Conquering the E- Commerce pain points

An average person spends 10 hours and 39 minutes in front of a screen. Be it a screen of a mobile, television, laptop, tablet or computer. This makes an approx of half of his entire day, being a connected customer.

With eCommerce blooming, expanding and becoming more crucial than ever, customers facing any friction at the eCommerce store, might result in losing them forever. The first impression can last a lifetime, as shoppers flock from one website to another. Solving store pain points should be at the top of the seller’s list.

Here’s looking at the most common eCommerce pain points, and how they can be deal, solved for better customer experience in return improve your brand image.

Long Purchasing Process

A complicated checkout process, making it too long to purchase items from the cart, results from maximum customers to leave the process. According to research, 75% of buyers abandon their cart when check out process seems to take a long amount of time.

A payment process is the most critical part of an eCommerce journey, which ultimately results in clicking away or making a purchase. Hence, it needs to be easily accessible and smooth to process. Too many checks out options and pages can hamper and work against you.

The key is in delivering a seamless and smooth customer experience. Perhaps, you should offer a simplified, smooth and minimalistic checkout process to boost conversion rates. For example, streamline multiple checkout options into one system and accommodate every customer with a variety of options.

A customer’s time is precious and a customer is continuously flocking here and there checking out new products. They can give up on buying if the process seems too long. That means you should be able to offer a guest check out option. Not everyone is willing to create an account. You will still get basic information from the guest check out page. Lego offers guest check out option for their customers.

  • Key Note – Simplify the payment gateway process and offer guest check out option.

Incomplete Information

There is nothing more annoying than wanting to buy a product and not being able to find its complete information. Product Information is extremely necessary to facilitate a purchasing decision. A lack of relevant content is incredibly frustrating. Customers need and want information about the product prior purchase. What is this product? What is the Material? Who is it for? Why is it required?

A shopper wants to see a short but informative product description. High-resolution images of the product. Any reviews if available, this experience can take customer service to another level, helping in building trust, credibility and love. Further informative videos and social proof of the product can stronger the brand reliability.

Make sure the product description is clear to understand, easy to find and speaks to the target audience.

  • Key Note – Add useful details and relevant information about the product to build trust, credibility and chances of conversion.

Bad Shopping Experience

Shoppers and buyers today want seamless and smooth online shopping experience. A best eCommerce business anticipates a customer’s needs and meets them head on. Use analytics and your CRM to track and capture behaviour and previous engagements of the shopper. This will help and provide to offer a personal online experience, resulting in a happy Customer.

Amazon offers product recommendations to its buyers and visitors by using the data they collected earlier.

If you offer best content and experience, but have immense slow loading speed, your business will be hampered and in a way paralyzed. These good experiences need to be delivered at speed. Make sure your website is fast and mobile optimized. Slow speeds causes friction and friction kills the conversion, causing brand damage.

Fast website helps in building user experience, conversion rates and ultimately Google ranking.

  • Key Note – Deliver website speed and data to deliver personalised experience.

No access to POS reader

The best benefit of online shopping is customers don’t have to wait in long queues. Well, there seems to be a solution for it too. Thanks to technology such as, Shopify’s POS card reader customers need not to wait any long both online and physical stores.

A POS card reader enables you to sell anywhere on the move. It is the ability to connect your online store to sales on the move, pop up shops, marketplace stalls and so on.

It is bridging a big time gap between online and offline sales, through a mobile device. It is quick to take payments without any additional systems. Just one card reader to reduce admin time and increase efficiency. Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay payments, Android all very secured and quick, with great efficiency.

  • Key Note – Integrate a POS card reader seamlessly with your online store to update stocks, orders and customers in real time.

Incorrect Information

All customers want to see transparency in online shopping. How do you lose a customer? Well, the quickest way to lose a customer and its trust is by giving incorrect information about a product. It might be product details, hidden charges, and inaccurate shipping costs. If you are promoting a product which doesn’t have correct information, rather offers incorrect information, the customer will simple switch to your competitors.

Hitting the potential customer with big shipping fees during check out, a potential customer will not be happy about it. Shipping fees are one of those factors that customers hate. Any extra charges should be made transparent, before the customer reaches the final check out page for the payment.

  • Key Note – Say no to hidden charges and follow transparency.

Improper Inventory Management 

Ever ordered any product online? Well, I am sure you would have, waiting for the product is quite exciting, and also quite exciting is the tracking of the product while it makes its way to you.

A proper Inventory is no hidden charges, smooth payment process, easy dispatch of the product, support to be readily available and processes to be joined up.

Inventory management and warehouse technology can order stock replacement when the stocks get low. You can get instant notifications about discounts, stock levels, and price changes and so on. ECommerce platform offers a lot of visibility with inventory technology.

  • Key Note – Implementing Inventory Management along with the right software takes away the risk of any human error in this process.


It time to roll up your sleeves and plan your game if any of these pain points resonate and continually hamper your business. Time to improve your online store experience to enhance and meet customer expectations.

Each point mentioned above has the potential to turn your customers away. Those of you who are leading the eCommerce retailing, just make sure your store is customer-centric, pain-free, fast and easily accessible to use.

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