Online Review Management

Google Review Management

People believe what they see online..yes you read it right!!

Customer reviews are one of the first things people observe when they search up your business category on Google or Google Maps. The study tells that, positive reviews provide a greater momentum to conversion rates than any other SEO activity.It is also found that the more reviews the business has, the more trustworthy it is considered; that most customers read up to six reviews to take decisions whether to go with a business.Our Reputation management services focus on the review management in such a way that your online image remains positive always.

Online review management by Ad2brand
Online review management
Online review management
Online review management
Online review management
Online review management

Yelp reviews

The Power of online reviews is immense and buyers are aware of this very well. This online presence in the form of reviews cannot be undermined as the good reviews by past customers help the probable customers to take decisions. The goodwill and customer base that you have built will be channelized by us. Yelp reviews which are positive will be used in such a way that your clients should increase multi-fold.

Facebook Business Reviews

Facebook the most sought-after social media tool, is also one of the most powerful business display platforms. Your Customers who are on Facebook will come across your business and need to be given a very good impression of the services and products. Needless to say, the reviews on Facebook need to be monitored and managed as well. While not keeping any loose ends in our online reputation management attempts for you, we will make sure your Facebook image is as glowing as your business.

Online review management
Online review management
Online review management

The major Actions taken for any online reviews are-

Responding to the reviews :

The moment we get reviews online, the first step is to respond to them quickly. Whether they are positive or negative we know the exact steps to be taken. If we get a negative review, along with your team we monitor the review and work on the rectification and convert it to positive by responding to the client in the right way.

Generating Reviews :

Our team is always in the process of creating positive reviews from their customers. To keep your local audience engaged we create action plans, so that they leave a positive review. The happy customers will be helping to grow your business with their positive reviews. So those who want to do business with you will certainly go ahead with a positive image in their minds enhanced by the positive reviews. Our approach is such that your customer base is a part of our efforts in the form of their trust and reviews.

Removal of Negative reviews :

The frustration that the negative reviews create can impact the further efforts in brand creation. We reach out to the customer , perfect identication of the issue is done and the issue is resolved. The malicious reviews given intentionally are also identified by our experienced team and reported to the respective review publishers .

Managing reviews :

A couple of negative reviews and puff !! Clients are gone miles away from you…

Our online review management  focuses on creation of  strong, consistence chain of reviews. Highlighting of positive reviews in social media is of utmost importance .The clients who leave positive reviews are reached out and acknowledged personally. The clients thus create recommendations to their family and friend circles about your business.


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