Value of Video Testimonials

Why Video Testimonials Should Be Added To Your Landing Pages

Video reviews are a great method for new consumers to see and hear what your current customers are saying about your company. According to an Invisia survey, 90 percent of internet customers feel that video material benefits them in making purchasing decisions. Your customers will be able to relate to the same issues that your current customers are facing and will understand that you are the brand that can help them overcome their hurdles, whatever they may be.

The Advantages of Video Reviews on Landing Pages

According to Vidyard's research, 41% of advertisers use customer video reviews as part of their digital marketing strategy, while 57% use the films on their website's landing pages.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why digital marketers include consumer feedback videos on their landing pages:

Conversions are increased as a result of it

Using video testimonials to create the ultimate landing page for your business is one option. Including a customer feedback video on your landing page has been shown to enhance sales. As per Vocal Video, when marketing efforts include testimonial videos, 89 percent of corporate organizations see a 50 percent improvement in conversion rates. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, incorporating videos on your landing pages can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Of course, you'll have to devote resources and time to creating video testimonials that are optimized for landing page conversions. There's also the issue of how to collect video testimonials from your clients.
You can call a qualified video testimonial firm to create high-quality customer testimonial clips, or you can speak with one. These professionals can answer all of your video feedback queries and then create the most effective landing page for your company.

It provides a personal touch and boosts credibility.
Testimonials are prominent on the greatest landing pages since they increase your company's trustworthiness. After all, only a happy consumer would sing a product's or service's praises. You establish that your firm is worth the investment by demonstrating the effectiveness of your offerings and the resultant happiness of your consumers.
Keep in mind that people relate with other individuals. A customer feedback video is a type of word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the most powerful marketing tactics in the world. A person who speaks about their own experience with a product establishes trust and establishes an emotional connection. Prospects might become customers and even brand evangelists as a result of this engagement.

It's fantastic for SEO

What are the benefits of using video testimonials? Because video is something that search engines adore. To stay relevant in today's environment, your company must be among the top search engine results. Your organization can achieve this through search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management.

As per Forrester Research, visual content is 50 considerably more probable to rank on Google's organic page rankings. So, by incorporating video testimonials on your landing page, you're providing search engines exactly what they want. Your website will be at the top of the search rankings before you know it.

It helps in generating leads
Video testimonials are flexible lead generation tools since they may be used at many points of the purchase process. Reviews were more beneficial than other lead-generating strategies, according to Trust Radius, since they were "more real" and "impartial."
The process of generating leads can be somewhat complicated. Still, digital marketing specialists can assist you in creating excellent landing pages that will move your leads through the sales funnel.

How to Collect Customer Video Testimonials
Select the appropriate consumer - The first step is to select the customer who will be included in the video review. This individual must have utilized your product or service for a long period and has had positive results.

Provide them with incentives - As a form of remuneration for their time, provide them with benefits. Just a few examples include coupons, free trials, and gift cards.

Phone them first - Before giving them an official permission letter, call them first. Make it obvious to the buyer what they may expect.

Send a proper letter of permission - Include all pertinent information, such as the time and place of the video shoot, in the letter.

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