Businesses That Use Bitcoin – Blockchain Technology

What is Bitcoin?


    • Bitcoin falls under the capacity of crypto-currency and was the most valuable and very first among them.


  • It is usually called a decentralized digital currency.

How Does Bitcoin Work?


  • Bitcoins are totally essential coins designed to be ‘self-contained’ for their value. There is no need for banks to move and store money from one place to another.


  • Once you purchase bitcoins, they possess value and trade just as if they were a treasure of gold in your pocket.


  • There are many ways to use bitcoins like you can make a purchase of goods and services online using bitcoin, or you can wrap them away and save them in hope that their value increases over the years.


  • Bitcoins are traded from one personal wallet to another.

Block-chain, the ledger technology that helps Bitcoin.

  • You can make a safe transaction on purchases of the item, since it creates and maintains a permanent transcript, blockchain technology can be helpful for tracking a company's supply chain.
  • Instead of using old methods you can use emerging technology that could be more efficient and accurate, saving businesses time and money.

Enterprises that use Bitcoin technology


With the help of Block-chain, Walmart employees can see and follow some products back to their roots—literally. After checking dozens of other items via the store's app, employees can see which farm the fruit came from and where it's stored in the backroom. The technology helps clients to understand from where their food comes and could streamline the restocking process.


British Airlines

To manage data of flights between united states, Florida and Geneva in 2017, airlines tested using blockchain. Using this data, the airline wants to reduce clashing flight data coming from gate computers, flight apps, and the airline's website.



The world's largest shipping company completed its first test of blockchain technology in March 2017, looking at how it could help manage its cargo. In the test, Maersk, Dutch customs, and US Homeland Security were all able to remotely access data about the cargo, suggesting the technology may streamline and secure international shipping.


Bitcoin is going to gain popularity and might even replace official currencies. With the advent of the bitcoins and blockchain technology, businesses need to learn how to leverage them correctly.

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