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Pre-School Online Marketing Tools

Preschool Online Marketing tools

Efficiently running a pre-school or day care is no easy task. Countless tasks have to be completed in course of the entire day. But while you stay connected with the families, you should also shift some focus upon how to go about with the marketing of your pre-school. The world has gone digital and technology has advanced to a great extent. If you do not use technology at your disposal for the marketing of your pre-school, traditional marketing methodologies will drain you of time, money and resources. Below is a list of few preschool online marketing tools which you can use for effectively marketing your pre-school.

  • Do you have a web presence? 

    A Web presence means having your official website over the internet. Nowadays, people looking for pre-school search Google, Bing for the best pre-schools , browse through their website, look at pictures and lots of other details. Having your website is the most effective way to showcase your school culture, environment, values, fees, contact and other information in the most cost effective way. If you do not have a website in place, think about it RIGHT NOW!

  • Search Engine Optimization for your website: 

    This is one of the most important preschool online marketing technique beneficial for you. It is a best practice to implement some digital marketing for website promotion in the online space. There may be immense competition and lots of preschools in your city. However, when a user searches for pre-school on the internet, your website should be ranking in first few top results on the search engine result pages. Search Engine Optimization can do this for you using the right keywords/phrases that your target customers will be searching while looking for your school, thus targeting the right audience.

  • Social Media Presence is a must: 

    Create your Facebook business Page and Instagram account. Facebook can prove to be a very useful marketing tool for you through which you can reach millions of people not within local boundaries but also in the global market. It will spread your brand awareness among people. You can engage them with interesting content, photos, offers and events using facebook features. Greater engagement and likes on your page will make it popular and make it appear even in the search engine results. Facebook advertising is the most effective way to reach your target audience with the right message at right time, get more business and profits. Instagram can also prove beneficial to post useful pictures.

  • Email Marketing to bulk audience: 

    Mailchimp is a simple email marketing tool through which you can communicate via email with your current and potential customers. Using it, you can send automated email blasts and newsletters having important information to groups of people at once.You can target families, your staff, parents.

  • Google Analytics tool: 

    You can use the Google Analytics tool to study your website statistics. It gives you useful information about how your school’s website is performing, from which sources are the audience coming, demographics of the audience and much more. Using this tool can answer many queries in your mind like:

  • 1. How many people are coming through search to your website
  • 2. Monthly website visitor count
  • 3. Are your users reaching till your contact page to make an enquiry
  • 4. Area specific traffic
  • 5. Which pages are your visitors navigating the most…… and much more
  • Google Search Console tool: 

    Just the way Google Analytics gives you information about your audience, search console tool will give you information about Google’s interaction with your website. It will help you understand things like:

  • 1. Terms that people are typing to find your website
  • 2. Security issues with your website
  • 3. Technical errors identified by google on your website
  • 4. Improvements in keyword rankings…
  • Google My Business Tool: 

    Use this tool to create your business profile on Google. It appears in the organic search results, Google Maps and also Google +. This profile will display all important information to your users like your location, website, contact information, photos and reviews of your customers. A positive google profile goes a long way in gaining more and more business through your website.


Apart from these tools, you can effectively make use of simple technologies like Google Drive to store and manage your documents safely and Mobile Apps to keep in touch with parents and give them real time updates. Make use of these preschool online marketing tools to keep up with competition and make your marketing cost effective. </font

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