Maratha face for BJP in Maharashtra for 2019

Who will be Maratha Face for BJP in Maharashtra for 2019?

Political sociology is one of the most tantalizing topics ever. How a human mind or an individual decides to vote is the most intriguing question. Umpteenth of research papers, analysis or theories have proved: The psychology of a voter cannot be predicted unmistakably.

What is also not clearly established is whether a voter casts vote as per their religion, caste, creed, region, language or community. That makes it totally impossible to divide the voters into vote banks, sub vote banks respectively.

Upcoming 2019 assembly elections in Maharashtra are as critical as the Maratha reservation situation in the state. BJP, in order to be in power, may try to woo the people of the state, following their tensed situation with the Maratha community.

Caste-based politics which is an agenda of every political party in the country. BJP may follow the same directive by proposing Maratha as their Chief Minister candidate. Maratha community constitutes 35 percent of the state’s total population.

Vinod Tawde, an Indian politician and a senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party is a Maratha, with Sangh Parivar background. He has been working hard for the CM’s position and is a possible candidate and the face for Bharatiya Janata Party as per many.

Supporters claim him to be a strong candidate, having the capability to win over his community over the long term. It is in media that he also enjoys a good rapport with the NCP leaders, who may be inclined to support the government if it is is in need.

Ashish Shelar is a 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly member representing Vandre West. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the President of Mumbai Unit. It is heard that his name is doing the rounds of replacing Devendra Fadnavis as the net CM candidate.

He belongs to the dominant Maratha community and hails from outside Vidarbha. Ashish Shelar has to his credit defeating Baba Siddique a Congress MLA from Bandra East to enter the Assembly.

Raosaheb Patil Danve is a Bharatiya Janata Party MP in 16th Lok Sabha. He is currently the Maharashtra President of BJP. He was the winner from the Jalna constituency for the 4th time during Lok Sabha elections held in May 2014.

He was also the Minister of state, for Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution till March 2015. In 2017 he along with Devendra Fadnavis was credited for the glorious success of BJP in the civic elections. Having strong Sangh Parivar roots, he is one of the Frontrunners for the Chief Minister candidature.

Maratha Politics

The dominance of Maratha politics had been weakening since 1995. The achievement by Modi-led government further weakened it. Maratha politics was in dominance earlier surviving many challenges and periodic upsets. In 1977-1988 Maratha leaders were extensively divided under Indira Gandhi’s leadership.

Again, during 1999 Sonia Gandhi - Sharad Pawar fall out and Pawar forming a separate party NCP. This further led to the split of Maratha elites. Maratha leaders in 1995 looking at the unstable situation tried aligning themselves with the Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv sena party in the state.

Current situation will result in gaining some momentum by the Maratha leaders.

BJP – Maratha Unite

The recent developments with the Maratha reservation have resulted in a much-tensed situation both in state and in the BJP-led Fadnavis government. Fadnavis needs to take a decision soon. This should be favorable for the Maratha demands without affecting the already existing quota for lower castes.

The volatile situation has resulted in offending the Maratha community members and to go against the current government. The delay in the outcome of the situation has further aggravated the people disregarding the Fadnavis government.

BJP at this situation and with the upcoming 2019 Maharashtra Assembly Elections will try to revive its relations with the Maratha Samaj. By putting a Maratha face as a BJP candidate they will try to propose their trump card.

Amit Shah along with other party leaders has been holding meetings to plan the strategy for the next elections which is just a few months away. He has been meeting the top renowned faces of the state in order to spread their achievements. Along with it a huge memorial of Shivaji Maharaj the great Maratha warrior is also on the line.

A memorial to Maratha- warrior king Shivaji set to be constructed 1.5km into the Arabian Sea.

BJP is considering all possible options in order to gain the trust and the Vote of the Marathas. Upsetting the Maratha community would cost Bharatiya Janata Party a huge loss to their current flourishing empire and that has to be the last thing BJP can afford at the moment.

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