Gain Convenience: What sounds higher than standardization into a company meeting in the comfort of your own office or home? If your CEO or time unit team holds regular conferences, what higher thanks to ensure everyone’s convenience than to use webcasts? Webcasts are much more innovative because of advances in cooperative technology. Through hosting a webcast, you won’t simply be conveying data unidirectional, your events can be a two-way flow of communication. With advanced internet conferencing tools.

Reach A Wider Audience: Once your company holds quarterly, or monthly conferences, you're limiting your audience of UN agency will attend. Particularly if you have got a considerable remote force, these worker's area unit missing out on key info or perhaps simply the thrill of being a part of associate degree innovative company.

Gain Consistency of Message: With webcasts, everybody from sub-contractors to higher management can receive a similar coaching or information at a similar time, with ease. This ensures consistency across the company and makes everybody from the latest worker to the CEO feel included.


1. Presentation-Based Webcast
This is like a webinar on steroids. It permits you to gift PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents, and adds the potential to play full-motion videos. It additionally has picture-in-picture capabilities inbuilt, Therefore, you can see video of the presenter and crystal clear slides during a larger window. Citrix GotoWebcast is an example of this kind of service.

You can use an easy webcam to produce the video of the presenter, though the video can clearly look higher with skilled equipment and lighting. The audio quality are higher also, since most webcams don't give excellent audio.


2. Media-Based Webcast

The second type of webcast solution permits you to send full-screen, full-motion video to your viewers. It’s like TV on the web. Functions like picture-in-picture aren't generally built into the interface, therefore, additional production instrumentation is required to change between cameras and build special effects.

Though you can have a one-camera, full-screen webcast, there typically sometimes multiple cameras, graphics, and video playback. It's additional flexible than the presentation-based webcast, and there's no limit to what you can broadcast. However, it needs additional equipment, labor, and price to produce. You'd use this kind of service to stream a live event like a concert, trade show, or service.


Webcasting provides a variety of advantages for businesses. Webcasts are value effective, promote interaction, will happen in real time, may be archived, give measurable ROI, and might reach audiences across multiple locations. however, maybe the most effective issue regarding webcasting is that it's not an advanced method. A good webcast production team can work with a company from planning to live production to post event management.

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