MyDigital360 Ad2brand Services Pune

MyDigital360 is a digital marketing service of Ad2brand agency businesses discover their competitive advantage in 360 degree. MyDigital360 Digital marketing service is an integrated marketing  campaign with unified, cohesive messaging across all various touch-points a client has with a brand. It subsequently uses all the available resources to attach with their target audience, and subtly drives them towards buying or catching a product or service. We use the 360-degree concept to transmit the concept. That it should be thought of as a circle where we to tend to make the most of all resources, and that every action should be considered as a part of the bigger picture. 

This uses all marketing disciplines to make comprehensive strategies that deliver the message we want to use to acquire customers in unison. At Ad2brand Digital Marketing Agency, we consider it very important to give all our projects this 360° focus. Not only does this perspective afford the USA a cohesive client experience. We understand all the challenges of growing a business, Finding customers, Building revenue, Reducing costs we've done it all. Digital marketing has become critical for business growth over past few years. Whether you’re emailing customers with personalized promotions, queuing up a social media campaign, or revising your organic SEO ranking, these are all necessary items of a 360-degree digital marketing strategy.

MyDigital360 Ad2brand Services Pune

How did we do it?

We know the sector’s in a critical moment of change that’s generating a lot of uncertainties. That’s why we developed a report where we allotted an in-depth analysis of the current context, as well as the challenges they face. Once the report was completed, we put everything else into motion. Branding and design worked on their idea, SEO defined the report’s positioning; Social Media determined the posting strategy. Because of the cooperation incontestable, we to tend to place all the pieces together to make a 360 degree Digital marketing strategy.

Mydigital 360 services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have a chunk of content, a micro site, and now we want to create certain individuals see it. That’s why we allotted an SEO strategy that would allow us to position ourselves in important searches for us.

To achieve it, we carried out:

1. Keyword analysis to focus our content with the keywords boast the most potential.

2. On-Page SEO optimizing pages for the keywords we chose.

3. Internal linking of blog posts and Webpage associated with the business.


Mydigital 360 services: Deploy Paid Media

While the organic part is important, it never hurts to give a campaign little push with Paid Media. As a part of 360 degree services, we selected the most effective platforms and segments to realize the most visibility, and in particular leads. The team determined the ads we would launch and where we would publish:

1. Google: announce in the Search area for specific keywords.

2. Facebook and Instagram: sponsored posts for business professionals.

3. LinkedIn: In Mail campaign to business professionals.

Mydigital 360 services: Spread the word on Social Media

We use the technique that propagates the report on social media. We also created a page within our Company Page for users to become familiar with the report. We used the blog because the pillar of our content marketing strategy. We gave support to the project on the blog by generating related content and linking to the micro site to favor It's positioning. We also spread on social media to expand their impact.

Mydigital 360 services: Deploy Email marketing

Another one of our secret weapons is our database and the contacts registered within them. We set to take advantage of them using an email marketing strategy. We created an email workflow so that all the users who downloaded the report received further helpful content to them flip them into qualified leads.

Tools of email marketing:

Real-time maps are a key tool for monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign. The ability to trace, and live campaigns is a powerful tool for businesses. This information provides businesses the ability to manage a campaign with precision.

1. Real-time information

2. Worldview dashboard

3. Customer profiles

4. Email database management

Customer Communications

Connecting with your customers by the initial welcome email and transactional messages. Personalization is essential for consumers nowadays. Elevate your client experience, and proactively engage your customers and potential customers. Share useful newsletters and articles, and give them exclusive views into your company. Humanize your brand and make it feel as though your customers have a friend in your company. Trust, authenticity, and knowledge-sharing go an extended method for retention and loyalty. With these components of a 360 degree digital marketing services, and informing marketing actions, you'll be on your way to increase growth, conversions, and revenue.

MyDigital360 Ad2brand Services Pune

Mydigital 360 Digital agency services

Whatever you wish to realize, we are able to help. Range for digital agency services are tailored to SMEs looking to grow. A brand-new technology or using data to discover the next digital opportunity for your business. An SEO agency should grow your business by building future worth. Knowledge combined with hard work equals results.

Gaining a competitive advantage

Digital marketing Service of Ad2brand  agency should deliver a competitive advantage for your business. That includes industry-leading content ecosystems, relevant and reputable online partnerships, strong social amplification ways and technical website improvement. Digital 360 degree services delivers all these services, under one roof. As a Digital marketing service, we offer faster, a lot of efficient, and completely integrated marketing services. However, at the end of the day what really matter is that you simply get real results.

