SEO Course for House Wives

SEO Course for Housewives helps you Start Earning From home!

Digital Marketing & SEO Course For Housewives

The sudden boom in Digital Marketing has also increased demand for working professionals in this field and additionally, it carried out with enormous career opportunities for both full time and part time employees. Since there are many job roles in Digital Marketing that don't require employees to be physically present in the workplace, Freelancers and Part Time employees also have ample amount of opportunities to contribute while sitting at home and can earn handsome money.

Keeping in mind the upcoming job opportunities, Ad2Brand has come up with unique Digital Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course for housewives in Pune for freelancers, Part Time Job Seekers, women running home based businesses and especially House Wife. Most of the house wife’s wanted to work and contribute to their family while they also have time constraints because of the responsibility they have. Ad2Brand SEO Training Institute in Pune will train you in some SEO and Digital Marketing techniques which do not require any specific technical knowledge. After completing this course you will not only earn good but also your profile will be unique and stands out against others when you will start working as a full-time Digital Marketing Professional.

Who should opt for this course?

  • House Wife
  • Part Time Job Seekers
  • Freelancers
  • Prerequisites for the SEO for Housewives Course

    There are no technical prerequisites as such for opting this course. And Graduate/ Post Graduate having little computer knowledge can go for this course and make their career shine.

    We also have full fledged course for learning complete Digital Marketing in-depth.
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    Course Content for SEO & Digital Marketing Course for House Wife

  • Learning of website structure
  • What is domain and sub-domain?
  • Concept of servers and hosting
  • How to create website and WebPages?
  • What is html and CSS?
  • Studying Anchor, html tag, Urls
  • Use of wordpress for website development
  • Content Management System
  • WordPress SEO plugin
  • Understanding SEO strategy
  • Basics of search engine
  • Keyword research and analysis of keyword
  • Concepts of Google ranking and keyword planning
  • What is Google trends and keyword proximity
  • Concepts of algorithms and updates
  • Understanding Meta Tag
  • Optimization and Image optimization
  • Creating/uploading Robots file and HTML & XML Sitemap
  • Concept of Bold & Italic Tag
  • Page Rank and 404 Error Redirects
  • 301 / 302 redirection and Competitor analysis
  • What is Pre/post-website analysis?
  • Creating Alexa report
  • Concepts of SEO tools & plug-ins
  • What is Anchor Text and Heading tag
  • Understanding follow/nofollow link
  • What is Blog Creation & Posting?
  • Submission Types
  • Free Classifieds and Forum Postings
  • Understanding Social Bookmarking
  • Google Keyword Tool and Word Tracker Keyword Spy
  • Tools: Keywords Position Checker , Keyword Density Checker and Meta Description Creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Advanced tools :
    • SEO Quake
    • Semrush
    • Alexa
    • Moz
    • Whois
  • Fundamentals of social media
  • Social Media: Conversations, relationships, word of mouth and transparency
  • Tools for social media
  • Online reputation Management
  • Facebook
    • How to create page?
    • How to build brand on Facebook?
    • Targeting new customers
    • Increase visitors to your website through Facebook
    • Concepts of Business Manager, Ad words manager and Campaign-Goals.
    • Concepts of Targeting
    • What is Audience creation and remarketing
    • Creating Lead generation campaign
    • Concepts of Ad copy and format.
    • Introduction to Instagram linking, Instagram Ads through facebook ads manager
    • Strategy for website traffic
    • Concept of Facebook Apps.
  • Twitter:
    • Learning of Twitter ads and Tweet scheduling
    • What is hashtags and handle in twitter
    • Trend tracking and competitor tracking
    • What is keyword analysis, Twitter Card and Open Graph in twitter
  • YouTube and LinkedIn:
    • Campaign creation
    • Understanding Channel and Video manager
    • Concept of Youtube SEO
    • Learning of Annotations, Cards in youtube
    • How to create Playlist and tags for youtube?
    • Live video streaming in youtube
    • How to Optimize YouTube Channel.
    • Increasing YouTube views & Subscribers.
    • working with your YouTube Audience
    • Company Page and Showcase Page for LinkedIn
    • Learning of Paid campaign promotion for LinkedIn
    • To increase your reach and visibility using network
    • Methods and approaches for network
    • How to create profile and marketing yourself, your company and services
    • Updates and groups in LinkedIn
  • Tools for social media
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Hootsuite
    • Sentimental Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Understanding Ad-Words Account Setup
    • Creating Ad-Words Account and Ad-Words Dash Board
    • Use of Billing in Ad-Words
    • Studying Bidding Strategies like: CPC, ECPM, CPL & CPA
    • Shared Library in Google ad-words
    • Learning Ad server display
    • What are video Ads?
    • Campaign creation and use of campaign
    • Concepts of Account Limits in Ad-Words
    • Ad-words Location and Language Settings
    • Understanding Networks and Devices
    • Learning Bidding and Budget in Ad-words
    • Concepts of Schedule, Ad delivery
    • Use of Ad groups and Keywords in Campaign
    • Different types of targeting: Keyword targeting, Placement targeting, topics and interest based targeting
    • Understanding quality score and keyword types
    • Ad formats: Text ads, Image ads, video ads, Dynamic ads, Gmail ads , lightbox ads
    • Targeting Methods
      • Remarketing
      • Affinity Audience Targeting
      • In-market Audience Targeting
      • Gmail Users Targeting
      • Location Based Targeting
      • Contextual Targeting
    • Conversion tracking
    • Concepts of attribute model: First click, Last click, Time decay, Linear attribute and position based attribute
  • Email Marketing:
    • Introduction of Email Marketing and advanced Email marketing
    • Understanding concepts of - Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Open rate, inbox , spam
    • Introduction to Mail chimp
    • Myths and practices in Email Marketing
    • Learning of Bulk Email
    • Text format for Email marketing
    • Understanding permission and E-permissions
    • What is newsletter and its importance
    • Building Email list
    • Measuring campaign success
    • Inbound Marketing concept
    • Concepts of Segmentation and active users
  • Mobile Search Engine Marketing
    • Understanding Mobile app promotions
    • Learning techniques for mobile marketing
    • Mobile Search Engine Marketing
    • Increasing demand for Mobile Marketing
    • Responsive Web Design for mobile phones
    • Different types of URLs
    • What is Blocked JavaScript and CSS files
    • Learning of Incorrect Redirects and Faulty Redirects
    • Concepts of Faulty cross-links and Fast mobile pages
    • What are Common mistakes in Mobile SEO
    • Understanding Phone sites Recommendations by Google
  • Google Analytics
    • Introduction to Google analytics setup
    • How to setup tracking code
    • Learning how Google analytics work
    • Set Goal and create channels dimensions and metrics for Google analytics
    • Concepts of key metrics
    • Learning of page views, soucre, medium, bounce rate, segments, sessions
    • Concepts of Multi channel funnels
    • Conversion sources for Google analytics
    • Understanding goal analysis and customer demographic and behavioral aspects
    • Learning different types of reports
    • What is comparison reports?

