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Search Engine Optimization can save our websites from drowning. Find out How?

Search Engine Optimization addresses your “Website Ranking” related problems. Have a look at the following Search Engine Optimization related facts...

  • No user skips to the second page on a search engine. No one clicks on the links at the bottom of the first search engine result page.
  • Significantly, your website has to be on the top of the search result page on all the search engines.

And this is what Search Engine Optimization does for your website…

Find what Search engine optimization can do for us?

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology by which you can increase the ranking of your website in the organic results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Thus driving more traffic to your website. SEO works on many different aspects starting from the Keyword selection. Planting those relevant keywords in our webpages to the submission of backlinks.

Organic SEO is a natural un-paid form of bringing your website up in the search engine rankings and Inorganic SEO is a paid form of SEO. When a layman types certain search queries on google or any search engine. It gets certain results from the search engine. These search queries are known as seo keywords and these are the basic raw material for SEO.

But the question goes: How many pages do you think will a user trail to find the most suited solution?

Most users do not go beyond the first page. It is important that your product or website is listed among the first few results in search engine result pages (SERP’s). For which it is vital to make use of seo services.

Types of Search Engine Optimization Types:

SEO can be categorized into White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO has ideally the best practices that should be used to improve the visibility of your website. Whereas Black Hat SEO refers to the unethical practices which may increase your site rank at a faster pace. But is temporary and totally disapproved by the search engines. The result of following Black Hat SEO practices is your website being penalized by search engines in terms of lower rankings or totally being removed from the rankings. Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking, Blog Comment Spamming, Duplicate Content, Invisible Text, Low Quality Links are generally considered are wrong SEO practices.

SEO Process:

Search engines have automated robots known as crawlers or spiders that crawl over all the documents on the World Wide Web. Also tore this data in the search engine database. This process is known as 'crawling'.
'Indexing' is the process by which the collected data is organized into the database and 'Ranking' is the process by which search engines display the results on search engine result pages. Based on keywords entered by user and certain ranking factors. At present there are 200 seo ranking factors based on which Google determines the rank position of a website. SEO Experts make sure that websites get more business traffic by incorporating seo friendly elements in their client’s website.

Google Reporting Tools:

Before working on any website, it is important to link it with Google Analytics reporting tool and Google Webmasters tool, To track the user and crawler movements on the website. Don’t forget to include Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files in your website. Sitemap.xml gives an entire summary of your website to the search engine crawler and Robots.txt is included to block certain pages such as admin page, from the crawler. Generally, it is not a good practice to disallow any other pages from crawling, unless you want your website to be partially crawled. In this case, the search engine will not be able to understand the entire architecture of your website which may affect your rankings directly.

On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO are the two areas of division.

On Page SEO refers to the tactics we apply on the website itself, to optimize the content and HTML code and make it SEO friendly. Before starting, it is important to understand the client's business, products and services, competitors and target audience. Then we go on to reviewing the client's website to check how SEO friendly it is. There are many SEO tools which give an insight upon seo analysis. After our research, we can start of with on-page activities. Website Optimization includes everything like keyword research, page load speed, URL optimization, Image optimization and Content optimization.

Off Page SEO are all the changes we make outside our website so as to gather traffic on our website and thus making it rank higher on SERP’s. Link building is the most important Off Page SEO activity. It also includes writing blogs and inviting famous bloggers to come and write for us. This factor is equally important for ranking, the same way as on page SEO is.
There are variety of Submissions that you can use to perform Off Page activity. Directory Submission (though not a preferred one), Social bookmarking, Article Submission, Image Submission, Blogging, Press Releases, PPT, PDF and Video Submissions, Forums and many more.

Recent Trends in SEO:

The rise of "Dense Content" is becoming one of the recent trends in SEO. Nowadays, people prefer to read lengthy content having no useful information. Instead of any content that is short and has useful information appeals to them. This is called as Dense content.

Another important development in SEO is that of "Accelerated Mobile Pages". AMPs are open-source protocols that allow Webmasters to create pages that can load quickly on mobile devices. 2017 will see more favoritism for websites that have switched over to AMPs. In 2017, we may see an increased emphasis on user experience, especially as it relates to mobile devices.

Google has certain updates like Panda Update, Penguin update, Hummingbird Update, Pigeon Update and Fred Update. In which analyze the websites based on different ranking factors, and determine the trust rank of the website.

Search engine optimization for any website is an on-going process and not a one time thing. With changes in products and services and today’s dynamic marketplace. SEO strategies must be studied and revised continuously for better results and survival in the niche market. In recent study about what SEO challenges SEO experts are facing today. The top two issues were keeping up with Google changes and not having enough resources to execute the SEO tactics (both having equal measure). This is because Google is revising the factors for seo ranking quite regularly.

Booming Industry:

In the last few years, Digital Marketing makes an appearance as a booming industry not only in India but in the world. Its marks a great shift from traditional marketing and advertising to online marketing and online advertising. Digital Marketing has outdone traditional marketing primarily because of its most effective features of quick response rate, cost effectiveness and convenience.

Digital marketing industry is worth $65 Billions approx. The user base of Internet has massively increased in the past few years which has raised a demand for the marketers to advertise digitally. Where most of the industries are struggling with the growth rate of 5% to 15% approx, Digital Marketing industry is growing at a rapid speed of 40%.

Approx 120 million people use internet today in India with approx 1.2 billion mobile users. And this huge data gives advertisers a reason to make their presence very strong in the digital space. There has also been an increase in the digital shopping culture. If you are an internet marketing company selling goods and services online, web seo is a crucial factor for your business at current times. In 2016, government of India announced demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes because of which most of the transactions have become digital. Plastic money is used more through cashless transactions. People are using new technologies like paytm, mobile wallets, online banking through credit and debit cards. Paytm took great advantage of this and increased its transaction limit from 20000 to 50000 and this made it popular overnight.
Secondly, eCommerce is making headlines and in today’s world where eCommerce is a vital factor in business. It is of utmost importance to implement the best SEO practices provided by SEO services companies in your business to fight the competition. Some organizations have an internal team skilled in SEO optimization carrying out website SEO activities and others outsource it to a search engine optimization company or SEO agencies.

Careers in SEO:

Narendra Modi, the PM of India, says, “We want to have one mission and target: Take the nation forward- Digitally and economically”
His statement states his vision towards making India digital in every possible aspect, which includes:

  • Providing internet to every Indian citizen
  • Use of digital platforms for mobile phones and bank accounts
  • Helping everyone to enter the financial space through digital means
  • Providing online transaction in government offices
  • Linking of adhaar cards to the bank accounts
  • Making digitalisation part and parcel of life.

This Means More JOBS...

Digitalization has certainly brought with it a huge career growth in Digital Marketing Space especially in SEO and Social media. As you can clearly see there are huge growth prospects in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing agencies will surely need digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing doesn't need any degree, just a certification course. You will be all set to enter into this fascinating digital world wherein you can contribute in making India a Digital India.

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