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Selenium with Core Java training

Selenium is an open-source, portable software-testing framework which is used to automate a web page. This automation tool can be used to automate every single thing on a web page. Jason Hugging developed this tool in 2004 at Thought works but now its latest version called Selenium Web Driver is supported by Google. Selenium provides a robust testing framework and is used by testers and developers to automate web applications and integrate them with DevOps processes of an organization. Our selenium training will give you in-depth and practical knowledge of how to work with this tool to automate web pages/web & mobile applications and also the implementation of various frameworks. The course includes practice on various other integrated API’s too like TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber BDD with the help of which you can design powerful frameworks. We also give you a refresh on test automation basics and core java essentials. This training will give you all the expertise needed to automate any web-based application from scratch and prepare you for the Certified Selenium Professional certification. Our training is the best Advanced Selenium Training including Web Driver + Java.

Career Prospects

Companies are now looking for professionals with expert skills in automation testing because the time to market is less and such tools also bring about cost reduction. Looking at these scenarios, Selenium has a bright future and demand in the IT industry for testers. It has a share of 30% in the market and is already adopted by top companies like Cognizant, Luxoft, Dell etc. As a Selenium Tester, you are also bound to get a good salary package.

What will you learn out of this training?

  • Selenium Architecture
  • Selenium IDE, installation
  • Selenuim 3.0 components
  • Automation testing framework, TDD, TestNG, Sikuli, JaCoCo, Junit, Wait, Location Techniques, Page Object design Pattern
  • Test Automation in DevOps
  • Selenium RC
  • Object Repository, Maven
  • Selenium Web Driver use with real-life examples
  • Mobile testing with Appium and Selenium Grid
  • Live projects and demo website testing

  • Selenium with Core Java Course Details

    Selenium Training Syllabus

  • Automation testing
  • Different between Automation Testing and manual testing
  • Automation tool steps a type
  • Selenium Concept
  • Features of Selenium and advantage of using selenium over other tools
  • Difference between Selenium and other automation tools
  • Selenium IDE
  • Learn Selenium Core, RC and GRID
  • Selenium Overview
  • Selenium IDE Introduction
  • How to download and Install Selenium IDE?
  • Learn Recording and Running a Simple Test Features of Selenium IDE
  • Study of Installing Useful Tools for Writing Tests
  • Selenium Concepts and commands
  • Assertions and Verifications: Verifying Page Elements
  • Study of Wait Commands and Object Identification
  • What is Element Locators?
  • Study of Regular Expression patterns
  • How is Selenium Test Runner work?
  • Concept for using Regular Expressions in Selenium IDE
  • How to create Selenium Test Suites?
  • Why are companies not using recording tools?
  • Selenium IDE Limitations
  • Introduction to Java
  • Concept of java and how Java is used in selenium automation?
  • Study of Java Programming Language built-in Keywords
  • Java: Class and Object
  • Data Types in java
  • Java Elements: Array Declaration, Construction and Initialization
  • Study of Encapsulation and Inheritance What is Polymorphism?
  • Conditionals Statements
  • How to write Code using if and switch and Loops
  • What is Java Exceptions Handling?
  • Assertion Mechanism and its working
  • Learn java.lang.Math Class
  • What is Wrapper Classes?
  • Study of the equals() Method
  • Concept of Strings and Wrappers and Objects
  • What is Preventing Thread Execution?
  • Learn Synchronizing Code
  • Concept of thread Interaction
  • Introduction to Constructors?
  • Features of Encapsulation
  • Learn Overridden and Overloaded Methods
  • How to install Eclipse?
  • How to create Simple Project in eclipse?
  • Learning of Eclipse and Selenium together
  • Study of importing and Exporting
  • Learning of Debugging using Eclipse
  • Basic and advanced of Exploring Eclipse
  • Introduction to Test Cases and Test Suites
  • Concept of Selenium Core
  • How to install Selenium Core?
  • Selenium Core Test Suites running
  • How to Download and install the Firebug and xpath
  • Identification of xpath for an particular element
  • Learn identification of objects using CSS
  • How to install Selenium RC?
  • Concept of Selenium RC
  • Uses of Selenium Server
  • How to create the generic scripts in selenium?
  • Study of Creating the scripts by using functions
  • Client Libraries of Selenium
  • Learn different commands with examples
  • Important of excel sheets
  • Fetching data from DB scripts Debugging
  • Maintain the synchronization points
  • Handling of Pop-up’s and alert messages
  • Selenium web driver elements: Buttons, Editboxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdons, Checkboxes, Links, Webtables, Alerts, Iframes, Windows, Tabs, and Calenders
  • Learn dynamic elements
  • What is Excel Communication and its use?
  • Apache POI and read excel using apache POI
  • Hashmaps for faster excel execution
  • Controlling Execution of Test cases from Excel
  • Learn How to use TestNG and Junit in Selenium?
  • Overview of TestNG
  • Introduction to TestNG
  • How to set up TestNG
  • A
  • dvantages and Working with TestNG TestNG Features
  • Uses TestNG Annotations
  • What is Data Driven Testing TestNG?
  • TestNG Execution Report and output folder walkthrough
  • What are TestNG Reporting features?
  • Overview of Selenium Grid
  • Learn Advantages of Selenium Grid
  • Study of selenium 2.0
  • What are Advantages of web driver?
  • Study of Web Driver v/s RC
  • Concepts of Architecture of Web Driver and RC
  • Study of Web Driver IDE
  • Configuration of Eclipse for Web Driver
  • Learning of Identifying the elements in Web
  • Driver Using Id, Name, Xpath ,Dom and CSS
  • Concepts of Working with Different drivers like HtmlUnit driver, Firefox Driver
  • How to create the generic scripts in Web
  • Drive and scripts by using functions?
  • Study of Web Driver Client Libraries and commands with examples
  • Learn about Working with excel sheets using Web Driver
  • Understanding of Web Driver with TestNG / Junit
  • Introduction to Framework Frameworks types
  • Study of modular framework 6
  • Learn Data Driven framework
  • Use of Keyword driven framework
  • Hybrid framework concepts and use
  • Developing and integration of the framework
  • Execution of the scripts from framework
  • Overview of Selenium Integration with build tool. (MAVEN)
  • Learn Integration with advanced reporting mechanism
  • Study of Database testing using selenium
  • What is Integration with Continuous Integration tool? (Jenkins and Hudson)
  • Study of Common Automation platform development for Desktop, REST API, Mobile Automation
  • Ant Vs. Maven
  • Maven Installation and repository
  • Study of Maven Build Cycle
  • Concept of Maven and Eclipse Integration
  • Test Managers and Engineers
  • Test Lead and Analyst
  • QA Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Engineers who want to learn Automation testing
  • UI Testers
  • College Graduates
  • Basic knowledge of core java
  • Selenium Course Price: 16999* INR

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