Celebrity Reputation Management

Celebrity Reputation Management

Everyone is watching a celebrity....

Celebrity is a person who works very hard for the position where he or she is. But all it takes is a little negligence to stain that image. We understand this harsh truth and know the ways by which you can stay the same shining star you were meant to be.

We offer well-guarded and confidential online image management services for celebrities. The Internet is awake round the clock, and so managing a celebrity's online reputation is a continuous effort. That's why reputation management for celebrities must be planned and executed with utmost care.  Every picture, video, and comment can spread very fast. We react immediately to these detrimental viral happenings. And make sure that a clear and positive online image of our celebrity clients is maintained.

  • We create and nurture a positive online identity
  • Increase your likes and Followers
  • Work on the negative and malicious comments on Social Media.
  • Counter the attempts from competitors to pull you down online.
  • Emergency brand repair mechanism.
  • Celebrity Reputation Management
    Celebrity Reputation Management
    Celebrity Reputation Management
    Celebrity Reputation Management
    Celebrity Reputation Management
    Celebrity Reputation Management

    Ideal Approach of Celebrities towards negativity:

    The ever-hungry gossip sites and certain media sections may weave unwanted stories and create viral stuff that can harm the image of a celebrity. Responding to a specific negative social media review or response must be done carefully. Many celebrities go on an incorrect path in this. Reacting in an irritated manner or reacting angrily can hamper the efforts of your brand.  A good way to go ahead with such comments online would be to react in a humorous way or with proper explanation. A celebrity cannot alone workout solutions to counter these unwanted harmful attempts. We have a team which manages your reputation, in such a way that it can never go wrong.

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    Celebrity Reputation Management-FAQs

    It has become very essential for celebrities to look after their image. Any good or bad thing about the celebrity becomes viral within no time. The efforts and hard work done by any celebrity can be wasted if any negative events get projected and become viral. The celebrities may not have enough time to invest in the management of their reputation , major chunk of their time being employed in their day to day commitments. The Reputation management companies are specialized in this field with a network already built to work on various aspects of Reputation management. The resources are experienced in handling various stages of reputation very well.
    ORM services are like technical public relations. ORM services are mostly hidden and happen behind the scenes. They are more into SEO, Social Media, legal tactics and content Management. The overall online image of a brand or celebrity is improved through ORM The PR activities are aggressively pitching your client to various press and media to make up a positive image and keep focus on your client. The main purpose of public relations is to improve the image of a person or organization publically. Unplanned crisis are managed through PR.
    Creating a positive online image. Adding positive web content about the celebrity. Bad reviews removal. Damage control services. Defamation Protection. We keep our clients

    Discreet Services

    The services that we provide are highly confidential and take into account the fragility of celebrity image.

    Experienced Resources

    The team that works on the celebrity management is experienced and knows the intricacies of the business and industry.

    Constant Monitoring

    Once we start working with our client, we make sure that the monitoring of the online activities is done on a continuous basis.

    Innovative Strategy

    There will always be a unique strategy for every celebrity depending on his/her USPs.


    Clear Action plan

    The action plan will be pre-determined and reporting of results will be done on a regular basis.


    Emergency action plan

    Unforeseen incidents , we have in place an emergency strategies which efficiently handle the situation and make sure that the least damage is done to the image.