In branding, colour selection is crucial

Colour has a lot of impacts. It’s a crucial nonverbal technique for increasing brand identification and influencing buying decisions for a product or service.
Colours are associated with distinct emotions in different cultures, and good branding is all about emotional connection.

Popular Consumer Brands and Color
Red is a colour that evokes feelings of excitement, passion, energy, and action, as well as hunger. Imagine Coca-Cola in turquoise or McDonald’s golden arches in green. Would the bullseye logo communicate the same message if it was rendered in amber or magenta?

According to Kissmetrics, a behavioural analytics research organization, consumers prioritize visual appearance over other sensory cues when purchasing. Specifically, 85 percent of customers cite colour as a primary reason for purchasing a product among those responses suggesting great visual appeal.

Because colour selection has such a big impact on customers, brand owners should review and re-analyze it as part of their overall strategy.
During a brand audit or re-fresh, stakeholders must consider if a brand’s primary and secondary colour palette conveys the intended message and is used effectively across all brand communications and contact points.

Corporate America’s Color
Incorporate branding, the preponderance of thrilling red in consumerism gives way to dependable blue. Blue is intimately associated with the sea and the sky, and it conjures up images of stability, harmony, and tranquillity.
Ever wonder how IBM, which was formed in 1911, came to be known as “Big Blue” in the 1980s? It has stayed with me.

IBM is in good company with brands like these that use blue to connote dependability, from the United Nations to NASA. The sun is rising! It would be impossible to interpret a joyful canary yellow that is as fresh as a daisy as melancholy. And these genuine, lively greens convey springtime and fresh beginnings in a straightforward, unmistakable way.

What Color Is Your Company’s Logo?

Every company, large or small, has a distinct logo and colours that are an important part of its corporate identity. Colour has the capacity to transmit a brand’s meaning when applied intelligently and consistently.
Pantone Color Institute, a consulting firm that forecasts global trends and advises companies on colour in brand identity and product development as a strategic asset, is in charge of studying those hues and analyzing the feelings they evoke.

The Importance Of Color Wheel In Marketing

Spritz is delighted to brand itself with a deep effervescent orange, an uplifting colour that screams stimulating, lively, fun, and enthusiastic. People who are drawn to orange, or Spritzers, as our marketing and creative design teams, call them, bring a high level of optimism and a glass-half-full attitude to business and life.

Colour serves as a link. We’d be delighted to help you express your own brand through the right use of colour, which can be found in everything from your logo to your secondary colour palette that supports it to the creation of social media posts that reinforce it. We hope you’ll contact us to let us know what you think.

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