Top Search Engines in China

Outlook at Top Search Engines in China: Overall

Baidu is the clear market leader with an approximate overall market share of 70%. Also, Baidu happens to be the second-largest search engine in the world. It was founded in January 2000 by the Chinese Internet entrepreneur and search scientist Robin Li. It is also considered one of the most useful search engines, if you want to improve your SEO.

Followed by Shenma with approx 17% and Haosou with 5%. Google makes it to the list with negligible 2% and less market share.

Outlook at Top Search Engines in China: Desktop

In terms of Desktop uses in China, Baidu still leads the chart as the biggest search engine. The prominent difference seen is, more people use Haosou (17%) on desktop than Shenma. The cited reason is Shenma being a mobile-centric search engine. Shenma is a popular mobile search engine in China, which is only available on mobile.

Outlook at Top Search Engines in China: Mobile

Baidu continues to lead the search engines in mobiles in China with the largest market share of approx 70%. It followed by Shenma with approx 23% of market share, being a mobile focussed search engine.

Outlook at Chinese Search Engine Market Penetration: Overall

In the data observed above, in the year 2016 Baidu’s market penetration rate was 82.9% among all other search engine users. And they followed by Sogou and Haosou with a market share of 41.1% and 27.3% respectively.

Outlook at Chinese Search Engine Market Penetration: Desktop

The data observed above in the year 2016, Baidu, Haodou and Sogou clearly had the largest penetration rates in the Chinese market with 80.8%, 33.8% and 30.1% respectively among all search engine users. The other search engines couldn’t surpass 2% of market share.

Outlook at Chinese Search Engine Market Penetration: Mobile

In the year 2016, Baidu observed a penetration rate of 78.9%, followed by Sogou and Haosou at 36.1% and 19.1%, respectively. Shenma which focuses only on mobile search has less than 10% penetration rate. They can show just how difficult it is to compete with top search engines that handle both mobile and desktop.

Hopefully, the stats observed and elaborated above can help you to decide where to direct your digital marketing efforts in China. Predominantly if you’re thinking of mobile over a desktop or vice versa.

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