The Weibo: Unique Advantages in Content Creation, Consumption & Engagement

Weibo’s monthly active users grew to 462 million as of year-end 2018. Subsequently increasing by 70 million users over last year. Around 42.3% of all Internet users in China accessed Weibo in 2018. As per a report illustrating the development of China’s Internet network.
Also according to research by Morgan Stanley, compared to other social media platforms. Weibo has some unique advantages for digital marketers, particularly in the arena of trending topics.
We will discuss 3 distinct areas where Weibo provides exceptional social marketing value. These are - content creation, consumption and engagement.

Content Creation

Weibo’s PGC Short Video Programs – Weibo mainly works on the entertainment factor. It is famous and has gained popularity for its fast social and entertainment soundbites for mobile users. Who prefer short video content.

Owning to the fact, Weibo has launched Which is a short video sharing platform for professional video-makers to produce and share Weibo videos.

There are 3 different types of video content on Weibo. Professional- generated content (PGC), Occupational- generated content (OGC) and User-generated content (UGC). PGC videos are all about lifestyle and guarantee content quality. Being more attractive to the users they result in deeper engagement.

Thus, people with PGC videos can include a shopping guide to increasing exposure and sales. And make their own brand video program.

As more and more people are seeking comprehensive media formats on social profiles related to lifestyle topics. Weibo is planning to put added attention towards PGC videos.

Content Consumption

E-Commerce Influencers – Weibo being highly popular and widely used social network works in influencing people and their opinion.

Weibo drives huge e-commerce consumption, especially through celebrities whose Weibo profiles have become promotional mediums. That can control and take over hot topic trends to increase exposure, publicity, marketing and traffic in turn, improving sales.

With Digital Marketing, brands can target celebrity fan bases using celebrity faces. To promote their products or services.

Content Engagement

Weibo Top Search & Hot Topics - Weibo’s top search and hot topic rankings are a reflection of social public opinion or mood. If your content includes hot topic keywords, the exposure on this medium is usually higher than normal.

Brands take advantage of such hot topic keywords to create content and do promotions. Leveraging and getting a grip on this ranking factor is a popular marketing tool. One can even generate their own hot topic; if it works it might add wonders to the brand. This isn’t easy as it sounds and is tough for marketers. As it is difficult to predict and dictate what will go viral.

However, one needs to be beware as in February 15, 2019. Weibo announced that the number of reposts and comments will now be limited to 1 million. This came after some statistics were found unreliable. CCTV recently reported that Weibo statistics relied on a plugin to make fake data.


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