Audience Hyper Segmentation

Audience Hyper Segmentation: A Technique to reach your intended audience

Segmentation generally means dividing your broad group of existing and potential customers into sub-groups of customers who share common characteristics and Audience Hyper Segmentation is the sure-shot way of reaching your customers. Hyper-Segmentation uses 2 techniques ‘progressive profiling’ and ‘addressable marketing’ to collect valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences online. You can take your market segmentation to the next level by using this rich consumer data.

See how Audience Hyper Segmentation can make your Digital Marketing Strategies more effective

  • Audience Hyper Segmentation or Addressable Marketing gathers information about how the user interacts with content, how many times he visits a particular website and what is his exposure to an advertisement.
  • When a user interacts with an interactive website, he is prompted to enter some information by the website during this interaction. Progressive Profiling gathers this data which gives us important information about individual user preferences in the digital world.
  • Audience Hyper Segmentation helps us in defining niche lifestyles of our consumers, eg: Rich Businessmen interested in Vintage Cars. With this understanding, we are able to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and give them a feeling that we understand them.

    Audience Hyper Segmentation is the key to Effective Marketing

    We all know that targeted advertisements are anytime more effective than untargeted ones. Marketers are now moving towards ‘Micro Targeting’ and by using the large volume of consumer data available on social media platforms they identify their target audience, their lifestyles and carry out competitor analysis for effective marketing strategy building.

    Segmentation in Marketing helps you to...

  • Determine market opportunities and make maximum out of it.
  • Make adjustments in marketing plans and appeals
  • Develop effective marketing program
  • Design a product accordingly
  • Select the appropriate channels to market
  • Decide the exact timings for marketing campaigns
  • Reach maximum number of potentials customers or leads


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    Audience Hyper Segmentation – FAQ’s

    Segmentation means dividing customers based on their common interests & characteristics. Through audience hyper segmentation, you can easily reach your intended target audience.
    Segmentation helps to dig into the market and it's people to identify market opportunities, select the right people and channels to market your products and services and also time your marketing campaigns accordingly.

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