Learn WordPress Facts
Wordpress Facts you didn't know
Wordpress Facts you didn't know

Have a look at a few cool WordPress Facts you never knew !

WordPress is the most popular website platform that requires no extra technical or coding skills. Isn’t it wonderful? Here are a few interesting facts about it.

  • WordPress came before Facebook & Twitter- WordPress is 14 years old now and was launched even before Twitter & Fb.
  • The name wordpress was coined by Christine Selleck Tremoulet and it powers about 30% of all websites
  • WordPress is the most widely used Content Marketing Software currently used. It dominates about 80% of the Content Management Software Market share.
  • WordPress allows everyone to download and use it because it is Open Source and Free!
  • WordPress is not owned by any company and does not have a CEO. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg created a non profit organization names WordPress Foundation which owns the trademark and protects the freedoms of open source license. Volunteer developers from all over the world run wordpress together.
  • Thousands of Government websites and professional company websites are powered by wordpress to sell their products and services.
  • You will find a plug-in for almost any functionality within wordpress! It is so easy to implement an online shop, contact form and other functions in wordpress without having to have extensive coding knowledge. It is quite user friendly and has more than 50,000 plugins available for download.
  • WordPress can be used as a multi-lingual platform using plugins like WPML & Polylang. It is translated into about 70 languages with plugins and themes available in these different languages.
  • One interesting fact is that WordPress is itself written in PHP & Javascript using MySQL as database.
  • WordPress is planning to push on free SSL encryption more and more in the year of 2017 which will lead to a rise in wordpress websites HTTPs.
  • Have you ever noticed that all wordpress releases have the names of Jazz Artists? WordPress 1.0 had the name of Miles Davis & WordPress 4.6 of Pepper Adams.
  • WordPress.org and WordPress.com are different. WordPress.org enables you to take a wordpress hosting and make a website whereas WordPress.com is run by Automattic and used for Blog hosting.
  • WordPress has a ‘multisite network’ feature using which you can create a network of websites from the same wordpress installation. It is a built-in feature and is hidden by default.



Phew! Did you know wordpress was this popular?! It has soared high above the competition taking into account the enormous number of successful startup company websites associated with wordpress, easy interface, attractive themes and useful plugins and it’s list of famous clients. WordPress is effectively used by many famous celebrities for their blogs and websites and also by large corporates like Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Star Wars and Samsung. However, It’s enormous popularity is threatened by security issues which are yet to be fully worked upon.

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