    SEO Course for House Wives Course Price: 21999* INR

    Leading SEO & Digital Marketing Institute in Pune

    Ad2brand is the Best SEO & Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune which gives you an opportunity to work on live Projects and attain full hands on Training experience.We Provide SEO Course in Pune which is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical sessions with real time learnings. At the end of this course you can apply all your learning on a demo website provided by us and creating a future actionable plan and also you will be creating your own Campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and learn how to optimize your campaign’s to attain your objective using various strategies. We provide SEO Course for House wife in Pune.



    SEO for Housewives Course FAQ’s

    Ad2Brand has designed course curriculum specially according to the needs of the students taking into consideration different qualifications and expertise. Our SEO course for housewives is detailed and comprehensive giving you enough practical hands-on on all digital marketing practices to make you capable enough to start your earnings from home. Our trainers are readily available for clearing your doubts and giving you individual attention as the strength of the class is kept less for quality training.
    Yes, we incorporate hands-on training on all concepts of digital marketing and SEO as a must in the training process. You will get to work on live projects with our clients and get enough industry exposure to put a step forward in the corporate world of digital marketing.
    Yes, we brush up concepts of the World Wide Web and Website too for your better understanding of the course.
    We have kept flexible batch timings and days so that you can take up the course as per your convenience.

    Why should you learn SEO Course for Housewives at Ad2Brand?

    Certified Trainers

    We at Ad2Brand have expert faculty having industry exposure imparting the best practical knowledge.

    Dedicated Training Cell

    We have a dedicated training cell with all facilities to deliver successful training programs

    Job Oriented Training

    Our training is focused on practical hands-on knowledge , real time live projects for the students.

    Certification Preparation

    Our training courses cover all areas to make you clear globally recognized certifications.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures & content.

    Digital Events

    We conduct the most-happening Digital Night series of Events in the country and across the globe interacting with the best industry experts.


    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.


    Become successful professionals skilled enough to get good jobs in data science and we conduct regular doubt clearing sessions.

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