Internet Marketing Mix

Internet Marketing Mix: The "essential" web marketing for your business

By Internet Marketing Mix, we mean providing exceptional digital presence on all the leading portals and sites. Today, every business’s success depends on their online visibility and in our Internet Marketing Mix Services we devise certain customized plans to use social media for the betterment of your business. With the constant efforts put into this segment, you and your business will rank higher on search engines and you will have higher brand visibility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.


Why does your business need internet marketing strategies?

  • Internet is expanding: Internet has grown immeasurably in the last years and it will continue to do so. Having no internet or online presence means no success, no limelight for your business.

  • Internet drives your decisions: Whether to buy or not? You certainly consider what the internet is saying about the product. You check ratings, comments, feedback, complaints, discussion forums before you buy. Therefore it is important to have an online presence that sustains your brand identity.

  • No Strategy means Your Competitors are at Advantage: Internet is not an easy platform. If you do not have any concrete internet marketing plan you are surely to lose the battle to your competitor.

  • Your Customers are no more on the Roads, they are on the Internet: Find them and Target them. It will be rewarding.

  • Social Network Communities influence your Customers' Decisions: Internet Communities are influencing every person's buying behaviour. Therefore, you need to utilise the social media cyberspace to make maximum out of it.

    What we do in our Internet Marketing Mix initiative

    We make you Digitally Social

  • We help our clients in prioritizing their objectives wherein we make consistent efforts towards improving customer engagement and enhancing brand value through social media platforms.
  • We decide appropriate social platforms for your business. Your business is unique therefore it is not necessary that it would require the same set of platforms for marketing. We identify platforms, tools, and your target audience for you.
  • We develop appropriate social media strategies for you and once these strategies are made online we monitor their performance. We take charge to communicate your success stories too so that the entire world knows you and enjoys your digital presence. You can enhance your digital presence more so by using our Digital Marketing and other services.

    Your business needs social acceptance. Do it with social media!

    Our Business Consulting Services are sure to devise the most appropriate strategies for your business needs. Taking up Strategy & Consulting services for other areas of business like content, target reach, branding etc. can also help you excel and expand your business.



    What our customers ask us – FAQs about Strategy & Consulting

    Yes, it is always advisable to improvise your business strategies from time to time and we have constantly helped businesses reach out to their potential clients using various strategies. Our team will first analyze your existing business plans and processes and then we will advise you about the best practices we can implement to improve your brand positioning and to reach out to your clients.
    It needs lots of research, experience and so many strategies to attain success in business. We have a team of expert strategists who will help you establish your business and be an inseparable part of your success story. We provide business consulting services for both startups as well as corporates who want to revise strategies for more success.
    Not in any manner! All Contracts are designed on a monthly basis. There are no hidden charges for scrapping off. We are happy to share that we have never had a customer end their contract or change to another service provider since we've begun.
    We do have pre-decided budgets and monthly plans, but at the same time, we also provide customized packages and our capacity to deal with all the budgets plans – Big or Small, distinguishes us from the rest of the agencies. Every customer's requirement is assessed separately based on his objectives, needs, and capacity. You get back what you put in, so in the event that you can't afford the cost, we'll share a piece of advice with you on possible alternatives.
    Strategy consulting is focused on the company’s future. It is basically a group of people within the management consulting firms. Management consulting focused on functional solutions for the company.
    If you are a startup with new products/services, the answer would be Local Targeting at first. This is because, it is always better to have a strong strategy targeting one city in which majority of your target customers lie for successful engagement of early adopters. Once you start observing your customers behavior/feedback and converse with them to get your product right, they will start loving it. It is then that you should target to go Global. We have a dedicated business consulting firm guiding you on this upon studying and understanding your business and industry.
    A branding strategy for any brand can be said as the gravitational center of marketing. This is because marketing creates customers and brand positioning or branding is at the core of it. Brand marketing will make your customers love your brand and it will automatically become a magnet for more customers.. We devise the perfect brand marketing strategy for you in line with your customers and business goals.
    Global marketing solutions are important for a business to increase online presence, to attract and engage customers through different social media platforms.

    Why are Ad2Brand's internet marketing services the best ?

    The Competent Digital Strategic Planning

    We know your customer's needs and design innovative solutions in line with your organization's goals.

    Tailor Made Strategies For Every Customer

    Having a market-based perspective, we derive custom strategies for your business so that it is positioned to win and reach heights.

    Profitability & Growth Oriented Solutions

    We deliver strategies that give your business a profitable growth, market share, high turnover and brand awareness.

    Global Reach to Local Reach Strategies

    Our Strategies have a global and local reach through Social Media Campaigns, Video Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising etc.

    Start-up Solutions

    Strategy & Consulting, Branding & Competitor Analysis services for start-up solutions at pocket-friendly rates.

    Market-focused Strategies

    Our strategic solutions are the best considering the global market trends and data-driven insight.

    Attractive Social Presence

    Attractive face of your company over social media through customer sentiment analysis, content..

    100% Brand Value & Identity

    Viral publicity through social media outlets & campaigns, give better exposure for brand awareness.

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