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What is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)?

AEM (Adobe experience manager)  is a network-based client-server system for managing, constructing and expanding professional websites and relevant services.

It combines a number of infrastructure-level and application-level functions into a single integrated package.

adobe experience manager
levels of the Adobe Experience Manager

What are the levels of the Adobe Experience Manager?

Some basic levels which Adobe Experience Manager provides are as follows:

Web Application Server : AEM (Adobe experience manager) embeds a Jetty server, so you can deploy it wither in standalone mode, or as a web application in another application server (WebLogic, WebSphere, etc).

Web Application Infrastructure : Adobe Experience Manager can absorb the Apache Sling Web Application infrastructure which helps you write relaxed, content-oriented web applications.

Wouldn’t you like to increase your online presence via your website?

Increase Traffic using AEM

Adobe AEM helps you deliver fresh multimedia content to make your website popular, thus increasing your ranking amongst your peers.

With Adobe AEM, it’s very easy for even non-technical people to create and upload content and it is easily manageable. Therefore, without housing expensive IT resources, your company can stay relevant in this fast-paced world.

Why should you use Adobe Experience Manager for your web CMS?

Adobe AEM
AEM Adobe Experience Manager

What does AEM developer need to know when developing for AEM?

You need to know some basic web application techniques, including the request -response (XMLHttpRequest / XMLHttpResponse) cycle, javascript, HTML, CSS

For using experience server you must be having a working knowledge (CRX), including the Content Explorer

For UI development, having a knowledge of JSP (Java Server Pages) is highly recommended.

Adobe Experience Manager with Third-party services

How can you integrate Adobe Experience Manager with Third-party services?

  • AEM happily integrates with the following non-Adobe products:
  • Facebook Connect for social networking.
  • Pushwoosh Connection, for push notifications on Apps
  • BrightEdge Content Optimizer to get content that is optimized for search.
  • Silverpop Engage foremail, mobile, and socialmarketing automation.
  • Microsoft Translator or other machine translation providers.
  • YouTube for video sharing.

Core Components for Adobe Experience Manager

Core Components for Adobe Experience Manager
Core Components for Adobe Experience Manager

What are the core components of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)?

In Adobe Experience Manager, components are the structural elements that constitute the content of the pages being authored.

Components have always been a fundamental element of the AEM experience, making page creation simple but powerful for the author and the development of components flexible and extensible for the developer.

Adobe Experience Manager


AEM is an excellent tool to manage your content and multimedia effectively.

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