Startup Training Program for Young Entrepreneurs

Startup Training Program (for Young Entrepreneurs & Enthusiasts)

The life of marketers is not very easy in today’s growing competitive world. Just by saying that ‘I will drive many visitors to my website in a short time and increase my income’ does not justify anything. Planning and goal setting are very important to give a clear indication of “how many visitors”, “how much time” and “how much revenue” and measure your progress effectively to chalk out your weak points. Our Startup Leadership Program (SLP) will ensure you to create your own identity in the market.

To become a successful entrepreneur , you must incorporate the following elements into your business plan:

  • You need to be clear and specific and answer all the “WH” questions of who, what, where, when and why.
  • You must define what is to be measured in order to track your progress.
  • You must be realistic and set goals that are possibly attainable.
  • Monitor the results and change your strategy for achieving your goals.
  • Creating a relevant online presence that has a real impact on your audience, as all the activities now are turning Digital.
  • Have a time frame within which you will have accomplished your goals.
  • Must know how to lead and build effective teams and use available tools and resources most efficiently.
  • Be flexible and work with a global perspective.

    This is a Business Training Program for all the Startups who want to learn something extra, like gain deep insights into the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. This is a training for startups that will make you understand marketing concepts in all new way by the industry experts with the help of live case studies and discussion sessions.

    Our Startup Leadership Program can benefit you in ways like:

  • Detailed knowledge about e-commerce solutions
  • Understand the concepts of Digital Marketing like SEO, content and social media which affect your marketing strategy and use them to make it more successful
  • Know how to assess your current business status using SWOT analysis to identify your USP's, your position in the market and channelize your marketing efforts in the right direction
  • Understanding of the Marketing Mix (4 P’s ) of marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion and devise your marketing strategies accordingly as these factors have a direct influence on customer buying behavior
  • How to develop and drive your marketing strategy as per the Digital Vision and Mission of the organization
  • Knowledge of Marketing metrics and know-how on reading numbers to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, thus adjusting your strategies accordingly
  • How to market in multiples by using the same creative content across multiple channels to reach wide audience at the same time
  • Who should opt for this digital marketing crash course?

    Mainly designed for Startups and new business entrepreneurs.

    Prerequisites or required skillset to learn this short term digital marketing course for startups and entrepreneurs:

    Basics of marketing is required knowledge.


    While the Startup leadership program is a digital marketing training program designed for startups, we also have other training programs designed differently to match your requirements...


    Startup Training Program Syllabus & Course Structure

  • What is an entrepreneur
  • Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Basics of starting a business
  • Idea Generation & Business Models
  • Vision & Mission
  • How to make your Business plan
  • Plan implementation
  • Team Building
  • Kick-Starting your business
  • Market Analysis
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Mix
  • Difference between Marketing & Sales
  • Buying & Selling Behavior
  • Planning Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Terms
  • Basics of Internet & World Wide Web
  • ECommerce Business & Marketplace
  • Internet as a Marketing Tool
  • Understanding Website Structure
  • Basic HTML
  • WordPress Website Building
  • Web & Search Engines Introduction
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization- OnPage
  • Search Engine Optimization- OffPage
  • Social Media Channels
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Running Google & Facebook Paid Ad’s
  • EMail -Marketing
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Basic Numbers
  • Google Analytics Tool
  • Google Webmasters Tool
  • Startup Training for young Entrepreneurs Course Price: 12999* INR

    Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune for Start-ups.

    Ad2Brand is the perfect place for you to get a startup training course in Digital Marketing. If you are a start-up and just launched your new business in the online world, you must by now be well aware of the competition and the need for implementing digital marketing for your online business growth and awareness.

    Digital Marketing is very important if you want to survive in the online marketplace. The first step for you would be to create your awareness in the online space and engage your audience, so that they remember you and can distinguish you from other players in the market. We at Ad2Brand are a Digital Marketing consultancy successfully helping start-ups and big corporates with their digital marketing needs and are well aware of online dynamics and digital marketing best practices. We know just what is needed to achieve your business goals and objectives.

    At Ad2Brand Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, we offer customized digital marketing training programs according to your business needs delivering you quality & practical knowledge on the concepts that will help you to grow and expand your online business.

    Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Course content for startup leadership program will provide complete training on how to build easy user-friendly websites appealing to your audience, how to write engaging content to grab the attention of your audience, strategies to create your brand awareness, how to bring your website at the top on search engine rankings to generate traffic, leads and ROI, how to run Google Adwords campaigns to advertise your business in the online space and how to target the right audience through effective social media channels.

    We also impart special training on Data Analytics concepts , Business Intelligence tools and languages such as R Programming, Qlikview, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Python Programming, to help you draw valuable insights from vast business data and make strategic business decisions.

    Ad2Brand is the best Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Training Institute in Pune giving you just the right knowledge on how to make your online presence and how to turn your new-born company from a start-up to a successful giant corporate, thus achieving your dreams and business objectives. All this expertise comes from our practical experiences while dealing with different clients with a variety of services...


    Startup Leadership Program – FAQ’s

    For building a company and making it a success, you have to go through many stages - getting the right idea, testing and refining it, connecting with customers, relationship building and technology know-how. Our startup leadership program is specifically designed to teach all these skills to young entrepreneurs and overcome these challenges thus building a strong presence in the digital world.

    You do not have to write lengthy programs in digital marketing. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge will make your job easier and help you easily implement small changes on your own instead of depending upon developers, it will also boost the effectiveness of your tactics. Having some coding knowledge and basic operations in wordpress will give you a competitive edge. We make sure to equip you with all this knowledge in our training sessions.

    Why is Ad2Brand the best start-up training institute in Pune?

    Globally Certified Trainers

    We at AD2brand have expert faculty having industry exposure imparting the practical knowledge.

    Hands-On Practical Training

    We have a training cell with all facilities to deliver training working on live projects & ad campaigns.

    Google Adwords Certification preparation

    Our training is focused on practical hands-on knowledge , real time live projects for the students.

    Facebook Blueprint Certification

    Gain the expertise to become certified for the latest and most-in-demand certification with training program.


    Gain all the skill-set and expertise in different areas to become successful entrepreneurs , start your digital journey and flourish in it.

    Digital Events

    We conduct the most-happening Digital Night series of Events in the country and across the globe interacting with the best industry experts.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures & content.


    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.

    Limited Seats for Startup Training Program (SLP)

    Startup Leadership Training Certification

    Adwords Certification
    Google Analytics Certification
    Google Mobile Sites Certification
    Bing Ads Certification
    Facebook Blueprint Certification