Monthly SEO reports

Complete program visibility is possible with a Digital marketing agency. Our reporting pulls back the curtain on your SEO program — because we believe that Digital marketing companies should be clear and responsible. Each month, we generate reports giving you deep insights into your website performance, and inbound organic traffic.

MyDigital360 Ad2brand Services Pune

Mydigital 360: Display advertising

Generate the awareness, increase the sales and drive for customer loyalty and with our in-house experience.  Then Display advertising will give your business a competitive edge. Why? Because most of the people are online to spent their time is outside of search engines. Using the display networks tool, your business can reach them where they browse their favorite websites. The largest display advertising network, the Google Display Network, be formed up of millions of websites, including premium properties. We create, deliver and manage a display marketing campaign that targets the exact people. Whether they are buying their next purchase or browsing their favorite news website, you will understand once and wherever to capture your customers – and drive sales. Our digital marketing services of Ad2brand agency specialists is performance-driven. We set KPIs in line with your real business goals.

Mydigital 360: Display Remarketing

Engage your customers across the Google Display network. With remarketing, you'll reach customers who have shown an interest in your business. The scale of Google network allows for precision remarketing. That means you'll reach your audience multiple times – depending on your needs. Target over a month Or a day. Whatever your sales goals, Google's display remarketing may be a powerful to sending “The right message, at the right time”

Mydigital 360: Social media marketing

We are social media marketing agency that understands ROI. Our focus is on integrating social media with digital and business strategy. Marketing on social media isn't like traditional advertising. You can't broadcast a generic message. You wish to earn the trust and respect of your audience. You are a business in their social space – so use the chance to supply something they're going to want. At Ad2brand, we start with the data. Who is your target audience? And how can they be reached? Our social media marketing agency specialists then mix information insights with creative copy and design. We focus on the bigger image. Your social media marketing – whether that is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube – is a component of a digital strategy that is designed on your business goals. Your investment is placed towards one thing – growing your business.

Mydigital 360: Facebook Advertising

Get a promotional boost with a PPC add or interact and grow your existing community by amplifying content. With over 1.5 billion users – including your ideal customers – Facebook offered a range of opportunities for business. It is scope and control of Facebook advertising that makes it a powerful tool on social media marketing. You will reach right people through precise targeting. Whether that is location, demographics, interest or behavior, and the higher the strategy, the higher the performance.

Mydigital 360: YouTube Advertising

It is the global king of the video. And it is also the world's second-largest search engine. With the correct digital team, your YouTube campaign is often deployed, tracked and measured. With all the added benefit of being inside the Google AdWords platform. We'll work with you to work out the best investment for your advertising spend. Whether that is a pre-roll video, a show ad, or an overlay ad.

Mydigital 360: LinkedIn Advertising

It is the global network of a billion professionals. And their attention can be captured with the right mixture of ad creative and targeting. LinkedIn advertising offers businesses the opportunities for building business connections and generating leads.

MyDigital360 features

It provides you with a dedicated marketing executive to help you to develop a custom marketing strategy. MyDigital360 also has specialized teams to manage and optimize your marketing efforts together with website development and style, social media marketing and advertising, email marketing, and SMS marketing.


Range of Services & Specialty

Marketing 360, has a wide range of services with support from marketing experts, designers, copywriters, and video producers to manage and optimize your campaigns.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the services marketing 360 provides:

1. Website design: MyDigital 360 develops mobile-responsive websites designed to match your brand; you'll offer the content or writing team develop it for you

2. Social media management: MyDigital 360 offers social media management, including content creation and social monitoring as well as paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and mythical being Radio

3. Email marketing: you'll style, send and alter email campaigns using MyDigital 360 email features and templates; get help to send promotional emails or informative newsletters

4. SMS marketing: MyDigital 360’s text-based service allows you to reach customers on a mobile device; promote timely sales or alter sending to contact customers at a specific time.

Specific things they report on include:

1. Key demographics: Learn the gender, age, location, and interests of your online audience

2. Conversion paths: Shows. How people are finding your business, and what actions they take before making a purchase from you

3. Traffic by channel: See wherever your website visitors are coming from together with paid search, social media, direct, referral or organic search

4. Period reports: Compare sales and conversions numbers by day, quarter and year to see how your results are changing over time.


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