Onset of 2018 US Series: A view on Programmatic

Onset of 2018 US Series: A view on Programmatic

In Google’s Chelsea Market Office in New York City, Jellyfish and Google hosted the fourth ‘’A view on Programmatic summit.’’ The event summit series kicked off last year in 2017. However, this is the first time, we are writing a blog to cover the event.

Many healthy doses, fresh insights which were hefty in number were shared in the summit. Below are the main highlighted points from the series.

Let’s start first by understanding what is Jellyfish? Jellyfish, is a Global Digital Marketing Agency with a dedicated 360 Suite team, including analytics specialists. Offering wide range of services like analytics planning and implementation, auditing and technical support, account configuration.

Covering the summit, the in-house versus agency comparison led by Joust’s Chris Kane was refreshing and interesting with a completely objective perspective on the topic. As per, Jellyfish they are unique with a separate tech solutions group, they are equally supportive of in- house and full- service business models.

On the other hand, Chris used the bull versus bear analogy to represent the agency versus in- house strategies. It was completely relevant for all the players in the business. According to him, there is no right choice across the board; it depends upon the business objectives, what resources are available to the organization and what type of risks you are willing to accept.



Conclusion Drawn: It is very crucial to know what your options are, in case of planning your digital marketing strategy. Also transparency and knowledge are key and path to selecting the right partners to assist with the buying.

A view on Programmatic happened to be a very informative session, for all the programmers attending from all around the world. It happened to be an eye opener of how much a prospective client knows, about how to measure the success of their digital campaigns and the power of double click.

The most striking feature of the summit was how educative and explanatory the summit was. Also the way it got delivered, it was easily digestible. Everyone in the room, irrespective of their programmatic background walked out feeling educated and inspired.

Chris explained and elucidated, a lot of challenges and thought processes that virtually happen inside every organization with the internal stake holders and the advertising budget. The in- house versus the agency session sparked and ignited a lot of good conversations with every prospective client.

It happened to be a very appropriate and timely presentation looking at the industry now and how in- house and agency happens to be a hot topic currently.

Many clients which were heavy TV advertisers, found Aden Zaman and Samba TV’s session particularly very exciting. The incorporation and the functionalities presented provided some very good ideas, about how to overlap existing display efforts with TV.

Coming next to Dan Taylor’s attributed talk, which was extremely relevant. His background of starting out in a sales role, and then gradually moving into product was really interesting. The session brought out in attention simple, basic and essential principles. ‘’In order for a product to be great, it must fulfill specific particular needs, drive and handle meaningful adoption and ultimately support your bottom line.

In order to achieve this principle, the different channels and functions across an organization must operate in cohesion. Perhaps, the teams, who work together, broadly share work insights and invest much in an organizations success, in turn deliver more relevant and alluring experiences.

Dan also highlighted a very common and highly dangerous and catastrophic misapprehension in the industry; which is the idea that, buying a powerful technology ultimately results in the success. You invest and you get success.

For example, sign a contract, fix a few nails in the programme and boom, the success! This is wrong; investing in technology is only half the battle. A successful mission means a thoughtful planning and rollout.

It will not be wrong to say that - Marketers master the technology they adopt today, in order to understand how it will evolve tomorrow.

Data and attribution are very powerful tools, which can help advertisers to create meaningful and significant connections with their audiences, but only if leveraged properly and with the right tools.

Below is the complete list of all the sessions held at - A view on Programmatic.

  • The Single View: What is That?

Dan Taylor, Managing Director, Global Display, Google

  • Does Data Lead You? Do You Lead Data?

John Black, Head of Digital Partnerships, Oracle

  • Identifying Challenges: Before applying Machine Learning to a Solution

Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google

James Parker, Global Head of Data and Planning, Jellyfish

  • A Publisher’s View on Programmatic

Brandy Wellman, Senior Account Executive, Pandora

Tori Zoellner, Programmatic Sales Executive, Pandora

  • A Case Study: Exploring Dynamic Creative and Sequential Messaging

Mario Schiappacasse, Head of Display, Jellyfish

  • The Impact TV Data has on Programmatic & Cross-Platform Measurement

Aden Zaman, SVP of Strategy and Business Development, Samba TV

  • In-House: What's the Trade-off for Marketers?

Chris Kane, Founder, Jounce

The entire summit was quite interesting and educative. We are looking forward to more such knowledge sharing sessions in the future and keeping our eyes and ears open for any such announcements. Are you excited enough?

Do share with us, your experiences if any of such summits, in the comments below. Watch out for this space until next time.

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