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Accelerated Mobile Pages – The Future of Web Browsing

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the future of web browsing and it is a fact that the world has gone mobile these days – using mobile for web browsing, searching content on the net, and accessing websites.

Some facts:
1. 80% of internet users have smartphones today.
2. 1.2 Billion people in the world access web through mobile phones.

No doubt, mobile users spend hours on mobile devices but they hate a few activities...

  • Slow loading of your web pages
  • Slow interface that is not user-friendly

Which means your website is NOT mobile friendly – a reason to worry about!

Enhancing Mobile User Experience – worth the effort!

To let you know, Google gives a lot of importance to mobile friendly websites and it is constantly putting efforts towards enhancing mobile user experience. Significantly, Google’s and Twitter's latest achievement includes AMP, an acronym that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source initiative designed to generate fast-loading web pages on all the mobile devices. AMP deliver your content through an existing page to enhance the speed and decrease page load time on mobile devices.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are formulated in such a way that it enables swift loading of content on mobile devices thereby providing easy and quick access to website content to all the mobile users. The back-end processes involve setting up a mechanism that includes components such as AMP HTML, AMP JS, and Google AMP Cache. All these components work together to allow websites to build light weight webpages, along with providing fast delivery of cached AMP HTML pages.

You would lose a customer, if webpages take long to download!
AMP are designed keeping in mind the intent of the user who searches for any query.
While sitting at the airport, you pick up your phone to search for your favourite topic. It takes 10 seconds, increases to 30 seconds, and increases more to one minute, two minutes… and this is enough for you! You get irritated and exit the website.

For you, it is annoying, and for the business owners it is a loss of a potential customer and increase in the bounce rate of the website – a metrics that disturbs every business mind when it is high.
AMP solves this problem…

AMP’s are HTML pages that are super light weight, enabling the page to load really fast and this way when a user clicks for any content it will load instantly, retaining customers.

Companies taking AMP seriously…
Majority of the publishing companies have already begun their journey towards providing the Accelerated Mobile Pages for their mobile users. Companies such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and are planning to integrate AMP for better mobile web-experience.

SEO's Best Friend: Accelerated Mobile Pages

By now, you must have got a fair idea about the need of utilizing AMP and to add another point Accelerated Mobile Pages support Search Engine Optimization or in other words, AMP lead to better SEO abilities and rankings.

  • AMP provides superior mobile experience
  • Superior mobile experience is important to keep the traffic on your website
  • High traffic on your website increases the possibility of Lead generation and conversion.

Likewise …
AMP content is more likely to be read
AMP content is more likely to be read, not because it appears first in Google's Search Carousel, but because of the special AMP label. With this label, users can easily differentiate the pages which are available to them instantly that too with a single click.
While AMP enhances the mobile user experience, it can simultaneously turn into a monstrous advantage in terms of marketing and SEO.

Have a look…

Following are the ways AMP can help you in SEO:

Increase in Mobile Ranking

Google gives a lot of stress on mobile optimization, therefore, you need to keep in mind both ways of rankings – Traditional Search Engine Ranking and Mobile Search Engine Rankings.
Another fact that you need to understand is that ignoring mobile is not at all advisable or feasible. As we have already discussed earlier, 1.2 Billion users worldwide surf web from mobile devices, which clearly explains the importance of Mobile Rankings.
Implementation of AMP will not directly benefit you in Mobile Ranking but
If you ignore this NOW, you are letting your competitors with AMP enabled sites to win over you.

Enhance CTR

By now, you might have understood till the importance of AMP. If your page has an AMP label, the possibility of a user clicking on your page is comparatively higher, and this also ensures that the users will not get slow loading web pages or cranky site designs.

Enhance Mobile User Experience

People who use mobile devices for surfing usually don't have same time as compared to that of people who use desktops. By implementing AMP and getting your website content on the carousel, you give your user the convenience to use your content without going on your site and without waiting for the pages to load. And in case they like your content on the carousel then they can visit your webpage too.

Increase Visibility via Carousel

Consider your efforts in optimizing your site for SEO, for the expectations of boosting your Search Engine Rankings. Reason for this is obvious! Higher the rank on Google's Search Engine Pages (SERP's), the more traffic you attract.
As a matter of fact, the carousel is situated at the topmost SERP, right above the website results, even before the site that positioned first appears. There are various advantages of your content being shown in the carousel:
If your content will be shown in the carousel, you will get higher Click through Rate (CTR). Higher Click through Rate increases the possibility of a user clicking on it. It also promises more visibility which implies you can help your website get more traffic via Carousel.

Secondly, when your content is on the carousel, it gives user a sense of security. The user’s state of mind is such that he believes that because Google is displaying your content on the top, your site and the content are worth visiting. As a result, you increase your brand authority and engage your audience even better. With huge number of views on your content, you increase the chances of ad CTR.

Time to Act!

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the future of SEO and you should consider this fact if you want your website to reach huge number of customers. It not only gives your user great mobile experience but also increases your views and Click through Rate. Though it is little tedious to understand how Accelerated Mobile Pages work but it is worth implementing. Accelerated Mobile Pages are must and Google supports this fact by emphasizing on their raging popularity and importance. Since AMP is the future of web search and browsing, this is the right time to implement AMP for your website. Get this service now!

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