Reasons For Why People Uninstall Mobile App

The study says that eightieth of users uninstall the app within three days from app install. Marketers spend many thousands of dollars to acquire and retain the users. However, it is typically frustrating to check 70-80% dropouts within the first three days of app install. So as to avoid this pitfall, I’m listing down the highest twenty-five reasons why users uninstall the app supported by recent expertise.


1. An app doesn’t satisfy the user’s expectation.

2. Battery drains quicker.

3. Takes a too long time to load.

4. Acquires too much internet data.

5. Works well only on fast internet networks.

6. 50. 6% of users tend to uninstall if the app takes too much space on the memory.

7. In line with ITR, uninstallation happens thanks to the complicated registration method.

8. Statistics reveal that 29.6 % of uninstalls happens thanks to security/privacy issue.

9. Seventy-one of users uninstall due to annoying push notifications shooting up too frequently forces users to uninstall the app.

10. 62 of the individuals uninstall associate app if they expertise mobile crashes, freezes, and errors.

11. Poor loading speed, associate app must at the start load onto user devices in four seconds or less.

12. If the app navigation is not correct for the user experience.

13. Overloading options build users confused.

14. If the app updates are forced usually.

15. Central processing unit power uses is just too high.

16. Most of the devices don’t support the app.

17. If the ads do not appear to be dead well or represented through the visuals and text.

18. If the UI/UX is difficult.

19. If the app is not completely prepared for the market.

20. If the app or visuals doesn’t fulfill the expectation of the app installers.

21. Associate absence of associate offline mode.

22. If the on boarding is not easy.

23. If the app options don’t work obviously.

24. If the app doesn’t have the most recent style trend.

25. Too several third-party advertisements.


In order to grant a good user expertise, it is necessary to have an effect on the above listed reasons. Don’t market the app till your users love the app.

It's going to assist you a lot of to avoid wasting lot of time and lot of money, whereas, penalty the paid and organic user acquisition strategy.

Forever make sure that the App Stores improvement is completed during a really perfect method.



  • When users spend some time on your app, they expect wonderful moment. People forget your app for a number of reasons, and if you can address them effectively you can enhance the success rate of app. If your app fails to achieve this, people would uninstall your app and switch to some other similar app.
  • The user engagement level of app drops down with time. More than 55th of users interact with the app for up to one month after downloading it. However, if the app fails to have interaction the users it's going not to last for even a week on the handsets.
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