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Blogger Training Course

Ad2Brand is an expert social media training provider in Pune and has a specialized blogger training course for becoming successful bloggers. Latest industry researches say that almost 90% of businesses who are into full-fledged blogging, writing multiple blogs per day have acquired a good ratio of customer base only through their blogs.

Blogs can be called as a central hub for social media marketing because they serve as a medium to convert traffic into actual business leads. This is because people love to read good blogs. There are 300+ million blog readers online. Well written blogs give useful information to users , keep them engaged, get their reviews and feedbacks, brand awareness & traffic generation by driving users to your website, brand loyalty, trust and brand marketing by creating shareable content across all social media and ultimately generating customers out of your target audience. Good content is the soul of any blog. You get a lot of variety to present your content to users through blogs in the form of text, videos, photos and much more. Blogs also help a ton to improve your search engine rankings.

However, just to write a blog on any topic will not suffice. You need to pick out what people are actually looking for and give them just that in an attractive and interesting manner. Blogging training course teaches you all those blogging strategies to keep your audience enthralled right from the start till the end including everything from choosing the right topic, presenting it well and becoming successful by winning more and more customers. This training also includes Blog Promotion, Affiliate Marketing & Google Adsense technology through which you can get advertisements on your blog and earn money.

What will you learn out of our blogging training course?

  • Create, Design and Build blogs right from scratch
  • Learn How, Why and What to blog about
  • Blog writing strategies
  • Managing blog networks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, Blogger
  • How to select the right blog platform for you
  • Blogs best practices
  • Content for blogs, Blog SEO guidelines
  • Managing blog content marketing programs
  • B2B blogging, Comment Moderation, Blogger outreach
  • Tips & Tricks, Blog promotion
  • Blog monetization through Adsense & Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogger community and tie-ups

  • Whether you are a beginner looking to start your own blog or online business or already blogging at the intermediate stage where you feel something missing, we can help you figure out the right miss from your blogging recipe so that you do not lose out on the opportunities , customer base and revenue growth. Our Blogging training course will teach you all the right strategies to establish a deeper connection with your audience, gain long-term business growth and take your blogging platform to an entire next level. Remember that, as a blogger or a business owner, your blogs will be your most important social media assets. Our course will teach you to blog correctly to get results and leverage the many benefits of these useful assets to get a well-groomed online presence.
    Ad2brand also conducts Digital Marketing and other training courses that might be useful for you.

    Course Content for Blogger Training

  • Introduction to blogging
  • What are Blogging trends?
  • Different types of blogging
  • Different Blog platforms
  • How to install blog cms?
  • Concept of blog design and blog themes
  • How to integrate Social media into blog
  • Content writing for the blog website
  • How to use SEO for blogging?
  • Learning Blog meta tags
  • Internal linking and Micro-blogging
  • Use of Widgets
  • Concepts of Blocks, Themes, Theme Editor
  • Understanding Plugins, Modules, Sidebars
  • Subscription to Blog post
  • What is Blog RSS feeds?
  • How to find bloggers by interest?
  • Concept of Blogrolls
  • Learning Blog promotion strategies
  • How to optimize blog posts?
  • Blog post bookmarking and submission
  • Introduction to affiliate programs
  • Learn affiliate links in blog posts
  • Video blogging for affiliate marketing
  • Different types popular blogging resources
  • What are celebrity blogs?
  • How to write blog marketing articles?
  • Blogger Training Course Price: 16999* INR

    Why Ad2Brand is the best Blogger training institute in Pune?


    Certified Trainers

    We at Ad2Brand have expert faculty having industry exposure imparting the best practical knowledge.

    Dedicated Training Cell

    We have a dedicated training cell with all facilities to deliver successful training programs

    Job Oriented Training

    Our training is focused on practical hands-on knowledge , real time live projects for the students.

    Certification Preparation

    Our training courses cover all areas to make you clear globally recognized certifications.

    6000+ Placements

    We provide full placement support right from interview preparation to sending your cv to the best companies as a kickstart to your career.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures & content.


    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.


    Become successful bloggers, start your own blog or get high paid jobs in top MNC's. We also conduct regular doubt clearing sessions.

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